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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Rebbe - Multimedia

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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Rebbe

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Rebbe

Share E-mail  Discuss (5) Topics: Lubavitcher Rebbe, Sharon, Ariel © Copyright, all rights reserved. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's . You may also be interested in... Ariel Sharon: Proud Jew and Military Strategist... 16 Comments The General's Rebbe Standing Strong! 2 Nissan, 5751-1991 Watch Reject What is Foreign to Torah 1 Sivan, 5749 · June 4, 1989 Watch (2:05) 1 Comment Share E-mail Sort By: Discussion (5) January 19, 2014 Continuity of the Jewish People How do we get our children and our children's children to embrace rather than escape their Judaism? How do we improve upon the Judaism of our Fathers to develop continuity of our people? How do we step outside of (make changes in) Judaism to make it more relevant (not only to our children but our children's children?
We have lost two generations to intermarriage and assimilation. In order to move ahead, we need to let go of part of our past.Rather
than concentrate on our history, we should modernize our thinking and, though separate, become more understandable to the Nation
of God today.The "hora of life" should be danced with the participants facing outward rather than inward. We should not condemn dual heritage children but educate them to embrace all elements of their diversity and not be forced to make a choice. 2+2=5! Now that we are integrating by race, we should develop integration by thought. Courses in Judaic Studies should become Courses in Human Values. All people!
Jonas Weil
Scottsdale, AZ January 17, 2014 Thanks. Need captions or transcript because am deaf Are there captions or transcript of this? Kit Sober
Reno, NV January 17, 2014 Diaspora Sharon will be remembered. However he is like any human being made mistakes. G-D knows which. But for now, let him rest in peace. And let Israel find a solution with Palestinians and bring peeve to the Holly Land. Val Matsievskiy
Salt Lake City, Ut January 15, 2014 wonderful A fitting tribute to a great man.
How much more of a zchus it must have been to see a tzadik and a great leader of the Jewish people in the same place. gershom
Paris January 12, 2014 Gaza May He be blessed. If He would have only realized that to give away G-D land ( Gaza )... Anonymous
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