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Seven apologises for AFL drugs story - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Seven apologises for AFL drugs story

Updated September 04, 2007 20:03:00

Photo: Welcome statement ... Channel Seven says it recognises the importance of patient confidentiality (Mark Nolan: Getty Images) Map: Melbourne 3000

Channel Seven says it regrets the damage caused to its relationship with AFL players by running a story about footballers alleged to be in drug rehabilitation, according to a statement released by the network.

Seven says it accepts the principle that the confidentiality of private medical records between a doctor and patients was paramount and critical to the treatment and welfare of a patient.

Seven named the players' club, but not the players themselves, before a Supreme Court injunction prevented the naming of the club and two footballers.

The AFL's head of broadcasting Gil McLaughlin says Seven's statement is welcomed by the league.

"We said very clearly that we thought it had been inappropriate to broadcast private patients' medical records and discussions between a patient and his doctor, and we welcome the Channel Seven decision," he said.

Channel Seven has also pledged it will not publish or re-publish details from the news report, and will no longer fight the injunction.

The AFL Players' Association declined to comment on Seven's statement or whether it would affect a player boycott of the network.

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First posted September 04, 2007 18:27:00

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