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Customer reviews

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The Simpsons - The Complete Ninth Season

byDan Castellaneta Format: DVDChange Price:$51.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime Write a review Add to Cart
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Top positive review

See all 180 positive reviews elizabeth nolan 5.0 out of 5 starsI never found a completely horrible one. This season has some great episodes February 28, 2017 I see every season after season 8 separate, mainly because I have the guide with the first eight seasons. There's been a lot of talk about declining quality with the Simpsons but up until this current season, season 28, I never found a completely horrible one. This season has some great episodes. Homer and the family go to New York city to retrieve the car and everything goes wrong (at least for Homer), Lisa and bart are chosen to be on a news show (and Homer wants a duck for his monkey), we hear how Lisa got her sax (and about the funky grampa), Homer wages a war with the garbage men (and rattles a few bird cages) and Marge and Homer try to rekindle their sex life (and rock the casbah in the craziest of ways). Once again, we have another great season of the Simpsons. Read more 3 people found this helpful

Top critical review

See all 19 critical reviews Ben 3.0 out of 5 starsOkay December 26, 2018 All of the discs had areas where the content skipped on occasion. "Simpson Tide" on Disc 3 was most impacted, as roughly half of the episode was unable to play. The majority of the content on the set was fine, though. Read more
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mrliteral 5.0 out of 5 starsAnother box o'fun April 10, 2008Format: DVDVerified Purchase It'd be easy enough to praise the boxed set of The Simpsons - Season Nine if there were just the episodes themselves to consider. But as with previous seasons, there is a lot more to enjoy.

Let's start with the box itself: each of the four discs look like a mock LP, with such names as Cowabunga Records and Atomic Records (with three-eyed fish logo). Then there are the six postcards, each with different art, including parodies of the album covers for Abbey Road and Nevermind. The music theme continues in the program booklet which includes ads for a Disco Stu CD and King Toot's Music Store.

Then there are the episodes. I won't review them all, but a few of note include the season premiere episode, "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" which pokes fun at the Big Apple; this episode would be temporarily put out of circulation after 9/11 due to its depiction of the World Trade Center. In "Lisa's Sax", we learn how Lisa got her sax and Bart got his attitude. In "The Joy of Sect", the family joins a UFO cult. "Girly Edition" satirizes TV news when Bart's shallow human interest stories trump Lisa's fact-filled news. "Trash of the Titans" (the 200th episode) features Steve Martin and U2 and has Homer becoming Sanitation Commissioner; other guest stars this season include Jay Leno, Brendan Fraser, Martin Sheen, Joe Namath, Jim Varney, Helen Hunt, Bob Denver, Alex Trebek and Phil Hartman.

There's a reason that the Simpsons have lasted nearly 20 years, namely because it's so well-written. Even the so-so episodes are better than most comedies at their best. But this season has all good-to-great episodes, each with commentary. There are also plenty of deleted scenes and a few other extras. If you're a Simpsons fan, this set is a delight that you must own. 4 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Comment

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Bryan J. Peterson 5.0 out of 5 starsNo pizza. Only khlav kalash. June 8, 2009Format: DVDVerified Purchase Season 9 is, as far as I'm concerned, the second to last truly great season. After season 10 it started to go downhill, and while I probably will buy seasons 11 and 12 I probably won't go farther than that. Season 9, however, features one of my all-time favorite episodes, The City of New York VS. Homer Simpson, an episode which was temporarily pulled from sindication following 9/11 and heavily edited even when it returned to TV. Other favorites include Simpson Tide, although that could actually be a seaon 8 episode, and King of the Hill, where Homer is asked by the makers of the Power Sauce bar to climb Springfield's highest mountain, the Murderhorn. We also have such greats as Girly Edition, where Lisa attempts to start a children's news program only to get sidelined by Bart, who starts a popular segment called Bart's People, all while Homer buys and horribly overfeeds a helper monkey named Mojo. All in all, Season 9 features just as many laughs as the previous ones. 3 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Comment

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Andrew Justice 4.0 out of 5 starsStill good....but September 16, 2007Format: DVDVerified Purchase While Seasons 7 and 8 saw the show (mainly) hitting on all cylinders - whipsmart writing, impressive musical moments, and hilarious character development - you can almost sense the momentum beginning to sag in Season 9. Sure, you still have classic episodes that reward repeated viewings like The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson, Das Bus, and Lisa the Simpson...but you also have to reacquaint yourself with Homer the Jerk in episodes like The Cartridge Family and wonder about seemingly forced stories like Realty Bites. On the whole, though, it's still satisfying and occasionally belly laugh-inducing stuff. 3 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Comment

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J. R Richeson 5.0 out of 5 starsChilling May 24, 2007Format: DVDVerified Purchase Watching the Simpsons on TV is okay, but to really enjoy it you have to watch it again and again. That way you can catch the jokes and hidden items you missed. Season 9 did have a chilling scene in it. Homer vs New York. Homer's car is parked at the World Trade Center. I think that we all will get a chill from seeing the Twin Towers after 9/11. Helpful Report abuse Comment

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Dr. Johannes Kowalski 5.0 out of 5 starsAnother masterpiece collectors cannot miss! February 7, 2007Format: DVDVerified Purchase I bought this season 9 box via although i am living in Berlin, Germany, because it will be out i Europe later and the original voices. In my opinion season 9 includes many treasures of the 18 (ok, season 18 is still running) Simpsons seasons: Recently the episode "The city of New York vs. Homer Simpson" was voted number 1 episode out seasons 1-16 in Germany.

Do You remember "Fly vs. Fly" taken from the fabulous Treehouse of Horror episode of this season - that is one of the best horror stories, or Homer using the teleport device to pee or get beer from the couch? Also great: The Cartridge Family, when Homer waits for his revolver and all the shootable "objects" appear, i like Patty and Selma best. The Simpsons loose their home in Bart Carny and Homer has to get it back with his frisbee skills, the joy of sect shows a taste of simp-entology, "das bus" sends the kids into the wilderness and Moe finally finds his big love (Helen Hunt). Take a good look at the male Simpsons in "Lisa the Simpson", especially their jobs. Don't miss the trillion dollar episode, Krusty's porn collection, and all the places Homer and Mage make love in the final episode of this great season.

This box includes the following episodes:

9- 1 4F22 The City Of New York vs. Homer Simpson

9- 2 4F23 The Principal And The Pauper

9- 3 3G02 Lisa's Sax

9- 4 5F02 Treehouse Of Horror VIII

9- 5 5F01 The Cartridge Family

9- 6 5F03 Bart Star

9- 7 5F04 The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

9- 8 5F05 Lisa The Skeptic

9- 9 5F06 Realty Bites

9-10 5F07 Miracle On Evergreen Terrace

9-11 5F24 All Singing, All Dancing

9-12 5F08 Bart Carny

9-13 5F23 The Joy Of Sect

9-14 5F11 Das Bus

9-15 5F10 The Last Temptation of Krust

9-16 5F12 Dumbbell Indemnity

9-17 4F24 Lisa The Simpson

9-18 5F13 This Little Wiggy

9-19 3G04 Simpson Tide

9-20 5F14 The Trouble With Trillions

9-21 5F15 Girly Edition

9-22 5F09 Trash Of The Titans

9-23 5F16 King Of The Hill

9-24 5F17 Lost Our Lisa

9-25 5F18 Natural Born Kissers One person found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Comment

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Craig E. Poley 5.0 out of 5 starsMust have for the Simpson's fan September 11, 2007Format: DVDVerified Purchase I read a lot of people who say this is one of the last good seasons, to which I call bull. I think the comedy gets more subtle as the series matured and this season was when that maturity really began to develop. I am not disappointed. Season includes the great episode 'Homer vs. New York' (aww, why did I drink all that crab juice!?).

Good stuff. Helpful Report abuse Comment

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J. K. Rozar 5.0 out of 5 starsTeen Review December 16, 2006Format: DVDVerified Purchase I'm a huge Simpsons fan, and a total trivia buff, so this season really delivered. We learn new things about almost all the characters and secrets are revealed. The stories are not as great as the other seasons, but they are still lots of fun. This is the last great season, as everyone has said before, with the dialogue and feeling completely spiraling towards the current season which has hit rock bottom. You can tell that they are running out of ideas in Season 9, but they make up for it with good dialogue, and only slightly contrived material. Plus, this is the only way to see the episode "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", since FOX banned it from being aired because it has the twin towers in them. Lame, but true. Definitely a good buy though. Helpful Report abuse Comment

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C. Monti 5.0 out of 5 starsSimpsons in their prime!!!! February 22, 2007Format: DVDVerified Purchase Season 9 still has the Simpsons at the top of their game. "Homer vs. the City of New York" is one of my all time favorite episodes. Commentaries on every episode is a great feature. It's a must have for a Simpsons fan. One person found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Comment

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D. Wolf 2.0 out of 5 starsWhat a Drop-Off December 27, 2006Format: DVDVerified Purchase This is not the last great Simpsons season. It is tired, and apparently the writers and producers just stopped caring. Even the animation suffers. What a drop off from season 8 which was absolutely brilliant.

1) The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson. This show absolutely serves notice that the quality is gone. Not only does it trot out every tired old, uninspired cliche these guys could come up with, but check out the background animation: it's nice to see that the people who brought us Hong Kong Phooey in the 70s have again found gainful employment. For those of you too young to know Hong Kong Phooey, check out the drawing of the two towers while Homer is keeping watch over his car (in one of the most boring and drawn out scenes in Simpson history); it looks like they were drawn by first-graders. This is not what I've come to expect from these guys.

2) The Principle and the Pauper. In any previous season, this would be an OK but nothing special episode--not terrible, but only a couple minor laughs. In this season, it is the stand-out gem.

3) Lisa's Sax. Every season has a really bad show in which one of the adults reminisces about the way things were. In these episodes, the running joke is the kids don't care. In reality, no one else does either. Here's my radical thought: if you can't come up with an idea for a show, don't do one. There is nothing of interest here.

4) Tree House of Horror. I'll be honest: I skipped this one. These shows are generally lame with a few exceptions in some of the earliest seasons, so what's the point?

5) The Cartridge Family. Jokes just miss, and this show is a reminder of how good the Simpson creators were in the past and how good this show could have been if they were as creative when they were writing it as they were in earlier seasons. Again, check out the backgrounds--the animation is very weak.

6) The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons. Where are the conspiracy theorists when we need them? Did someone kidnap Groening and the writers and replace them with less talented imposters? This show is all the evidence that I need.

7) Lisa the Skeptic. OK, the ending was funny, but the show was weak. There were a number of good ideas that could have been funny, but the writers did not deliver.

So what's the point of continuing? If you loved the first eight seasons, you will either love this season because you are in denial at how far the show has fallen and how rapidly, or you will hate this season and pretend, as I will, that the Simpsons went off the air, gracefully, after season eight. 14 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Comment

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tvtv3 5.0 out of 5 starsStill In THE SIMPSONS Golden Era October 7, 2007Format: DVD The ninth season of THE SIMPSONS, the longest prime time animated show in history, proved to be a turning point season. It was a transition year for the show as many writers, runners, etc. who had been with the show left. Some would argue that season nine was the last great season of THE SIMPSONS for several years until about season fifteen or sixteen. Reflecting the transition of the show's workforce, season nine includes episodes that have become classic SIMPSONS episodes, e.g. "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" and "Trash of the Titans", as well as episodes that were okay, but nothing special, e.g. "Bart Star" and "All Singing, All Dancing." Season nine is the last season to feature Phil Hartman (who was murdered the following summer by his wife) voicing some great secondary characters, such as Lionel Hutz. The complete list of episodes is:

"The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson"--After a late night drinking spree, Homer lets Barney borrow his car. Weeks later Homer receives a letter from the City of New York informing him that his car is illegally parked and that if it isn't moved, will soon be towed. Homer hates New York, but packs up the family and sets off on a bus to the Big Apple to get back his car. This episode has some amazing background and set animation. It's also features the Twin Towers. For three years after Sept. 11, 2001, the episode was never seen in syndication but has since been added back into the rotation. Also, this episode has the first appearance of Duff Man.

"The Principal and the Pauper"--turns out that Principal Skinner isn't the man who he claimed to be over twenty years ago when he returned home from Vietnam. Turns out Principal Skinner is actually Armin Tamzarian a troubled youth who served under the real Seymour Skinner in Vietnam. The real Seymour Skinner returns to Springfield and Armin Tamzarian leaves his job and moves to Capital City.

"Lisa's Sax"--Lisa's saxophone is destroyed and Homer and Marge explain how Lisa got her saxophone in the first place.

"Treehouse of Horror VIII"--"Homega Man" finds Homer as the last man left alive living in Springfield after a nuclear Holocaust. "Fly vs. Fly" has Bart turning into a mutant fly. "Easy-Bake Coven" stars Marge in a segment that parodies THE CRUCIBAL (with a nod to the Scarlet Letter).

"The Cartridge Family"--a soccer riot that leads to city-wide looting and violence causes Homer to decide he needs a gun to protect his family. He buys a firearm and joins the NRA. Marge can't stand having the gun in the house and forces Homer to choose between keeping the gun or living with his family.

"Bart Star"--Homer gets Ned Flanders so upset that he quits as the coach of the local pee-wee football team and gives the job to Homer. Remembering how unsupported his own father was, Homer attempts to build Bart up by showing favoritism and making him the quarterback. However, Bart isn't any good and finds himself the center of physical correction by his teammates.

"The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons"--Apu is the most eligible bachelor in Springfield and is living the good life. That is until his mother writes to inform him she is coming to visit along with his pre-arranged bride, Manjula, so that they can be married.

"Lisa the Skeptic"--during a school archeological dig, Lisa uncovers what appears to be the skeleton of an angel. Lisa is skeptical, but the town finds itself in a frenzy.

"Realty Bites"--Marge gets a job as a real estate agent. I believe this is the first appearance of Gil.

"Miracle on Evergreen Terrace"--during a morning of Christmas greed, Bart accidentally burns down the Christmas tree and all the Christmas presents. He hides the evidence under a pile of buried snow in the front yard. The citizens of Springfield take pity upon the Simpsons in a scene taken from IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. That is until the townfolk find out exactly what Bart did.

"All Singing, All Dancing"--a clip show told in song that looks back at some of the singing and dancing moments of the first eight seasons of THE SIMPSONS.

"Bart Carny"--Bart and Homer start working at a traveling carnival after Bart destroys Hitler's car. Bart and Homer befriend one of the carnies and his son, but soon find themselves in a battle of wits as the carnies squat the Simpsons' home.

"The Joy of Sect"--the Simpsons and many of the other citizens of Springfield find themselves joining and being brainwashed into a cult. Marge escapes and with the help of Ned Flanders and Rev. Lovejoy attempts to get her family back and uncover the scam The Leader is pulling.

"Das Bus"--the Simpsons take on LORD OF THE FLIES. A Springfield Elementary bus crashes and the students find themselves on a deserted island and attempt to build a society of their own.

"The Last Temptation of Krust"--Krusty realizes that his material hasn't aged well and thinks about leaving the business. That is until he just starts telling the truth and discovers comedy gold.

"Dumbell Indemnity"--Moe falls in love and gives his new girlfriend the best that money can buy. However, the money dries up and Moe decides to commit insurance fraud, with the help of Home, in order to keep his lady in style. Homer is caught and Moe lets him take the fall.

"Lisa the Simpson"--Lisa is afraid she might be losing her intelligence and is told by all the male members of her family that there is nothing she can do because of the "Simpson" gene that brings about ignorance. She decides to sap out the best from life she can before she forgets how to enjoy things like jazz and museums.

"This Little Wiggy"--Marge forces Bart to have a playdate with Ralph Wiggum. Bart becomes friends with Ralph and with the help of Chief Wiggum's master town key they have the time of their lives. This is the episode when Ralph first mentions the leprechaun that tells him to burn things.

"Simpson Tide"--Home and his friends join the Naval Reserve and find themselves aboard a nuclear submarine. After the Captain is ejecting from a torpedo tube, Homer finds himself in command of the vessel and attempting to ward of an international incident.

"The Trouble with Trillions"--Homer finds himself working for the IRS after failing to fill out an income tax return properly. Homer agrees to entrap Mr. Burns because of a mysterious trillion dollar bill Mr. Burns stole from the government over fifty years before.

"Girly Edition"--Lisa and Bart become co-anchors of a children's operating news program.

"Trash of the Titans"--the 200th episode of THE SIMPSONS. Homer decides to run for the office of sanitation commissioner and brings about radical changes when elected. Steve Martin and U2 both guest voiced.

"King of the Hill"--in attempt to win over the adoration of Bart, Homer secretly begins bulking up. He's approached by two promoters and agrees to climb the killing mountain, Murderhorn.

"Lost Our Lisa"--Lisa finagles her way into getting to ride the public bus downtown to see a special Egyptian exhibit at the museum. The bus doesn't go where she wants to and she finds herself wandering around Springfield alone. Homer attempts to rescue her and they share a very special father and daughter moment together.

"Natural Born Kissers"--Marge and Homer's love life has grown stale. After discovering how excited they are after almost being caught in public, there passion is reignited. Then they are almost discovered at a miniature golf course and are forced to flee through town naked.

My favorite episodes from this season are "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", "Treehouse of Horror VII", "Bart Carny", "Das Bus", "Trash of the Titans", and "Lost Our Lisa."

Special features in the season nine set include commentaries for all the episodes; a couple of Bit From the Animators segments with Yeardley Smith, Pete Michels, Mike Anderson, and Matt Groening, a moment with U2; Butterfinger commercials and an commercials for an Australian snack called CCs; a riff from Matt Groening; deleted scenes; original sketches; and two animation showcases.

All said and done, Season Nine is a great season of THE SIMPSONS. 6 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Comment

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