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[IUPAC]Project Committee

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International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Last update: 28 June 2011

Project Committee (PC)

2010-2011 Membership

Powell, H. Kipton J.
Titular members:
Lamba, Ram S. Reichmanis, Elsa Tarasova, Natalia P. Tatsumi, Kazuyuki Zhou, Qi-Feng van Dam-Mieras, Maria C. E.
Membership Archives Projects List of projects Terms of Reference (i) To make funding decisions on interdivisional projects.

(ii) To make funding decisions on projects judged to be too large for the financial resources of a Division or Standing Committee.

(iii) To make funding decisions on projects from Standing Committees that do not have project budgets.

(iv) To recommend projects for submission for external funding.

(v) To operate within the project budget determined by the Treasurer and approved by the Council and to keep the Treasurer informed of its actions.

(vi) To act in a timely fashion on approval requests so that project schedules can be met.

(vii) To make funding decisions on support for Conferences in Developing Countries and for conferences on New Directions in Chemistry. Composition and Terms of Office (i) There shall be a Project Committee composed of a Chairman and five Elected Members of the Bureau. In addition, the Vice President shall be an ex officio voting member.

(ii) The President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall appoint the members.

(iii) The Chairman shall not be a member of any other IUPAC body.

(iv) The period of service of the Chairman and members shall be two years.

(v) The Chairman shall not serve for more than six years.

(vi) The Executive Director, or designee, shall act as Secretary for the Committee.