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September 17, 2007 04:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Sigma Space Picks DapTechnology’s FireLink 1394b IP Core for NASA R&D Project

NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DapTechnology, a world-leading supplier of advanced IEEE 1394 technology solutions to the aerospace, defense, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics markets announced today that Sigma Space Corporation of Lanham, Maryland has selected the DapTechnology FireLink 1394b Link Layer Controller IP Core and is currently integrating the product as a key component of a NASA-funded R&D project. FireLink, implemented in industry-standard VHDL code, is available for Xilinx and Altera FPGA devices. The product is targeted at applications requiring up to 800 Mbits/Sec of bandwidth and embedded designs requiring a general purpose IEEE 1394b Link Layer Controller.

FireLink provides facilities for transmitting and receiving IEEE 1394 packets, including asynchronous, isochronous, and PHY packets at speeds of up to 800Mb/s. Future FireLink enhancements will enable support for 1.6 and 3.2 Gbits/Sec speeds. DapTechnology markets both a Basic and Extended version of FireLink. The FireLink Basic version is optimized for small core sizes while the FireLink Extended version, which leverages on OHCI-compatible DMA transfer technology, is optimized for high throughput applications.

“A compact, flexible, re-usable, and configurable IEEE 1394b Link Layer Controller IP core is what customers need,” says Jan de Vries, CEO of DapTechnology. Mr. de Vries adds, “FireLink provides an additional IEEE 1394b building block which aids in accelerating and simplifying the 1394b solution development process.”

FireLink and FireLink Evaluation Kits are currently shipping. Additional information on FireLink products and DapTechnology may be obtained by visiting or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

About DapTechnology

DapTechnology is a company specializing in products, systems and solutions based on the IEEE 1394 Standard. Since its inception in 1998, the company has been working closely with the IEEE 1394 standards development organizations, strategic industry partners and key customers to develop world-class products employing IEEE 1394.

Both DapTechnology B.V. and DapUSA, Inc. are owned by DapHolding BV. DapUSA, based in Wilmington, DE, was formed in 2005 to address the ever-growing North American market for IEEE 1394 systems and solutions.

About Sigma Space Corporation

Sigma Space is an industry leader in innovative instrumentation for the scientific, military, and commercial communities. The company specializes in aerospace optical instruments, miniature 3D lidar imaging systems, leading edge pattern recognition research and custom instrument solutions for harsh environments.

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