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Sir Michael Parkinson: Feature Interview | | The Bottom LineThe Bottom Line

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The Bottom Line

Interviews TV Series 3 Sir Michael Parkinson: Feature Interview

Sir Michael Parkinson: Feature Interview

Leader: Sir Michael Parkinson

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On The Bottom Line this week, Sir Michael Parkinson, widely regarded as Britain’s greatest ever talk show host, talks with Alex Malley about carving out a hugely successful career in journalism, surviving cancer, the art of interviewing more than 2000 of the world’s top names and the joy of becoming a grandfather to eight beautiful grandchildren.
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Parky is such an interesting, self-effacing, gentle man with a beautiful sense of humour. When he talked, towards the end, of his mother, it was done with love and wit and made me laugh out loud. I always enjoyed watching him in action on his shows as he had a genuine interest in his guests and managed to draw out the inner human being so many times. Even when things didn't always go quite to plan, his natural charm always won through. I'd been waiting for this particular episode and, as always, it didn't disappoint. Just television at its best; produced and fronted by the best. Thank you!!  shezza on Sir Michael Parkinson: Feature Interview

MARCH 22, 2014


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