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Petronas Towers Lift System | The Petronas Towers

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Petronas Towers Lift System

The unusual and highly efficient elevator system in the Petronas Towers uses double decker compartments based in the core of each tower.  These double decker elevators serve two floors at once, with one compartment serving the odd numbered floors and the other compartment serving the even numbered floors.  To move from the ground level to an even numbered floor, visitors must use one of the escalators to travel up to access the even-numbered floors’ elevator system.

A group of six of the central elevators takes passengers to floors 2 through 17, another group of six elevators take passengers to floors 18 through 38.  A special group of elevators shuttles between the ground levels and floors 41 and 42.  Travelling to floors above the 42nd level requires passengers to first take one of the shuttle elevators from the ground floors and then change elevator at the 41st or 42nd floor.  The double decker elevators above the 42nd floor use the same duplicate system as those below, with one group serving floors 43 to 58, and another group serving floors 59 to 74.  Working in connection with the central core elevator system, a supplementary group of single deck elevators takes passenger between the various groups.

Aside from all the expected normal safety features, the elevator complex includes an unusual rescue system that allows passengers in a stuck elevator cabin to be rescued through a side door through which they can pass to an adjacent functioning elevator.  For building evacuation purposes, only the special shuttle elevators are used, due to the fact they only have door openings at the bottom and top of their passage and are therefore better insulated from fire or other potential problems.

In addition to all the elevators, the Petronas Towers also have ten escalators in each tower.  These escalators carry passengers from the entry level lobby up to the second floor and down to the first basement floor.  There are also 765 flights of stairs in the Petro0na Towers complex.

The elevator and escalator systems were designed and built by the Otis Elevator Company of New York, the world’s leading and oldest elevator manufacturer.  The invention of the Otis Elevator and its safety locking system is often credited with making skyscraper construction possible. The elevators installed in the Petronas Towers are the Gen2 type, which do away with the heavy woven steel cables in favor of flat polyurethane-coated steel belts that allow for a smaller elevator tower and the elimination of the traditional machine room as the operating equipment is all  mounted within the hoist way.


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