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Eurovision 2016: Dolph Lundgren to host alongside Måns Zelmerlöw



Rumour Mill: Dolph Lundgren to host Eurovision 2016 alongside Måns Zelmerlöw

If Swedish tabloid Expressen has it right, then Sweden’s SVT wants actor Dolph Lundgren — he of ROCKY IV fame — to co-host Eurovision 2016 alongside Eurovision 2015 winner Måns Zelmerlöw.

Citing “Expressen information”, the tabloid claims they are two leading candidates. It goes on to quote SVT project leader Martin Österdahl, who was the executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. “These are two very good names we worked with before,” he says. “But we are not there yet”.

It remains to be seen whether they want to get there. But it doesn’t seem unrealistic. As Melodifestivalen fans will remember, Lundgren and Zelmerlöw co-hosted Melfest back in 2010, alongisde the comedienne Christine Meltzer. Here they are performing “Eye of the Tiger” (get the ROCKY reference?) during the final that year.

Dolph Lundgren at Melodifestivalen 2010

Lundgren is not currently listed in the bookies’ Top 10 favourites to host Eurovision 2016. However, as he makes clear on his official web site, it’s a year of celebration for him: “Hey, this is crazy, but it’s exactly 30 years ago I first walked into the boxing gym with Sly Stallone to get ready for ROCKY IV.” What better way to celebrate his achievements than by hosting the world’s biggest song contest?

Rocky IV Trailer

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newest oldest most voted Guest Kacey

I would love to see Sarah Dawn Finer host, particularly as Lynda Woodruff. However, I admit that three-plus hours of Lynda might grate on some nerves, so perhaps she can host the green room, where she can be much more easily ignored if that’s not your thing.

I did not have any strong feelings about Sweden hosting again until I realized this meant we could have more Lynda Woodruff. I adore her. 😀

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest random.sage2.0

“I am sorry but I have to break you.” rofl

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest Marco Antonio

Mmmm nice! But as i said before i want to see either Mans with Petra Mede or Gina Dirawi with Danny Saucedo…

Or the queen Petra alone again xD

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Editor Robyn Gallagher

Having one host only works if the host is Petre Mede. She can do presenting, comedy and sing, as well as fluently speaking the two official languages of Eurovision. Most other presenters don’t have all those skills, so the duties have to be shared around.

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest Mario I Am Summer ~ My Summer Vision of Gay Love ~ Summer Lovers

NAH 4 me….
Lame choice if this actor gets chosen..
Ok we get it that he is famous & celebrity because of his hollywood movies but i really do not want 4 SVT to give him the job of the host presenter of our 61st Vision..

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest William

That would be awesome! And it would help the appeal of the show to people who may not usually watch the contest!

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest davve

It would be funny.

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest Milla

I definetely want Måns! And then together with some other male host. Two males would be fun !

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest CookyMonzta

“COME TO JESUS!” [‘Johnny Mnemonic’, 1995]

This ought to be fun if they choose him as a co-host.

If they do, they ought to consider Petra Mede or Sanna Nielsen for the ‘green room’.

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest Dar

i said dolph the last week on here as potential host !!!

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest Aron F.

Wait, guys, wasn’t everybody extremely delighted with the one-host system in Malmö? Why is Sweden doing multiple hosts again?

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest Farron

No. I don’t mind past winners hosting but I prefer it when they host the greenroom or something.

I’d like to see Petra back, it’s possible but unlikely, or the two who did Melodiefestivalen this year could, or Gina Dirawi or Sarah Dawn-Finer. Just please, not Dolph Lundgren.

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest eurovision

Måns Zelmerlöw should moterate the Eurovision 2016.
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Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest mansisthebest

Omg!!!!! Mans “handsome” Zemerlow should defo host!!!!! #magicmans

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago Guest D

I don’t think this’ll happen. I’m really hoping for Gina Dirawi and Måns Zelmerlöw. Also, since Friends and Tele2 both withdrew their bids, it seems like we’ll be going to Gothenburg in 2016. Unless they pick Globen which I don’t think they will.

Vote Up0Vote Down 3 years ago
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