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Latest News

December 2008


Vinegar Mentioned on the radio program, The Bert Show
On Q100 (99.7) morning show (The Bert Show) in Atlanta, Georgia, the hosts interviewed Ted Turner's daughter Laura Seydel.  (The Bert Show has a listening audience of 1,000,000.)  She has a lot of environmentally-friendly projects, including a Web site.  She mentioned that white distilled vinegar is a great cleaner and "green."  Her Web site also mentions vinegar.

Use Vinegar Instead of Dryer Sheets
An article on the (Arizona) offered a suggestion from National Geographic's Green Guide regarding the use of vinegar as a "green" way to soften clothes.  The article notes:
National Geographic's Green Guide recommends adding either a quarter cup of baking soda or a quarter cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle. Either one will soften clothes, while the latter will also address static cling. (Be sure not to mix either with bleach, though, as resulting chemical reactions could cause noxious fumes.)

To access the Web site, use this link.

Use Vinegar to Dissolve Medicine
The Web site, Medical News Today, contained an article on the proper disposal of medication.  According to the article, the Wyoming Department of Health pharmacists notes that "Ineffective disposal of unwanted or expired medications can lead to abuse, pollution or accidental ingestion."  The article notes the disposal of drugs in the trash is the best method, but also suggested modifying the contents to discourage consumption.  For solid medications, it was recommended to add a small amount of vinegar or water to partially dissolve them.  The article can be accessed with this link.

Use Vinegar to Clean Glass Fireplace Doors
The Post-Bulletin (Rochester, Minnesota) offered the following vinegar tip to clean the fireplace:

Clean the fireplace and stock up on wood/propane. Place newspaper around the fireplace to protect the floor and shovel ashes into a bag. For glass doors, scrape off any baked-on soot with a razor and use a vinegar-water solution (1/2-cup vinegar to 1-gallon water).

If you would like to read the online article, use this link.

Windshield Washing Fluid Made from Vinegar
The New York Times recently ran a story about a lady in San Francisco who owns a hybrid specialty garage.  In the article, it is noted that she makes her own windshield washing fluid from vinegar.  To read more, use this link.

Vinegar Drink Introduced in China
SkyPeople Fruit Juice Company in China recently introduced mulberry vinegar and kiwifruit vinegar beverages.  According to the company's press release, demand for fruit vinegar beverages has been steadily growing in the international market since the mid-1990s, particularly among female consumers, due to health benefits.  The release notes that "Some fruit vinegar characteristics, such as acetic acid, lactic acid, amino acids, glycerol and aldehyde have been shown to dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation."  To read the company's entire release, use this link.

Vinegar and Vodka (yes Vodka!) to Clean
The blog Neo Green recently ran story on natural cleaners, including white distilled vinegar and vodka (yes Vodka!).  The blog also refers readers to The Vinegar Institute's Web site.  To read more, use this link.

Use of Wood Vinegar in the Pacific Rim
The Sun Star Baguio (Internet home of Phillipines news) published a story on the uses of wood vinegar, noting it is part of a project implemented by the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council (JAEC), Department of Agriculture (NAFC, BSWM, BPI, ATI, AMAS, FOS, DA-RFU-CAR), Japan Agricultural Exchange Council Alumni Association (JAECAAP), Benguet State University (BSU), Municipality of La Trinidad, and the Province of Benguet. Wood vinegar is one component of a project for better farm income by the organic-based vegetable production in the Philippines. To read more, use this link.

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