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Stories about the Attack

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Stories Supplied by NABE Members

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As we enter 2002, those of us who were at the World Trade Center on September 11 still have vivid memories of the events.

All 330 plus members, guests, speakers, exhibitors, and press who were registered for our 2001 NABE annual meeting at the Marriott World Trade Center were able to reach safety. Our hearts go out to NABE member Eugene Steuerle, whose wife was on board the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.

All guests of the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel were able to escape safely, and all but one member of the hotel staff reached safety. [Editor's Note: Since this page was originally written, we have learned this was not true; an undetermined number of guests and staff, possibly as many as eleven, were casualties.]

Since September, we’ve heard many extraordinary stories from members who were in the hotel when the first plane hit and got out safely. We’ve heard stories about the generous assistance they received from friends, associates, and even strangers. NABE members around the country e-mailed their concerns and best wishes.

What we saw as we exited the hotel, no more than five minutes after the initial plane hit. (Photo by Bruce Kratofil)

In the past few months, we have received even more stories and e-mails, which we have collected here. Some were written soon after 9/11, before many facts were known and well before the successful military operations, while some others came after some time of reflection by the authors.

Please share your experience so that we don't forget what happened that day. While individual experiences may not seem important, they are critical to establishing a more accurate picture of what happened on Tuesday, Sept. 11, and subsequently, and to correcting some of the erroneous reports. Reports can be e-mailed to [email protected].

Member Stories

Mike Bergman
Richard Berner
Pat Casey
Bob Crow Added 10/9/2004
Mike Englund
John Godfrey
Diana Gregg
Suart Hoffman
Elinda Fishman Kiss
David Kotok
Bruce Kratofil
Hans Kunnenst
Bernie Markstein
Michael McKee
Duncan Meldrum
John C Moore, Jr.
Bernie Munk
Tom Nelson
Joyce Ng
Bob Niehaus
Mike Penzer
Ruth Runyan Added 8/2006
Diane Swonk
Susan Tomey
Laurie Torene
Ewen Wilson

Media Accounts

Many stories ended up back in home town newspapers. We are not sure how long these news sites will keep the stories accessible, or on whether they get moved to a different URL.

For the account of NABE member Jim Smith and his wife Linda Topp, see

For an account of NABE member Carl Tannenbaum, see

For an account by NABE exhibitor Ron Schoenberg of Aptech Systems, see

Martin Wolk of MSNBC was covering our session in the Grand Ballroom when the planes hit. His account is at

This wrap-up of events was written by the Newhouse News Service, and ran in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and other Newhouse newspapers.

Other Messages

From Constance Mitchell-Ford:

Everyone at The Wall Street Journal is safe and accounted for. Thanks
for inquiring. Steve Liesman, Patrick Barta, Jon Hilsenrath and myself were
on our way to the breakfast when disaster hit. As you may know, The Wall
Street Journal offices were directly across the street from the World Trade
Center in the World Financial Center, the same complex that houses American
Express. Although our building is still standing, it's in really bad
shape and we're unlikely to be back there anytime in the near future -- if at

I hope everyone at NABE got home safely. Thanks again, for inquiring.

From Walt Mossberg:

I am very, very relieved that all NABE folks seem to have escaped the
heinous attack unharmed.

Some messages sent on by non-attendees:

There is nothing I can say about the horrors that has not already been
addressed by those far more qualified than me to do so. If you or any of
your family or their loved ones were harmed or worse, please know that my
prayers are with you and them.

While it was a great relief to read that all NABE members who were present
at the annual meeting - which I could not attend personally - were
evacuated on time, I was shocked to learn that Morgan Stanley was the greatest
tenant of the World Trade Center and that it housed tens of thousands of people a
day. I convey my heartfelt condolences to you and all Americans who lost
their loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Zoltan Pozsar
Seoul, South Korea

My sincerest wishes for the safety of all those who had
chosen to spend the full period of time at this wonderful
meeting. My prayers are with you and yours.

Beila Goldman

Every thing is OK with you? I worry about you and your family. I am shaken
by tragedy happened in New-York and Washington DC. I present my condolence
to you and to american people.
God bless you!


Azer Amiraslanov
Azerbaijan, Baku

The phone lines from London to the US are cut off, but hopefully this will get to you. Just to say that we hope you and all the others who were at the NABE meeting are all right, and that we are thinking of you.

Donald Anderson

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