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Gazette Seniors FC July 2012

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Can You AFFORD Long-Term Care? BY KAREN FINUCAN CLARKSON I f youre over 65, chances are you eventually will need some form of long-term care. For 40 percent of sen- iors, that care will take the form of a nursing home, according to the National Clearinghouse for Long Term Care Information. With the 1846876 July 2012 Gazette SENIORS 3 TRANQUILLITY AT FREDERICKTOWNE: PHOTOS COURTESY OF TRANQUILLITY AT FREDERICKTOWNE Resident Mary enjoys time with her daughter at a St. Patricks Day celebration. Privately owned, Tranquillity at Fredericktowne offers one- and two-bedroom rental suites on Jefferson Pike in Frederick. FEELS LIKE FAMILY to Tranquillity was the friendliness of the staff, the efficiency of everyone here and the care that we saw. Flook moved to Tranquillity two years ago and participates in a majority of its activities, including off-campus trips to vineyards, ice cream excursions, visits to museums, luncheons and ram Coins for sale at Bonanza Coins, a store owned by well-known coin dealer Julian Leidman GOLD $20 U.S. COIN BELOW: ISTOCKPHOTO/JOE_POTATO PEOPLE WHO ARE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL, THEYRE COLLECTING WHAT THEY REALLY ENJOY. -Matt Lerner 6 Gazette SENIORS July 2012 u A Treasure Hunt for Links to the Past STO Ed Hacke, a local collector of European coins, shows two items from his collection, including this 1690 Louis the XIVth coin in his left hand. is to a have a clear sense of your own fi- nances and what you can afford. Sometimes people buy coins theyre convinced will go up in value and theyll just si ON THE ROAD AGAIN! Seniors-Specific Courses Help Drivers Negotiate Traffic and Other Roadway Challenges We discuss the most common reasons for accidents: vision and hearing changes, poor response time and strategies for sharing the roads with trucks and angry, distracted drivers, he said. The AARP c 1846896 July 2012 Gazette SENIORS 9 COSMETIC SURGERY u IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU? BY KAREN FINUCAN CLARKSON THE NEW 60 IS REALLY 50. Lifestyles and activity levels along with the economy have pushed people into another generational experience, said Michael J. Will, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon and dentist with Will Surgical Arts in Ijamsville. National Center for Plastic Surgery in McLean,Va. Theres more jowling and ex- cess skin on the eyelids. The face and eyes are focal points, said Will. We use our eyes to engage oth- ers, so we may want to get rid of those tired, baggy eyes and loose, redundant skin. For these types of enhancements, The Newports still Rock the classics BY KAREN FINUCAN CLARKSON T he best known band out of Mont- gomery County in the 60s, The Newports reemerged in the 21st century with a rock n roll sound as authentic as the original, said elec- tric guitarist Blaine Smith. My sense is the band has been improving BY JIM MAHAFFIE M PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE WOLEJSZAS ABOVE: Chet Wolejsza photographs a sunset on the couples honeymoon in Kenya in1970. RIGHT: Chet on a glacier in Argentina last year ix curiosity, a passion for photography, a subscription to National Geographic and a healthy marriage and you get in- A community spouse may continue to live at home. Medicaid in Virginia isnt going to take away your house, said Gray. They may place a lien on it and go after it later, but a spouse can stay there... The same holds true in Maryland. Medicaid also allows nursing home resi- dents a monthly personal-nee TRAVEL, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 from the group were inspired to plan a trip to Italy. Nancy also went on a three- week trip in 2008 with a friend who lived in Saigon inVietnam in the 1970s and al- ways wanted to revisit. An aunt gave Nancy a subscription to National Geographic magazine in 1963, which 1846895 16 Gazette SENIORS July 2012