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Eurovision Song Contest - Dusseldorf 2011 | News - Anastasia Vinnikova to sing I love Belarus

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News - Anastasia Vinnikova to sing I love Belarus | Eurovision Song Contest News - Germany 2011

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Alexandru Busa


12/Mar at 00:33

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Preview video clip completed

Anastasia Vinnikova to sing I love Belarus

Belarus' public television (BTRC) have announced that they changed their entry in this year's Eurovision Song Contest as the original song was performed in the summer of 2010. Anastasia Vinnikova will perform another song in Düsseldorf under the title I love Belaurs. The new song will be presented on March 14th.

Belarus' national boradcaster (BTRC) was forced to change their entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest as the original song was performed in a public place in the summer of 2010.  Anastasia Vinnikova has been internally selected by the country's public television to represent Belarus in Dusseldorf. She will perform a new song entitled I love Belarus which is due to be presented on March 14th.

The official preview clip was shot in Minsk under the wand of Alexander Potapov, a well-known video director in Belarus. The shootings were completed in 12 hours in a pavillion of the Belarusfilm studio and lasted until 4.00 am. Fans will get to watch the result on March 14th when the music video will be released online.

Belarus will compete in the second semi final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

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cuckoo shoe [62656] Mon 14 Mar 2011 00:15:29

i liked the backing track for born in belorussia..i'm hoping for something similar and better..

Will T [42521] Sun 13 Mar 2011 17:23:07

Ooh sounds like Moldova, Belgium and Portugal have some competition for last place now. Lol.

Στέφανος Mäntylä [64139] Sun 13 Mar 2011 17:01:33

Go fuck yourself Belarus. You offend me. Your music is an insult to ears everywhere.

j_7even @ esc [21965] Sun 13 Mar 2011 11:15:02

no "born in belorussia" ?

frank fieselmann [37009] Sun 13 Mar 2011 10:36:20

i really HATE that song. go away belarus...back to the ussr and back from my eyes.

Joey Mouse [38539] Sun 13 Mar 2011 10:24:44

Hey if Belarus are allowed this outrageous piece of propoganda then why can't we have such songs as "The Third Reich Had Such Shiny Boots", or "I Kissed You In The Glow Of Sebrenica Burning", or "You Democratically Chose Your President But We Disagreed". or even "A Soviet Missile Is Just A Stranger You Haven't Met Yet". I really can't believe that EBU is allowing a song celebrating the USSR which threatened all of us with nuclear annihilation?

Ozi :-) [42913] Sun 13 Mar 2011 02:12:39

heard******* me and my silly grammer!

Ozi :-) [42913] Sun 13 Mar 2011 02:03:54

I just heared the song on youtube and I have to say I am in SHOCK... it's catchy but unbelievably and worryingly political loooooool... Belorusian...USSR... and then the backing singers repeating it.

cuckoo shoe [62656] Sat 12 Mar 2011 23:07:43

good luck belarus.. hope the new song is as catchy as the last one

Donatas. D.LT [61564] Sat 12 Mar 2011 19:02:21

However Belarus stays in the end of my top
So my final top is :
15.Bosnia and Herzegovina
22.United Kingdom
26.San Marino
27.The Netherlands
30.FYR Macedonia

You can vote for your favorite entries in this site :

RBN Evighet Aenslan [37463] Sat 12 Mar 2011 16:24:36

@Brandus Well...that is awesome! Don0t you think? I mean... the contest is OK.. but to be able to be above things like winning and such is great for such a young nation. All countries should be as proud of being who they are. Go Belarus!

BRANDUS ! [34893] Sat 12 Mar 2011 15:39:43

It seems that they dont really care about to go well in the contest but to show that they are ho happy to be belarusian and live in a so beautiful country.

just me and my guitar... [61885] Sat 12 Mar 2011 15:36:50

when did belarus chose a jury friendly song ? as far as I remember it was the televoting who made the butterflies qualify last year..

Carlos Vargas [43953] Sat 12 Mar 2011 15:26:29

Born in Belorussia, was my fav song fom all this crap.. totally desagree.... don't know what's happening, two consecutive years of musical misery... godness...

Donnie Darko [13880] Sat 12 Mar 2011 15:08:38

A song titled " I love Belarus " should be friendly to NO jury !

arben bacaj [44269] Sat 12 Mar 2011 14:10:51

oh noooo i loved "born in belarussia", it was so naivly inoocent in some way, poor girl.
Its like last year when 3+2 changed that great song "Far away" with Butterfly
I think this time Belarus wil choose again something jury friendly

Candyman 12 points [14078] Sat 12 Mar 2011 14:09:57

I hope they fail. I hate the regime of Belarus.

Στέφανος Mäntylä [64139] Sat 12 Mar 2011 13:42:06

@ Mark Callus

It IS from Junior Eurovsion! From 2008!

Daniel C דניאל כ [60086] Sat 12 Mar 2011 13:16:44

Still along the same lines then, why not a song on a different subject? It seems that they have their eyes fixed on a propaganda piece this year. I won't even bother putting them on my list again.

♪ L ♫ - SO LUCKY! [58775] Sat 12 Mar 2011 13:12:49

I'm definitely looking forward to see their entry live on stage though. It could be very funny and embarrassing, lol.

Harut Hovhannisyan [64210] Sat 12 Mar 2011 13:00:46

Hope it will be much better ...

Good luck

» San ● ♥ [60088] Sat 12 Mar 2011 12:59:37

I've gone pass caring now. There is always political discussions and whatnot, nothing new here. As long as the song is good and it's as upbeat as 'Born in Bielorussia'.

george axeman [64024] Sat 12 Mar 2011 12:43:45

Also, Belarus is the best, gatakia(kitties) are all the rest.

Thanos Eliotthanos [19224] Sat 12 Mar 2011 12:33:33

I just can't stand a dictatorship being praised on the esc stage..


I couldn't agree more! EBU should have thrown these ridicoulous state (I mean that this has naothing to do with Belarussian people) out of EUROVISION. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DICTATORS IN EUROVISION!

craig mcandrew [43711] Sat 12 Mar 2011 12:30:03

I think it will make the final LOL
very much like Crisis Girl from Ukraine - she was total trash but the song got you and almost ended up in the top 10. I predict a 12-16th placement for Anastasia.

Donnie Darko [13880] Sat 12 Mar 2011 12:24:54

George axeman ,
You forgot :
Belarus synousiazei kai rapizei !

george axeman [64024] Sat 12 Mar 2011 12:08:54

Dear Belarus. I have to propose some other titles for your song.
Belarus is the best.
Belarus rules.
Belarus is awesome.
Belarus kicks ****s
Belarus rocks
Do you have to suggest other titles?

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