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Safe lock manipulation. – Northland Locksmith

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Northland Locksmith

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Safe lock manipulation.

Safe lock manipulation is the art of opening a safe with nothing but the dial and your finger tips. An experienced safe technician may be skilled at safe lock manipulation. Today many safe owners opt for electronic safe locks rendering manipulation useless. This means the art of manipulation is a dying one.

Basically the dial is used to measure manufacturer machine errors (or lack of perfection) which reveal the safe’s combination. The manufacturer machine error is minimal which makes lock manipulation a difficult skill to master. It is a very tedious skill to preform, and a extremely tedious skill to learn. I believe for me it was 18 months before I opened a practice lock. A practice lock is a real lock mounted on a piece of wood or plastic. A good safe technician can manipulate a safe lock in 45 minutes or less, intuitive decisions must be made often, correctly, and consistently to make you a stand out technician. Mistakes cost you time, but so does failure to take risks. If you can borrow a woman’s intuition it’s well advised.

If you have lost the combination to your safe you should know that there is still a demand for technicians who can manipulate safe locks open to reveal combinations to customers. Often locksmiths prefer to drill locks today, depending on the safe, safe-lock, and locksmith its probably equally as effective. Clearly drilling a safe is not nearly as cool though.

You need to be cautious when hiring a locksmith to simply open your car or rekey your house. You need to be especially cautious when your hiring a locksmith to do safe work for you. I must stress this, because you very easily could end up with extremely over priced service and a broken safe if you call the wrong person out to your house.

If this interests you I suggest watching this, Jeff Sitar is a world champion safe cracker.

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