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President Cristina Kirchner expected to resume activities Tuesday — MercoPress

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Montevideo, October 18th 2016 - 20:38 UTC

President Cristina Kirchner expected to resume activities Tuesday

Tuesday, May 10th 2011 - 10:16 UTC Full article 7 comments Since the death of her husband Mrs Kirchner likes to take refuge with her children in the family’s residence at El Calafate

Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner surprised her closest staff as she decided to extend her weekend trip and stay in the family’s residence at El Calafate, Santa Cruz at least for Monday, thus postponing all activities scheduled for the beginning of the week.

According to the official agenda, the president had a meeting scheduled Monday at 5.30pm with the leaders of the CAME Medium Sized Companies Chamber. At 6pm, Fernández de Kirchner was supposed to meet governors Jorge Capitanich (Chaco), Jorge Sapag (Nuequén), José Alperovich (Tucumán), and Gerardo Zamora (Santiago del Estero) to sign a new health program to be launched on federal prisons.

Likewise, the president’s day was to end at 7pm at a meeting with representatives of the UOCRA construction union and the Argentine Construction Chamber. The Chamber and the union were to officially sign a new labour contract with a 24% increase plus some additional perks agreed during contract negotiations. Construction is one of Argentina’s booming industries.

At Government House, Casa Rosada, there were no further details about the changes in neither the president’s agenda nor the reason for the additional day in the South. The daily dispatch, 05/09/2011 simply read “no official activity is expected”.

Although of strong character and determination, (a ‘fearful contender’, according to the opposition) it is no secret that the Argentine president, 58, is bi-polar and in recent political events when recalling her husband’s memory, Nestor Kirchner, she has been tearful.

Cristina Fernandez has also ordered the construction of a major mausoleum in Rio Gallegos dedicated to former president Nestor Kirchner.

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Top Comments

  • ed

    She knows -- Jaguar -- died !

    May 10th, 2011 - 10:46 am 0
  • ElaineB

    Out of interest, if CFK is re-elected and then retires through ill-health, who takes the reins? Or is there another election?

    May 10th, 2011 - 12:04 pm 0
  • GeoffWard

    The Vice President takes over for the duration of the term of office, and is therefore eligable to stand for a further term of office - this is why I particularly don't want a certain Union Boss as her 'running mate'.

    Point of Information:
    Bi-Polar disorder is another description for Manic-Depression.

    “unlike ordinary mood swings, the mood changes of bipolar disorder are so intense that they interfere with your ability to function.

    During a manic episode, a person might impulsively quit a job, charge up huge amounts on credit cards, or feel rested after sleeping two hours.

    During a depressive episode, the same person might be too tired to get out of bed and full of self-loathing and hopelessness over being unemployed and in debt.”


    CFK's extended holiday may be depressively symptomatic - or she may just, on the spur of the moment, have decided to take an extended family holiday.

    After all, if she had gone back to work she would have had to have given all the the construction union workers 24%+'perks' - which is some 15% above the level of Argentinian inflation! ;-)

    PS. It has nothing to do with Schizophrenic Psychopathy - though both have Jekyll & Hyde behavioural traits.

    May 10th, 2011 - 07:45 pm 0
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