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Seifer is number 91 - IGN

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91. Seifer
Appears in: Final Fantasy VIII Highlights
  • Serves as the rival to Squall Leonhart, the hero of Final Fantasy VIII
  • Makes a cameo appearance in Kingdom Hearts II
  • One of the only characters in Final Fantasy VIII to use a Gunblade

Although Seifer Almasy is not the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, he serves as Squall's rival and confronts the player's party on numerous occasions throughout the game's story. Seifer was originally a child staying at Edea's orphanage, along with the other heroes of the game, though his bullying habits started early. Seifer eventually joined the ranks of the students at Balamb Garden and headed up the Disciplinary Committee, along with his friends (and devoted followers) Fujin and Raijin.

Seifer eventually joins Sorceress Ultimecia, one of the lead villains in Final Fantasy VIII, and serves as her Knight. This is partially a result of his failure to pass the Balamb Garden SeeD exam, as well as subtle brainwashing employed by the sorceress.

Seifer makes for a great rival, as his appearance is virtually a mirror image of Squall's. Both young men have mirrored scars, which they inflicted on each other during an intense training duel, and both men wield the powerful Gunblade weapon.

Although Seifer aids Ultimecia in establishing Time Compression, he's not a particularly evil character. He does what he thinks is right (and was under Ultimecia's influence) and eventually repents for his actions. At the game's conclusion, Seifer can be seen looking up at the passing Balamb Garden and smiling happily, reunited with Fujin and Raijin once more.

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