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NIN Album on Horizon (Daily News Online - Aug '98)

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August 1998

NIN album on horizon : Trent's new album may be a double.

It's been four years since Nine Inch Nail's last album came out, but you'd hardly even know it. Trent Reznor is just as popular as ever, with his 1997 "Perfect Drug" single still getting radio play. So what's up with the new album? Read on.

Tentatively titled The Fragile, the new album is expected to appear on two CDs, possibly sold as two conceptually different albums in one package. But why has it taken him so long to release another album? Because he's recorded 45 songs for it. Not all will make it onto the finished product, but that's still a lot of material.

So what will it sound like? The album will be less aggressive and more musically and rhythmically sophisticated than previous efforts, according to the New York Times. Sounds like Reznor may be working on his version of the White Album.

Guest artists expected to appear on the album include such diverse performers as guitarist Adrian Belew of 70s prog band King Crimson, keyboardist Mike Garson (last heard playing with David Bowie) producer Steve Albini, and percussionists Bill Rieflin of Ministry and Tony Thompson of disco group Chic.

Don't expect an album out until early 1999, as Reznor still has a lot more work to do. He's particularly concerned with the lyrics, something he feels genuinely insecure about. Don't worry, Trent, I'm sure everybody will love it.


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