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Last Updated: September 22, 2009 1:06 PM

TRENT REZNOR Discusses End Of NINE INCH NAILS As A Touring Act - Sep. 13, 2009 NINE INCH NAILS mainman Trent Reznor spoke to Pink Is The New Blog on September 10, 2009 right before the final show of the NIN "Wave Goodbye Tour" at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, California. Watch the 20-minute chat below.

The Wiltern concert came at the end of "Wave Goodbye"'s concluding series of farewell gigs in Los Angeles, where Reznor now lives after a dozen years in New Orleans.

Quality video footage of the three-hour Wiltern show — which was witnessed by full house of more than 2,200 fans — can be viewed at this location. A couple of the clips — featuring guest appearances by members of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and Gary Numan, whose music served as a major inspiration for Reznor — are available below.

NINE INCH NAILS' setlist for the September 10 concert was as follows:

01. Home
02. Somewhat Damaged
03. The Collector
04. Discipline
05. March of the Pigs
06. Something I Can Never Have
07. The Frail
08. The Wretched
09. Ruiner
10. Head Down
11. Burn
12. Just Like You Imagined (with Mike Garson)
13. La Mer (with Mike Garson)
14. Eraser (with Mike Garson)
15. The Becoming (with Mike Garson)
16. Down in the Park (instrumental piano by Mike Garson)
17. Down in the Park (with Gary Numan)
18. Metal (with Gary Numan)
19. I Die: You Die (with Gary Numan)
20. 1,000,000
21. Letting You
22. Survivalism
23. Suck
24. Down In It
25. The Hand That Feeds
26. Head Like a Hole

First encore:

27. Me, I'm Not (with Atticus Ross)
28. The Warning/Sign (with Dave Navarro)
29. Piggy (remix)
30. Gave Up

Second encore (with THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN):

31. Mr. Self Destruct
32. Wish

Third encore:

33. Atmosphere
34. Dead Souls
35. The Good Soldier
36. The Day the World Went Away
37. Hurt
38. In This Twilight

Read a full review of the concert at

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posted by : zmark12
9/13/2009 10:20:46 AM
WOW, what a set list. Would've been cool to see this show

COMMENT | 3 encores
posted by : karma2burn
9/13/2009 10:53:50 AM
fuckin hell, trying to give some fan a anxiety attack

posted by : blackendistheend
9/13/2009 10:54:23 AM
That's an insane set list.

posted by : sunstyle
9/13/2009 10:54:25 AM
he's setting a trend, I imagine less touring by other bands in the future

posted by : harriet!
9/13/2009 10:56:38 AM
well well, hope we got something new from NiN in the future then.. can only hope for a tour when trents gets bored

posted by : misterspike
9/13/2009 11:00:49 AM
I admit I got wistful hearing Trent refer back to his fist year touring and opening for other bands and looking at kids screaming his words back ... as I was one of those kids. NIN came through FL ALOT during the Pretty Hate Machine tour, and I managed to see them on their first "headlining" tour playing a club to 200 kids (in Melbourne, FL) ... A/C was busted and it was a complete sweatfest. Trent almost spent more time pouring water on us in the front than anything else.

89/90/91 with NIN will always hold a real special place for me. Thanks, Trent!

COMMENT | why.........
posted by : charliee13
9/13/2009 11:02:27 AM
its a bit unfair that they didnt do this sort of set list the whole tour! i would have killed to have seen a set like that!

COMMENT | Wow awesome setlist
posted by : RiotAct666
9/13/2009 11:12:11 AM
Sucks NIN won't tour no more :'( But glad i got to see them with Jane's Addiction this year :) Now that was one hell of a great show.

COMMENT | no touring?
posted by : ReverendDubs
9/13/2009 11:30:38 AM
To say bands wont tour anymore, is riddiculous, absurd, and plain retarded. How is aband suppossed to make money in a downloading world? Touring and selling merchandise is the only way for a band to actually make money without completely "selling out" if you will...
What are they gonna do, sit at home writing songs for people to steal, sounds like a hell of an enterprise!

posted by : SchecterShredder
9/13/2009 11:33:03 AM
Mad respect for you Trent. I'll never forget The Downward Spiral tour of "94. You were an INSANE mother fucker and you tore the place up. One of the BEST SHOWS I have ever been a witness too. I will never forget how bad ass that was. Best wishes man. Godspeed. Hope we meet again someday.

COMMENT | Thanks Trent...
posted by : CrazyIslander
9/13/2009 11:41:30 AM
For 20 years of Nine Inch Nails. It's crazy to realize that it's been that long.

I've been lucky enough to see NIN twice, including this tour. Wish I could have seen them more.

COMMENT | ReverendDubs
posted by : Newbs28
9/13/2009 12:09:45 PM
NIN is the band that doesn't care about making money. Did you see what Trent did for the latest album. He gave it away for FREE! Its still available to download for free on

Also, Trent has so many respectable followers that most nin fans buy the hard copies when they go onsale. They damn near sold out of copies when he put the Ghosts album up for sale.

Learn the facts first before calling Trent Reznor a retard.

posted by : john66674
9/13/2009 12:10:12 PM
oh no my life will never be the same

COMMENT | i'm bettin' trent will form another band.
posted by : BOTTLESLAP
9/13/2009 1:07:29 PM
or bands.

posted by : SJ2K
9/13/2009 1:22:05 PM
The audio on this interview is shit.

COMMENT | Holy freaking setlist!
posted by : Ironlung
9/13/2009 2:31:21 PM
that would have been quite the show to see.

posted by : rob1980
9/13/2009 3:23:58 PM
"he's setting a trend, I imagine less touring by other bands in the future"

Reznor may end up influencing other bands in other ways if he plans on sticking himself in his studio and experimenting, sure. The Beatles did the same thing in the 60s. But as with 45 years ago, I think you find few will be willing to follow his lead in giving up their chief source of income.

COMMENT | I was there.
posted by : Lemmyisgod
9/13/2009 4:00:59 PM
It was epic. From my first show in 90 when they opened for Peter Murphy, 18 shows later to last Thursday night.

I'm still reeling from that show.
My heart is still heavy.
Trent's music means a lot to us NIN fans.

posted by : SSIK72
9/13/2009 5:12:49 PM
gary numan fuck yeah

posted by : TheEagle
9/13/2009 6:49:32 PM
NIN followed into some great band's steps and now there's here setting the path for others to step in. Trent is a great artist.

posted by : Chainedown
9/13/2009 9:38:42 PM
I'm very jealous of the setlist.

COMMENT | The best part......
posted by : Neil Young's Cocaine Booger
9/14/2009 12:46:15 AM
is he didn't play 'Closer'.

Or as the bandwagon college frat boys call it.....the "I Wanna Fuck You Like An Animal" song.

COMMENT | NIN first album was really good
posted by : robato
9/14/2009 8:38:03 AM
After that it was all a downward spiral....I wont miss em.

posted by : myself
9/14/2009 2:14:35 PM
Never did get to see them. THe last 8 years living in Asia didn't help.

I knew I should have gone to Hong Kong when they played there.

The person thinking bands will stop touring.
Utter bollocks.

Small bands' income is generated through touring.

Even big bands now sign deals that sees the rip off record companies take a % of profits from touring....

The sooner bands follow the NIN model of releasing music the better.

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