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Nine Inch Nails

Closure [Video]

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AllMusic Review by Greg Prato

Few bands are as deserving of a video collection as Nine Inch Nails is. The band (or Trent Reznor, to be precise) has always issued challenging and uncommon videos, more short films than music videos. Many of their videos have either been banned from being shown on TV (the clip for "Happiness In Slavery") or have been heavily edited (the superb "Closer"). This two-tape collection is one video of strictly live performances and interviews/behind-the-scenes footage, while the other contains all 13 of the group's music videos.

The quality of the live footage on tape one varies from grainy to perfectly clear, but it never hinders the high-energy performances. Highlights include a duet with David Bowie on "Hurt," the insane moshing caught on film during "March of the Pigs," and "Down In It," which is half taped at an arena gig and at a surprise club appearance. You'll also get to see some interesting life on the road video snapshots, such as Trent and company hanging out with the likes of Lou Reed, David Bowie, and Marilyn Manson. Video two is the real eye-opener, however. The above-mentioned "Closer" is undeniably great (due to superb direction by Mark Romanek), and "Happiness In Slavery" is definitely one of the most horrific and disturbing of all time (a naked man gets torn to pieces by a machine). And the video that started it all for NIN, "Head Like a Hole," is included as well, plus interesting video inserts between the actual clips (courtesy of Coil member Peter Christopherson) that tie the whole package together cohesively. A must-have item for NIN fans that will also appeal to filmmaking fans in general.