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106-year-old sets birthday zip wire record - after getting tattoo and riding rollercoaster | Guinness World Records

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    106-year-old sets birthday zip wire record - after getting tattoo and riding rollercoaster

    By Rachel Swatman Published 18 September 2018

    It has become an annual tradition for great-grandfather Jack Reynolds to break a Guinness World Records title on his birthday, having previously become both the Oldest person to receive their first tattoo and the Oldest person to ride a non-inversion rollercoaster.

    The inspirational Brit turned 106 on Friday 6 April and to mark the special occasion he decided to become the Oldest person to ride a zip wire (zip line), something that's now seen him enter Guinness World Records 2019.

    106-year-old birthday boy Jack Reynolds has broken the @GWR for oldest person to use a zipwire!! He is now a TRIPLE world record breaking champion!! Congratulations, Jack... and happy birthday!!

    — Good Morning Britain (@GMB) April 6, 2018

    Jack headed to GoApe in Grizedale, Cumbria (UK) with his supportive family in tow, where the attempt was filmed for ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

    Asked how the zip wire compared to his tattoo and rollercoaster records he said: "It was perfect. Bit different but it's been better. It's been a really good day, been worth coming for."

    Guinness World Records adjudicator Mark McKinley was on hand to present Jack with a certificate.

    "This is the third birthday I've spent with you and this is the most impressive yet," he said to Jack. "You never fail to impress."

    As well as ticking items off his bucket list, Jack also uses his yearly record challenges to raise money for charity. This year he chose the Stroke Association.

    His daughter Jane said: "I’m really proud of him. He’s my superhero."

    Jack set his first record in 2016 when he became the Oldest person to receive their first tattoo on his 104th birthday as he went under the needle to get "Jacko 6.4.1912" inked onto his upper arm.

    Jack was clearly unfazed in the build-up to getting his tattoo, saying he'd rather that than have a haircut and joking to his family about having his bottom tattooed!

    The following year, on the day he turned 105, he became the Oldest person to ride a non-inversion rollercoaster, sitting alongside his daughter Jayne, Good Morning Britain’s Kay Rickitt and Dr Hilary Jones on Twistosaurus in Flamingo Land, Malton.

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