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Sober - Tool | Song Info | AllMusic


Composed by

Danny Carey

Paul d'Amour

Adam Jones

Maynard James Keenan

Release Year



Song Genres

All Genres Pop/Rock (9)

Song Styles

All Styles Heavy Metal (9) Alternative Metal (8) Progressive Metal (6)

Song Moods

All Moods Ominous (9) Paranoid (9) Suffocating (9) Tense/Anxious (9) Brooding (8) Confrontational (8) Fierce (8) Intense (8)

Song Themes

All Themes Loss/Grief (9) Scary Music (9) Jealousy (5) Reflection (5) Regret (5)



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Song Review by Blake Butler

With their first noticeable single "Sober," Tool began to establish themselves as the unparalleled creators of dark avant-metal that they undeniably now are. The emergence of this twisted and yet somehow higher-level style helped to bring notice to a much overlooked world of aggressive, metal-ish music that by the late '90s had taken over what was left of popular rock music -- paving the way for such bands as Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Korn, and so on. "Sober" thrust itself into many faces with its catchy choppy bass line, spastic and amazingly precise rhythm à la drummer Danny Carey, and the beautiful yet self-probing voice of Maynard James Keenan. "Sober" helped to shift many walls, bringing focus to one of the most impressive mainstream artists of all time.

Appears On

YearArtist/AlbumLabelTimeAllMusic Rating 1993 Tool Undertow Zoo Entertainment 5:06 1994 Various Artists Triple J Hottest 100 5:05 1994 Various Artists Generation X [JCI Collection] JCI Associated Labels 5:09 1994 Tool Opium Den Pitchfork 6:03 1994 Tool Sober Import 5:06