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Release Date

September 29, 2009




Goth Metal Heavy Metal Scandinavian Metal Submit Corrections

Album Moods

Ambitious Elaborate Nocturnal Aggressive Bleak Gloomy Indulgent Reflective Acerbic Atmospheric Detached Dramatic Dreamy Fiery Harsh Insular Intense Menacing Ominous Tense/Anxious Theatrical Visceral Volatile Whimsical Intimate Spiritual Wintry Literate Stylish Yearning

Album Themes

Introspection Solitude Scary Music Late Night

Leaves' Eyes


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AllMusic Review by Phil Freeman

Leaves' Eyes (basically, the German band Atrocity plus former Theatre of Tragedy vocalist Liv Kristine) took four years between their second album,Vinland Saga, and this one. In between, they've released two EPs with almost a full album's worth of B-sides between them, and a live disc, but still, the pressure must have been on to come up with a major statement, and they've done so. Njord is a sweeping, epic album that exemplifies the band's Gothic/Viking metal sound, with the clean, clear vocals of Liv Kristine contrasted against the guttural death growls of her husband, Atrocity founder Alexander Krull, atop a combination of crunching guitar riffs, mechanistic drums, melodic keyboards, and the occasional folk instrument or wash of strings. The sound of waves lapping the Northern European coastline takes several songs in and out. There's only one real misstep here, which is the power ballad treatment of the folk song "Scarborough Fair." Otherwise, Njord is guaranteed to please fans of bands like Lacuna Coil, Eyes of Eden, Nightwish, et al. There aren't many super-aggressive songs here; Cannibal Corpse fans should stay away. But there's a real operatic flair to tracks like "The Holy Bond" and "Ragnarok" that marks Leaves' Eyes as a major band within their chosen subgenre, and the eight-minute album closer, "Froya's Theme," is a genuine epic, possibly their greatest achievement to date.

Track Listing - Disc 1

Title/ComposerPerformerTimeStream 1 Njord Leaves' Eyes Amazon 2 My Destiny Leaves' Eyes Amazon 3 Emerald Island Leaves' Eyes Amazon 4 Take the Devil In Me Leaves' Eyes Amazon 5 Scarborough Fair Leaves' Eyes Amazon 6 Through Our Veins Leaves' Eyes Amazon 7 Irish Rain Leaves' Eyes Amazon 8 Northbound Leaves' Eyes Amazon 9 Ragnarok Leaves' Eyes Amazon 10 Morgenland Leaves' Eyes Amazon 11 The Holy Bond Leaves' Eyes Amazon 12 Fröya's Theme Leaves' Eyes Amazon 13 Landscape of the Dead Leaves' Eyes 14 Les Champs De Lavande Leaves' Eyes

Track Listing - Disc 2

Title/ComposerPerformerTimeStream 1 At Heaven's End Leaves' Eyes 2 Angus and the Swan Leaves' Eyes 3 Irish Rain [Acoustic Version] Leaves' Eyes Amazon 4 The Battle of Maldon Leaves' Eyes 5 Scarborough Fair [Acoustic Version] Leaves' Eyes Amazon 6 Nine Wave Maidons Leaves' Eyes 7 My Destiny [Remix] Leaves' Eyes Amazon 8 My Destiny Leaves' Eyes Amazon blue highlight denotes track pick