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Petronas Twin Towers - Cesar Pelli - Kuala Lumpur

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The Petronas Towers

    Introduction and Overview

    7th November 2010 written by admin

    The Petronas towers is one of the most famous architectural structures in the world. It is located in the center of the city of Kuala Lumpur. The Petronas towers or the Petronas Twin towers, as it is known, is the tallest of the twin towers in the world. The total height of the twin tower from the ground to the apes is about 378.6m. This is just the structure alone. Along with the antennas height, the tower will be as high as 451.9 meters.

    The building was completed in the year 1998, and the cost of construction of the building was about 1.6 billion dollars. There are about 88 floors in the building and there are 78 elevators in the building that are used each day by millions of people who work in many of the offices in the tower.

    The people who were instrumental in designing the tower were Cesar Pelli and Djay Cerico. They were able to understand the needs of the persons who sponsored the building. They were required to produce the tallest structure in the world and they were able to give it to the world!

    Petroliam Nasional Bhd is a company that keeps offices in one of the towers. This company is also known as Petronas and this is the reason for the tower being named thus. In fact, the tower also has many of the subsidiary companies of the main company. The other tower also has several offices of some world famous companies in it. This has made the towers very famous.

    A skybridge connects each of these towers together. The bridge is not fixed to the towers and has a provision to be able to slide into the towers in case of severe adverse weather conditions. The foot of the towers has a beautiful garden that has a fountain and also a playground for kids.

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    Tenants of the Petronas Twin Towers

    7th November 2010 written by admin

    The greatest thing about the Petronas Twin Towers is that the structure manages to combine extraordinary architecture with unbelievable data, while still offering visitors one of the most romantic sights they will ever get to see. There`s nothing like admiring the view from such a high point. This is exactly why visitors can go as high as the 41st floor in order to enjoy this extraordinary sight. So, if you don`t get the chance to visit a lot of places in Asia, you can at least still see many of the surroundings from the Petronas Twin Towers. If you have thought about being one of the approximately 1400 visitors who reach the 41st floor every day, these facts will most certainly help you make up your mind.

    One of the most interesting things about the Petronas Twin Towers is that the Petronas Company actually manages to occupy all of Tower One, as it is the only tenant there. However, you can imagine that such an incredibly huge building will have several tenants to occupy all that space. As a result, Tower Two has an impressive list of tenants that will interest many people in the building. Among others, you will surely be impressed by some of the following Petronas Twin Towers tenants: Bloomberg, IBM, Boeing, Reuters, Currently Accenture, Microsoft, and others.
    You might also take pleasure in finding one of the most amazing shopping plazas, Suria KLCC, that you will find at the towers` base. There`s nothing you won`t be able to find in Suria KLCC, as it is highly developed. I`m sure there`s nothing else you need to know to consider the Petronas Twin Towers a worthy destination.

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    Service Building

    7th November 2010 written by admin

    The Petronas Twin Towers is the twin building that has made Kuala Lumpur, besides being the capital of Malaysia, one of the most popular cities in the country. Although it has lost the title of highest building in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers still manage to attract over a thousand visitors every day. While it has lost the throne over to Taipei 101, in 2004, the Petronas Twin Towers have developed every possible branch in order to attract different categories of people, and so they have. The building is now so greatly expanded and developed, as it covers pretty much every field you might be interested in. Also, the Petronas Twin Towers has managed to keep a few titles of its own. One of them is for being the tallest twin building in the world, while the other is having the tallest Sky Bridge in the world.

    There are several things that might interest you once you stepped inside the building. However, you might need to know that, although the entry to the Twin Towers is free, only a limited number of visitors is allowed per day. This is exactly why, as a visitor, you would have to get one of the limited number passes that can be obtained in the morning, on a daily basis. Although this might come as a surprise to most readers, having a little information about what you can actually expect once you enter the building will clearly help you understand. First of all, you can find some of the greatest companies inside the Petronas Twin Towers offices. As the only occupant of Tower One, you will find Petronas, the national oil-company of Malaysia. Carigali Hess Bloomberg, Al Jazeera English, IBM, Accenture, McKinsey & Co, Microsoft, TCS, Krawler Networks, and others, are just some of the most known companies that you can find in the Petronas Twin Towers offices.

    As you can simply deduct by the above description, the operating systems of such an extraordinary building is not easy to maintain. This is exactly why the Petronas Twin Towers has its own service building to keep everything in function. The Petronas Twin Towers service building is known to be somewhere east of the Twins, and it is directly responsible for maintaining the extraordinary building operational. Without a service building, a huge architectural building would have no chances of maintaining top quality services for all their customers and visitors.

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    Popular Culture and Media

    1st November 2010 written by admin

    The Petronas Twin Towers was surely an admired building, as it was highly used in the media. People from all over the world found ways of including the amazing Twin Towers in movies and shows, as they felt it would bring a certain class and originality to the piece of media. Looking back, there`s an entire list of popular culture that has included one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers. One of the forms of media that has helped the Twin Buildings become an important part of popular culture is movies. There are several movies that have included different scenes in the amazingly tall building. Among others, the 1999 movie, Entrapment, has highlighted the building`s great beauty in a story that has brought people running to the cinemas. Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones starred in this movie that gave them with the amazing opportunity to visit such a valuable building, while working on the set. Most fans would say that the Twins definitely gave the movie a new light and upgraded its entire value.

    Still this was not the only chance that the Petronas Twin Towers would have to put its print on a piece of media, as offers were flowing in from different directions. Hitman 2 was just one of the great forms of media that has provided their viewers with the best quality due to these outstanding Twins. The three levels game definitely reached a higher level once it included such a popular building in its sets. The approach is quite attractive, as the player representing the silent Assassin can actually get from Tower One to Tower Two, and vice versa, by using the amazing double deck Sky Bridge. Though the sky bridge in the game has little resemblance to the original one, it still manages to create an interesting approach, and spice up the action of the game. It is details like this that distinct a high quality game from an average one.

    The Petronas Twin Towers have been used in many other media forms, and the result has always been beneficial. Movies like Children of Men, Life After People, Don – The Chase Begins Again, Billa, and others, have also enjoyed the great opportunity of including the masterpiece in some of the scenes. The effect is always beneficial, as viewers just can`t seem to get enough of the Twin`s sight.

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