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Share From:The Straits Times, posted on 9 July at 6:59 PM 9 July at 6:59 PM

10 signs you're addicted to Korean dramas

Graphic showing Korean drama Secret Garden on TV. -- PHOTO: ALLKPOP ST-TV

Korean pop and Korean dramas obviously go together, after all, they're both part of the Hallyu wave. The Hallyu wave, for those who didn't know, is the unstoppable, all-infecting, malicious wave of Korean culture that has taken over. Something like that.

But how do you know you're addicted to Korean dramas? Is it the fact that you stayed up all night to find out whether Boy A and Girl B are going to end up together? Or whether Family A and Family B can get over the fact that they're company rivals--cue the coincidences-- that hate each others' guts because Company President A once dated Company President B's wife?

Whatever the case, it's undeniable Korean dramas have an even more steadfast following than Korean pop music. For one, any auntie or granny trying to pass the time isn't likely to turn to idols for her entertainment. Nope, they'd much rather weep over the latest argument between an overbearing mother-in-law and her career-minded daughter-in-law. (Sound familiar?)

So, without further ado, let us share the top 10 signs you're addicted to Korean dramas, courtesy of allkpop:

1) Say your favourite drama airs on Wednesday, at 7pm. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can ruin the day 2PM's Taecyeon will appear on your TV screen and romance Miss A's Suzy while they strive to win a singing contest and become idols...again. (It's complicated that way) So what if you failed that test in school? So what if your boss was a jerk to you? So long as that opening theme song hits at 7, you'll be like this... least, until you realise there's a parliament hearing being screened on TV that day.

2) Say you miss a drama. Sometimes you get lucky enough to find it online, on one of those sites that host such things. There's only one problem now. There will be no one week interval between your weekly fix of drama goodness. It's all there for your viewing pleasure. All 50 episodes of it. Take note that unlike local, Japanese or the less-crazy Taiwanese dramas, Korean dramas are long. Begin the health-sapping drama marathon!

3) For a lot of us, Korean isn't a native language. It isn't even a third language. But we fans are tenacious. So we watch, with subtitles. WITH subtitles. So there comes that day when you find a drama you adore, but there are no "English subs". So how do you look while you view it?

...probably like this.

4) Dramas are well, dramatic. When something terrible, life-threatening, or just sad happens, the music, the acting, the script, it's all designed to tug at your heartstrings as much as entertain you. So say someone dies, and the main character is wailing it out...yeah, you weep with them.

5) So those male and female leads finally, finally, after-that-mother-in-law-from-hell finally relented, they share that inevitable steamy moment. It could be as simple--and as deliberately cliche--as the trip and kiss. But you love it nonetheless, don't you?

6) So online streaming aside, say you're one of the loyal weekly viewers. It's a risky deal, my friend. As addicted as you are, the moment the end titles hit, you know it's over. Like a drug addict, you have to wait for the dope. Except, while all an addict needs is money to get his fix. You have to wait one excruciating week. One. Excruciating. Week.

8) The above being said, sometimes, the broadcasting companies are kid enough to leave you a little something extra. It's called a preview. And yes, however, short, they know it'll buy you over to their side.

Of course, when they don't...

8) Dramas are a hobby. Like all hobbies, some people will share it. Most don't. So when you meet the rare person who really gets it, they're your life preserver among the sea of existential-crisis-afflicted plebains.

Most of the time though, if they like other dramas or just haven't gotten hooked on whatever flavour-of-the-week you're on, they just go...

9) The phenomenon of the spoiler is one you cannot avoid. It lies, lurking in wait, in the shadows. When it does pounce, and when you know the person springing it on you, well, things ain't pretty.

Yeah, this is how you'll probably look for the rest of the day. We have a name for it. Passive-aggressive.

Granted, it isn't spoiling something as big as The Avengers or something, but every group needs an uber-sensitive addict.

10) This one is a little subjective, so bear with me here. Those Korean drama OSTs are really something. I'll even admit they contain some of the best music around. So while you're taking a drive, and you've got that OST blaring away, how do you feel?

Okay, so maybe you don;t go off into imaginary wonderland and pretend your life is gosh-darn as tragic, but hey, whoever can relate to you is immediately your new best friend.

So there you have it. Korean dramas. Gateway drugs. Both introduce you to a world you never known. Both keep you there. Use with caution.



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