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Final Fantasy VIII News

  • Final Fantasy VIII arises on PSN

    PlayStation Store Update: Square Enix's classic JRPG joins Puzzlegeddon on PS3 store, while PSP gets MGS: Portable Ops, Buzz! Quiz World, more.

    • News -
    • Posted Dec 18, 2009 3:43 pm PT
  • Final Fantasy VIII 'coming soon' to PSN

    Sony newsletter indicates Square's classic JRPG headed to PS3's online storefront in the near future.

    • Staff Blog -
    • Posted Dec 16, 2009 5:11 pm PT
  • Final Fantasy XIII exclusive to Japan in 2009

    Square Enix's highly anticipated JRPG won't be released outside of island nation until sometime after April 2010 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

    • News -
    • Posted Jan 16, 2009 7:57 am PT
  • FFVIII Sells Six Million Copies Worldwide

    SquareSoft's Final Fantasy VIII has now officially sold more than six million copies worldwide.

    • News -
    • Posted Dec 14, 1999 5:32 pm PT
  • US FFVIII Sells One Million

    Square EA's Final Fantasy VIII for the PlayStation has sold more than one million copies in North America.

    • News -
    • Posted Dec 9, 1999 4:50 pm PT
  • New FFVIII CD-ROM Announced

    Digicube plans to release a new CD-ROM for Final Fantasy VIII.

    • News -
    • Posted Sep 1, 1999 5:56 pm PT
  • US Final Fantasy VIII Cover

    Cover artwork for the US Final Fantasy VIII has been revealed and we've got the shots.

    • News -
    • Posted Jul 16, 1999 5:18 pm PT
  • PocketStation Remains in US FF8

    TOKYO - Square announces that the US version of Final Fantasy VIII will contain PocketStation support.

    • News -
    • Posted Jul 14, 1999 3:50 pm PT
  • Final Fantasy VIII Toyota Promotion

    Square Electronic Arts teams with Toyota for a Final Fantasy VIII presale sweepstakes.

    • News -
    • Posted Jul 6, 1999 3:39 pm PT
  • Final Fantasy VIII Date

    Square announced that Sept. 7 will be the US release date for Final Fantasy VIII - two days before the US launch of the Sega Dreamcast. Final Fantasy VII was released on that Sept. 7, 1997.

    • News -
    • Posted Jun 21, 1999 4:41 pm PT
  • Day Four: Final Fantasy VIII

    Here are some solid gameplay tips for players who may be stumbling their way through Final Fantasy VIII. Screens inside.

    • News -
    • Posted Feb 19, 1999 3:33 pm PT
  • Final Fantasy VIII Tops 2 Mil

    Square's latest entry into the Final Fantasy series has a record-setting first day.

    • News -
    • Posted Feb 16, 1999 5:26 pm PT
  • Final Fantasy VIII Out

    There's someone out there playing Final Fantasy VIII, and we've got the screens to prove it.

    • News -
    • Posted Feb 11, 1999 4:47 pm PT
  • Final Fantasy VIII Card Battle!

    TOKYO - New minigame revealed for the anticipated Square RPG, Final Fantasy VIII.

    • News -
    • Posted Jan 7, 1999 4:33 pm PT
  • Final Fantasy VIII Demo Shots scores the US playable demo of FFVIII.

    • News -
    • Posted Nov 3, 1998 4:21 pm PT
  • New Final Fantasy VIII Details

    At TGS, Square showed off a playable version of FF8, revealing even more details about the game.

    • News -
    • Posted Oct 9, 1998 4:23 pm PT
  • Final Fantasy VIII and the PDA

    Square will make the epic RPG compatible with the Sony PDA.

    • News -
    • Posted Sep 24, 1998 4:57 pm PT
  • Beating the Final Fantasy VIII Demo

    We've made our way through Square's Final Fantasy VIII demo and lived to tell the tale - as well as provide shots and video.

    • News -
    • Posted Jul 20, 1998 4:42 pm PT
  • Part One: Final Fantasy VIII Shows Its Face

    The demo came packaged with Square's latest Japanese PlayStation title, Brave Fencer Musashiden.

    • News -
    • Posted Jul 17, 1998 3:51 pm PT
  • Final Fantasy VIII a Hit With Fans

    Reaction to Square's Final Fantasy VIII announcement is unbridled enthusiasm. Read what readers are saying.

    • News -
    • Posted May 18, 1998 4:50 pm PT
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