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D.Gray-man Hallow Episode 12 Review: My Home – MANGA.TOKYO

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MANGA.TOKYO > Anime Seasons > Summer 2016‬ - Anime > D.Gray-man Hallow Episode 12 Review: My Home

D.Gray-man Hallow Episode 12 Review: My Home

by Thanasis Karavasilis 1 year ago

The protagonist of D.Gray-man, that positive but naïve little boy called Allen Walker, came into Hallow just as we left him in the previous series: powerful, optimistic, and even childish at points. One episode before the end of the series, Allen is still the center of D.Gray-man’s universe, but not as emotionally helpless as we thought him to be.


Allen Walker is a fugitive. As the Order finds Link dead (probably), Apocryphos manages to leave unnoticed to pursue Allen. After all, almost no one knows his existence, if you count out the top brass. Apocryphos can sense Allen’s Innocence, so the only thing he has to do is follow the scent.

Lenalee is on her way to find Allen. She goes through the necessary flashback where we remember her ponytails, and the precious memories she shares with Allen and Kanda.

In the meantime, an army of Akuma led by the Third Exorcists manage to pin down the Exorcists after Allen. In the end, Lenalee manages to find Allen, but he insists on using the Arc Gate to leave so he can spend some time finding himself. After all, there is only one home he can return to: his friends.

Episode Highlights

Bat-Lenalee: There were so many good Lenalee moments in this episode. One of my favorite was the scene where she springs up to the air, places herself in the middle of the yellow moon, and comes rushing down. Epic.

Road: Road is my favorite Noah. She regains consciousness at just the right time to encourage Allen:

Don’t stop. Keep walking.

She tells Allen that these were Nea’s last words to Mana, and that Nea fought for Mana. Road asks Allen to keep that a secret and then fades away. I hope she’s not dead. There are two romantic fandoms, one in favor of Allen+Lenalee and one of Allen+Road. I vote for Road. Lenalee is mine. MINE.

Themes & Trivia

Irony: As Apocryphos sets out to find Allen, he claims that he needs to ‘save him’. After all, he belongs to the Order, the heroes of this story. But, as we explored in the previous episode’s review, there is not a definite border dividing good from evil but the tags the two sides put on their action based on their own self-assessment.

Home: Home is where the heart is. During Lenalee’s flashback, Allen compares home with family. The Order counted as home for the Exorcists. For many counted as family as well. Allen realizes in the end (but I think he knew all along) that it was not the Order he felt as his home. It was his friends. The bond that they shared. The battles that they fought. The tears that they cried and the blood that they shed. Home is where Allen’s friends are. Home is Lenalee’s hug. There was no other thing to do but to promise that he’ll return where he belongs. Home.

The Grey Warrior: Tyki speaks to Allen about black and white. Good and evil. Every character in this war can be sided according not to the morality of his actions but to the end that these actions seek. Such moral classification is stereotypical, but most good vs evil stories use it to make things easier for the reader-viewer. In D.Gray-man, where the distinction is not so easily determined, Allen Walker doesn’t know his place or even what he really is. He is neither part of the good guys nor a member of the bad. Apocryphos wants to merge with him, the Order wants him detained, most of the Exorcists and members of the Order that spent time with Allen are torn between following orders and helping their friend, Road is clearly in love with him, the Millenium Earn wants to be by his side, and I don’t even know what the rest of the cast is thinking.

Pentagram: The shape of the flames that the Third Exorcists are using to keep the Exorcists detained is a pentagram. You may know it as a pentalpha or pentangle. The shape in all its orientations has vast cultural significance and it’s not just the satanic symbol most people associate it with. It can be found in from ancient Sumerian scripts to modern flags like Morocco’s and Ethiopia’s.


This episode was a breath of fresh air. It managed to stay on topic, there weren’t too many side scenes, and the battles were focused and impressive. The unnecessary comedic bits were left to a minimum and the philosophical exchanges between the characters were enough to provide the episode with that extra layer of depth it needed. Especially the last scene between Lenalee and Allen was amazing. From her facial expressions to Allen’s abrupt hug, the scene leaked of emotion. There was a logical sequence to the plot that paved the way to this outcome. After all, it was time for Allen to realize where his true home is.

And the rating is…


This was a good episode, and this time, not just for the Lenalee bits. I know, I am getting soft. But these 23 minutes reminded me how good a D.Gray-man episode can be. I just hope that they have an even better episode in store for the finale.

NEXT TIME: Final Episode, Walker (ウォーカー)

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(C)星野桂/集英社・D.Gray-man 製作委員会

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