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Classic Rock » Blog Archive » Ozzy And Iommi Settle Sabbath Legal Battle

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Ozzy And Iommi Settle Sabbath Legal Battle

mdome / News / 05/06/2010 10:34am

The legal battle between Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi over the trademarking of the Black Sabbath name is over.

Ozzy had sued Iommi, claiming that he’d trademarked the Black Sabbath moniker without permission, and demanded half of the money the guitarist had earnt from this. Exactly what the terms of the settlement are haven’t been disclosed.

So, what are the chances of the original Black Sabbath line-up getting back together?

All Ozzy is saying right now is: “I never say never.”

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05/06/2010 11am

Surely “I never say die!” would have been more appropriate…

05/06/2010 11am

I guess this had nothing at all to do with the fact Ronnie died did it.

big al
05/06/2010 12pm

My guess is ronnie’s death has made em all wake up a bit, life is short! I think the sabbs will reform next year, for a year, to prop up the pension fund and end things on a good note. personally Id like to see iommi do more material with tony martin, ian gillan and glen hughes.

05/06/2010 3pm

Please not another Sabbath tour! Ozzy can’t sing and Bill can’t drum.

05/06/2010 5pm

Well hopefully Iommi and Geezer will stay with Appice maybe doing some stuff with Ozzy? Glenn Hughes maybe? I don’t know.
Glad to hear they’ve settled!

05/06/2010 5pm

“Ozzy can’t sing and Bill can’t drum”

Yeah but apart from that they’re OK………..

michael maggs
06/06/2010 9am

i would rather there was an Iommi-Butler band.
maybe they could do an album like Slash’s with guest singers such as Lee Dorran, Damion Fox and Tony Martin
Sabbath is dead now and thats how i think it should remain

Adrian Blade
06/06/2010 11am

I thought Ozzy was touring with his own band for 2010 and 2011.
Iommi should get together with Tony Martin for another album.
I personally love TYR even though the production is quiet. They should remaster and re-release this album.

06/06/2010 3pm

I love the Ozzy era albums up to Sabotage. However TE and NSD were poor and Ronnie came in and gave us two brilliant albums.

jimi Cobra
06/06/2010 8pm

Agree with Big Al, would like Tony to work with Glenn Hughes again. Or an album with fellow midlander Rob Halford would be good.

07/06/2010 8am

Ozzy has found another source of income now as ‘Dr Ozzy’ prescribing medical advice in the Sunday Times, must be an expensive business paying for all of Sharon’s plastic surgery.

07/06/2010 12pm

seems another cash in tour on the way
since the 90s in my opinion that the best that ozzy had done was making an ozzy cd and i hope that this new cd coming soon will not be a waste of my cash, the Black Sabbath tours since the reunion aint more then a cash in tours that were made to make advances for all the cars that ozzy kids will crash

mad ritch
07/06/2010 1pm

ozzys an arse, just a money leach, it was terrible black sabbath had to gig as heaven and hell, dio was a better singer, never need a harmonizer and effects on his voice…
sabbath reunion.?

like the last one ehhh what did ozzy do, a few downloads……one or two track on a few compilation albums….
after that i hated ozzy, just a big junkie leach

just did it so there couldn’t be sabbath without him….. disgusting

dio had a much claim to the sabbath legacy as ozzy

really get glen hughes in, the iommi fuse album was fantastic.
fight for the sabbath name, cause ozzy isn’t sabbath, he was part of it. but he isn’t it

as a sabbth fan, i hate ozzy for dragging the band into inactivity and less album releases through legal wranglings…

one thing ozzy!! fuck off!!!!! and leave sabbath alone! if you are going to join at least tour and release new material, like dio did through the heaven and hell name…

if it’s like the last time he want to join his old band, just get yourself to f*@k ozzy…

a singer who’s hardly ever there is not a singer at all

07/06/2010 3pm

I lost all respect for Ozzy when I heard he was suing Tony over the Sabbath name. Tony kept that band going for the better part of two decades without Ozzy, who was off making a jackass of himself with that cringe-inducing TV show.
I was really sad when I heard Ronnie had passed away. He was a superb singer.
I hope Tony keeps making music and playing live with the Sabbath songs, whoever sings them. I’d be happy to see Tony Martin up front again (Headless Cross was one of my first Sabbath albums).

07/06/2010 4pm

I saw Ronnie with Iommi and co. in 2008, and that was an awesome concert. In truth they *were* a different band, and I don’t mind them having a different name – the name ‘Black Sabbath’ has become meaningless over the years.

But Ozzy is a waste of space. Dio was 50 times the singer Ozzy is, and I won’t be paying to see him splashing more fetid urine over whatever ‘legacy’ he has – which isn’t much.

big al
07/06/2010 8pm

although most people are right to knock ozzy, and im guilty as anyone on that point, I went to the nec reunion gigs and they were amazing, and anyone who says bill cant drum is talking bollocks. I think they should do a select number of gigs, then iommi/geezer get a project up and running.

08/06/2010 7am

That should read ‘SHARON sues Tony Iommi’ – as Ozzy does nothing these days without being led into it by his celebrity obsessed poisonous dwarf wife. Ozzy has let his reputation and legacy be forever tarnished by this woman. Whats happened to you Ozzy?

09/06/2010 10am

Oh I’d love to hear Sabbath with the GREAT TONY MARTIN again! I’m about to listen to Forbidden again, yesterday was the 15th anniversary for that album. Very underrated with great performances by the whole band. Personally I’ve gone off the relatively simplistic early Sabbath albums save for a handful of songs here and there. Iommi had so much energy each time he worked on an album and so did Tony Martin; he still releases albums steadily. Keep him, Butler and maybe Appice. Screw that old timer Oz, he has no melodies worth listening to anymore.

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