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Burj Dubai Tower

Verifying the durability of the reinforced concrete foundations was a critical element in finalising preparations for construction of a spectacular skyscraper in Dubai.

The centrepiece of a huge mixed-use development, the 160-storey Burj Dubai Tower is expected to rise to more than 700 metres, 200 metres higher than the current tallest building in Taipei. Accordingly, special attention was paid to the quality of the foundations. The developers, Emaar Properties, engaged GHD to review the proposed design and assess the durability of the materials required to provide the 100-year design life in the demanding Gulf environment.

GHD was ideally placed to utilise its global materials technology experience, calling on James Aldred, a concrete specialist and Hugh Cunningham, a steel specialist, from GHD’s Materials Technology team in Perth.

The team reviewed the expected service life of the structure and made a number of recommendations for improvement.

Based on its recommendations, GHD was commissioned to design and review the installation of a cathodic protection system to conserve the reinforced concrete piles and raft foundation, as well as to provide advice regarding methods to secure the longer-term durability of the foundation.

The team was further engaged as the Independent Verification and Testing Agency (IVTA ) to assess the concrete, steel and other key materials for use in the project.

GHD is involved in the construction process from commencement in 2004 through to completion of the main structure in 2008.

For more information, contact:

James Aldred  [tel 971 4 294 9858]  [email]


Emaar Properties


Dubai, UAE

GHD's James Aldred at the Burj Dubai Tower site
Photo: Nicholas Haig, Dubai Photography