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headlines for August 2018

economics a pound is now worth threepence - a story of twelve-sided inflation 23 August updated: current fuel prices in france 8 August new secondary road speed limits, from summer 2018 6 August science and technology /
france sarsens - silification, petrification, etc. 5 August headlines for July 2018 fun /  france  the earth moved - for france 20 July france a new french president brings a new marianne stamp 19 July new!
the tour de france 2018 - celebrating france, celebrating the tdf   3 July headlines for May 2018 new!
il Giro d'Italia 2018 starts this Friday:
Middle East meets West, climbing all the way
   2 May headlines for March 2018 behaviour and intelligence /
 sums will set you free  small lesson on stats for innumeracists - stop worshipping sums 13 April new!
stone tracery in church and cathedral construction    7 April politics uk /  socialism and sociology agent cob, the labour party and anti-semitism 4 April headlines for March 2018 politics uk /  socialism and sociology  is agent cob, a.k.a. jeremy corbyn, anti-semitic? 28 March politics europe power and history - the modern psychological mess 27 March world of fundamentalism islamic violence among petty criminals 26 March classifying stained glass windows 12 March headlines for february 2018 economics five sensible rules for investing - warren buffett 26 February updated and expanded:
stained glass - development and techniques, and rose windows 25 February new!
stained glass and cathedrals in Normandy   23 February updated and expanded :
french cathedral plans, and facts 8 February

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