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Today's Dirt - Hard Drive/Hard Drive XL

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Today's Dirt

Monday, Jul 19

Back in NYC and missing Espana!  What a memorable time, especially being there when Spain won the World Cup!  (Sorry Netherlands.)  It was truly awesome there, but  so fricking HOT!  I was in awe of the work of Gaudi and Dali, how great the people and food is there.  And now back in the Big Apple where it's gonna be hotter than it was in Barcelona! But the bummer was the amount of pickposckets in Barca!  Geez!  And so many young female robbers!  A goup of 5 of them swarmed a friend of mine trying to get into his pockets and fanny pack. I felt like I was in slow motion watching them!  But as soon as I yelled out "Pickpockets!", the ran out the closing subway doors (one of them got caught in the doors....served her well!)  Glad to be back in NYC where the pickpockets aren't as light handed! LOL...OK, so lots of news to catch us up on.  Korn's The Encounter live show from HD Net is on the net and you can watch it on My Space TV.  I tried to catch it this morning, but want to watch it when I can devote the time.  Looked pretty awesome! Meanwhile, Munky will appear on the debut album from a band out of Montreal called Deadly Apples....Avenged Sevenfold debuted their video for "Nightmare" on MTV on Saturday, and you can watch it on Blabbermouth or at  It's awesome and I assume it was directed by Wayne Isham. I loved that the opening scene is a tattoo of Jimmy and the final scene is his drum kit.  Aw, Rev, we miss ya! You can catch the lyric video for the song at ....Stone Temple Pilots will appear on "The Tonight Show" (NBC)  on Jul 29th.  I just saw the video for "Between the Lines," which was filmed during their performance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last month at the show I attended at the  Gramercy Theater here in NYC.  The music video was directed by photographer Chapman Baehler (who's married to a pal of mine!)  Anyhow, check it out....Disturbed are streaming the title track from "Asylum" at ...Stone Sour is streaming "Say You'll Haunt Me" at ....The Toadies are streaming "City of Hate" from their "Feeler" cd at  Look for the album on Aug 10...I was aware back in April Alter Bridge was talking to Roadrunner Records and it turns out they have indeed signed the deal.  Look for their album sometime in September.  The band will be touring with Godsmack in March....Roadrunner has also signed a new band called Revoker, to be produced by Skindred lead singer Benji Webb....Carlos Santana is releasing a cd of cover songs on Sep 21 called "Guitar Heaven." The album featuers Chris Cornell on "Whole Lotta Love,"  Chester Bennington on "Riders on the Storm,"  Scott Weiland on "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" (a great Rolling Stones' song), Jacoby Shaddix on "Smoke on the Water,"  Gavin Rossdale of Bush on "Bang A Gong,"  Scott Stapp on "Fortunate Son," and much more!  Sounds like some of these could make it onto the next  Cover It Up special edition of hardDrive for Labor Day weekend!....Lifer, which includes 2 members of Breaking Benjamin, will perform an acoustic show on Aug 14 in Berwick, PA at Peppers Grille....Apocalyptica will tour next month with Dir En Grey.  Now is it me, or is that just a really odd pairing????....Vinnie Paul of HellYeah is going to sell off some crazy items on eBay including one of his BBQ grills, a '93 Mitsubishi, some old toilets from his house in Las Vegas, and more. Speaking of Vinnie, his band Pantera is planning to reissue their "Cowboys From Hell" album in 3 forms.  A 2-cd set, a 3-cd set and a box set.  They will contain a never before released demo of "The Will To Survive."  Look for that on Sep 14. And HellYeah is streaming "Stampede" right now on ....Sevendust, 10 Years and All That Remains are just a few of the bands on Woodshock, a 2-day metal festival to be held outside Columbus, OH at Thornville at Legend Valley Aug 13-14.

Friday, Jul 9

Leaving today for Barca!  This will be last Dirt til Jul 19th.  :)  GO SPAIN in the World Cup!....Korn will perform an 80 minute concert on Sunday night at 8 PM ET  in a crop circle (did you see those viral clips?)  and it will air on HDNet on cable tv.  (Check with your cable company to see if you have HDNet on your system.)  The concert will air online on Monday. Of course, I don't get HDNet and I will be out of town so I will miss the whole damn thing! ARGH!....Linkin Park have announced the title for their new album is "A Thousand Suns."  The first single, "The Catalyst," is out on Aug 2. The album will hit Sep 14th.   If you hit the Linkin Park My Space tomorrow (Sat), you will get audio "stems" to create your own version of the song.  See for more...The Gracious Few have also  set Sep 14th for the release of their debut cd, "The Gracious Few."...Happy 46th to Courtney Love (can't believe she's made it this far! Please, go to rehab, Court!)  and Happy 35th to Jack White of Dead Weather, Raconteurs & White Stripes.  Have a great weekend!  Be sure to listen to tonight's HARDDRIVE XL with LOU BRUTUS and this weekend's edition of the world famous HARDDRIVE as we enter our 15th season!  BTW:  be sure to be registered as a a HARDDRIVERADIO RADICAL so you can get in on all the goodies this "Summer of Lou's Loot!"  More flyaways coming!  EPICENTER 2010 and VOODOO MUSIC FESTIVAL!   Stay tuned! 

Thursday, Jul 8

So I guess the plan on Sunday is to be in front of a tv with Spaniards watching the World Cup!  Hmmm, who should I root for?....Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor will play a pair of shows on July 16th and 17th at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas with his Junk Beer Kidnap Band. The venue will commemorate the gigs and honor Taylor on the 15th by unveiling a display case featuring masks and uniforms he's worn over the years with Slipknot. In other news, the artwork for Stone Sour's upcoming third album, "Audio Secrecy," on their site      The record arrives in stores on September 7th.  Guess I won't be able to go to Las Vegas.  I'll be in Spain...Speaking of Slipknot, Shawn M. Crahan has released another Dirty Little Rabbits cd.  Look for it on The End label.....Nickelback has announced the Dark Horse World Tour will carry on in the U.S. this Sep with Three Days Grace & Buckcherry!  Stay tuned for your chance to see one of  the shows somewhere in the U.S.! See the tour dates in Road Rage...And while you are there, check out some dates for Tom Morello's Street Sweeper Social Club.  Tom has also speculated Rage Against The Machine are planning some shows later this year!  (Oh and we hope a new record!)...Queens of the Stone Age will hit the studio this fall to work on their next album.  Josh Homme says it will be music to wiggle your hips to. Nice....Foo Fighters will also hit the soundproof walls this fall for their next album....Here's a cover song to beat all cover songs:  Elton John's "Rocket Man" covered by Maynard Keenan and Steve Drozd, the guitarist for the Flaming Lips. Check it out at ....And I made a faux pais yesterday in my report on Staind. I said the band would be recording their final album in the fall, but what I MEANT to say was their final album in their contract with Atlantic Records.  My bad!....Happy 40th to Beck.  (Is he really 40?  man, I AM getting old!)

Wednesday, Jul 7

Two days til vacation!  AH!!!....Tix on sale now for the huge two-day Epicenter Festival Sep 25-26 in Fontana, CA at the Auto Club Speedway.  Coheadliners Kiss, Eminem and Blink 182 will be joined by Rise Against, Papa Roach, Bush, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Bad Religion, A Day To Remember, Suicidal Tendencies and more! Find tix at ....Looks like it was only a rumor of Colin Farrell portraying Ozzy Osbourne in his bio pic, according to a rep for the actor.  Maybe Sharon is dangling a carrot in front of Johnny Depp???.....Staind will start recording their final album in November according to frontman  Aaron Lewis.  This means his solo album won't see the light of day til the cycle of that record is over.  Meanwhile, his OutDoor Channel show, a celebrity hunting program tied in with Make A Wish, debuted last month.  (I wish I could remember the name of it. Lemme Google it and I'll update)....Trent Reznor & his wife Mariqueen are expecting their first child Oct 10th. He's 45; she's 29.  Wonder if all the baby's clothes will be black?.....Korn's "Korn 3-Remember Who You Are" cd is streaming right now at  I love it.  Find it in stores on Tuesday.....My friends in Lacuna Coil have set some dates in Sep in Spain and the UK.  (Ah Spain, leaving on Friday)....Trapt will release "No Apologies" in Sep.  The first single "Sound Off" should be out soon....I hear the Nickelback fall tour will be announced today!....Happy 30th to Dan Whitesides of The Used and Happy 29th to Brian Haner aka Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold! 

Tuesday, Jul 6

I leave for Barcelona in 3 days!  Am I excited....ha! ....You must hit to see a video of Ozzy Osbourne showing off some of his favorite personal items from Nazi daggers to handwritten lyrics to "Imagine" by John Lennon.  (Wonder if he collected the Beatles' dolls? My mom sold mine in a garage sale! I was horrified!)  Meanwhile,  Colin Farrell has reportedly signed on to play Ozzy in a new biopic about the rocker/reality star. quotes a source who said, "At least Colin and Ozzy are on the same page when it comes to using four-letter words! Colin drinks, he smokes, he womanizes. He's just a sleeve tattoo away from being a real rock star." Ozzy previously said he wants an unknown actor from his hometown, Birmingham, to play him on the big screen while Sharon suggested Johnny Depp. Ozzy, we love you!....Trent Reznor reports he was contacted by famous film director David Fincher (Seven) to write the score for Fincher's next film, "The Social Network."  The movie is about the formation of facebook, and stars Justin Timberlake and Rashida Jones.  Trent posted a comment about the film as being great and dark!  His score will be a collaboration with producer/musician Atticus Ross.   Look for the film in theaters Oct 1....Duff McKagan posted his Loaded band will hit the studio in August....Remember the British band  Skunk Anansie?  They are recording their first album in 10 years currently and plan for a release Sep 13 in the UK.  No news if "Wonderlustre"  will see an American release or not.....Happy 31st to Nic Cester of Jet and Happy 64 to Sylvester Stallone and George W. Bush, who share their birthday today. 


June 8, 2010:  This report was seen on Blabbermouth dated Jun 8th. I am reprinting in it's entirety as it is very encouraging news about Chi and the call is out now for any and all fans to please donate what you can for his medical fund.  Thank you.

At  DEFTONES bassist Chi Cheng's routine checkup on May 19, 2010, it was apparent to Dr. Joseph Nguyen, who has followed his progress for the past eight months, that there was marked improvement. He wrote in his progress notes that Cheng was "showing signs of improved neuro function and improved alertness at this time. Increased response to verbal stimuli. Directed movement, with purpose, seen and observed." Amazing report for Cheng, who was involved in a car accident November 3, 2008 and spent much of the last 18 months in a semi-conscious state.

According to Cheng's sister Mae, Nguyen's reaction as soon as he walked into the room and saw her brother was profound. "When he came in, he took one look at Dai [Cheng] and was floored," she said. "He couldn't believe it. He saw a man waking up."

Dr. DeFina, chief scientific officer and founder of International Brain Research Foundation, along with Dr. Jonathan Fellus, director of Brain Injury Services at the Kessler Institute, got Cheng started on the groundbreaking protocol that applies already approved medications, electrical stimulation and nutraceuticals to the patient as a virtual cocktail that has had a dramatic impact on his patients. So dramatic that DeFina has an 84 percent success rate in waking up patients from minimally conscious states or vegetative state comas. The national average for patients emerging from these states is 3 to 7 percent.

DeFina and colleagues were recently featured on an episode of MTV's "True Life - I Have Traumatic Brain Injury". After the episode aired, DeFina told Gina Blackmore of One Love For Chi that all three of the TBI patients featured on the show, who are all able to walk and talk and continue to strive for improvement, had been like Cheng is now or worse when he had taken them on as patients.

This news is encouraging, but funds are greatly needed to ensure that Cheng can continue on his protocol. Gina Blackmore is determined to raise enough funds to not only keep Cheng in Dr. DeFina's care, but also to get him into one of the top medical facilities in the nation where he will be under the direct care of the doctors from IBRF. She has set a new goal of $500,000 in order to cover the $2,000-per-day cost of staying at the facility for 3-6 months or longer as well as transportation to the facility. It is a lofty goal but well worth the effort to bring Cheng back to his family and friends.

Along with Blackmore, Sonny Sandoval of the band P.O.D. and THE WHOSOEVERS have been a continuing force in fundraising and keeping Cheng on the minds of followers via Facebook. Together they have put a call out to not only friends and fans of Cheng but to bands local, national and international to help their fallen fellow musician with benefit concerts. All funds raised can be paid directly to The Chi Ling Cheng Special Needs Trust by clicking the donate button at
Disturbed - "Another Way To Die"
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