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Famous Freemasons Masonic Presidents

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Welcome to Burbank Masonic Lodge No. 406

Famous Masons U.S. Presidents Presidential Candidates Declaration of Independence Signers Foreign Leaders Supreme Court Justices U.S. Senators U.S. Military Leaders U.S. Pioneers Civic Leaders Medical Leaders Sports Authors, Publishers and Poets Entertainers Religeous Leaders Industry and Commerce Other Famous Freemasons


      George Washington, 1st President, 1789 - 1797, Commanding General during American Revolution, made a Mason August 4, 1753, in Fredericksburg Lodge (now No. 4), A. F. & A. M., Fredericksburg, Virginia.
      James Monroe, 5th President, 1817 - 1825, made a Mason November 9, 1775, in Williamsburg Lodge (now No. 6), A.F. & A.M., Williamsburg, Virginia.
      Andrew Jackson, 7th President, 1829 - 1837 Harmony Lodge No. 1, Nashville, Tennessee, an Honorary Member of Federal Lodge No. 1, F. & A.M., Washington, D.C., and Jackson Lodge No. 1, F. & A.M., Tallahassee, Florida. In 1822 and 1823 he served as the Grand Master of Masons in Tennessee.
      James Knox Polk, 11th President, 1845 - 1849, made a Mason September 4, 1820, in Columbia Lodge No. 31, F. & A.M., Columbia, Tennessee.
      James Buchanan, 15th President, 1857 - 1861, made a Mason January 24, 1817, in Lodge No. 43 (it has no name), F. & A.M., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
      Andrew Johnson, 17th President, 1865 - 1869, made a Mason during May, 1851, in Greeneville Lodge No. 119 (now No. 3), F. & A.M., Greeneville, Tennessee.
      James Abram Garfield, 20th President. 1881, made a Mason November 22, 1864, in Columbus Lodge No. 30 F. & A.M., Columbus, Ohio.
      William McKinley, 25th President, 1897 - 1901, made a Mason May 3, 1865, in Hiram Lodge No. 21, A.F. & A.M., Winchester, Virginia.
      Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President, 1901 - 1909, made a Mason April 24, 1901, in Matinecock Lodge No. 806, F. & A.M., Oyster Bay, New York.
      William Howard Taft, 27th President, 1909 - 1913 - Chief Justice Supreme Court 1921 - 1930, made a "Mason at Sight" in an "Occassional Lodge" called for that purpose on February 18, 1909, in the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Cincinnati, Ohio, by Charles S. Hoskinson, Grand Master of Masons in Ohio.
      Warren Gamaliel Harding, 29th President, 1921 - 1923, made a Mason August 27, 1920, in Marion Lodge No. 70, F. & A.M., Marion, Ohio.
      Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President, 1933 - 1945, made a Mason November 28, 1911, in Holland Lodge No. 8, F. & A.M., New York, New York, the same Lodge in which George Washington, the Nation's first President, held Honorary membership.
      Harry S. Truman, 33rd President, 1945 - 1951, made a Mason March 18, 1909, in Belton Lodge No. 450, A.F. & A.M., Belton, Missouri. He served as the Grand Master of Masons of Missouri in 1940.
Initiated: February 9, 1909, Belton Lodge No. 450, Belton, Missouri.
In 1911, several Members of Belton Lodge separated to establish Grandview Lodge No. 618, Grandview, Missouri, and Brother Truman served as its first Worshipful Master. At the Annual Session of the Grand Lodge of Missouri, September 24-25, 1940, Brother Truman was elected (by a landslide) the ninety-seventh Grand Master of Masons of Missouri, and served until October 1, 1941. Brother and President Truman was made a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33º, and Honorary Member, Supreme Council on October 19,1945 at the Supreme Council A.A.S.R. Southern Jurisdiction Headquarters in Washington D.C., upon which occasion he served as Exemplar (Representative) for his Class. He was also elected an Honorary Grand Master of the International Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay. On May 18, 1959, Brother and Former President Truman was presented with a fifty-year award, the only U.S. President to reach that golden anniversary in Freemasonry.
      Gerald R. Ford, Jr. 38th President, 1974 - 1977. He was raised to the Sublime degree of Master Mason on May 18, 1951 in Columbia Lodge No. 3, F. &.A.M., of Washington, D.C., as a courtesy for Malta Lodge No. 465, F. & A.M. of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
      Lyndon Baines Johnson 1908-1973. 36th President, 1963 - 1969. Entered Apprentice degree Johnson City Lodge No. 561, Johnson City, Texas October 30, 1937. Did not advance.
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Presidential Candidates:

      Dewey, Thomas E. - New York Governor
      Dole, Bob - former U.S. Senator/Majority Leader, Kansas; Russell Lodge No. 177, Kansas
      Goldwater, Barry - Former Senator from Arizona
      Humphrey, Hubert H. - Vice President of the United States
      McGovern, George - Senator from South Dakota
      Stassen, Harrold E. - Minnesota Governor &emdash; Fellowship Shekinah Lodge No. 257, St. Paul, MN; 33º, Grand Cross A.A.S.R., S.J.
      Wallace, Governor George C. - Presidential Candidate who was nearly assasinated
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Of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence, the following were known to be members of a Masonic lodge:

      Benjamin Franklin - 1 of 13 Masonic signers of Constitution of the U.S. member of St. John's Lodge, Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Past Provincial Grand Master of Pennsylvania
      Elbridge Gerry, member of Philanthropic Lodge, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
      John Hancock, made a Master Mason, at the age of 23, in 1760, in Merchants Lodge No. 1, Quebec City, the first civilian Lodge established in Canada after the Conquest. In 1763, he went to Boston, Massachusetts, where he affiliated with St. Andrew's Lodge.
      William Hooper, member of Hanover Lodge, Masonborough, North Carolina.
      Richard Stockton, charter member, and first Master of St. John's Lodge, Princeton, New Jersey.
      Matthew Thornton, made a Mason in a Lodge attached to a British Regiment of Foot during the Siege of Louisburg, Canada, in 1745, serving in a New Hampshire Colonial Regiment as a surgeon. Baron Von Steuben, while at Valley Forge, is said to have conferred the higher Degrees on him and to have been the only Signer who attained the 32nd Degree of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.
      George Walton, member of Solomons Lodge No. 1, Savannah, Georgia.
      William Whipple, member of St. John■s Lodge No. 1, Portsmouth, New Jersey.
      The following named Signers have been referred to as members of the Fraternity by various Masonic writers, and in Masonic publications, but their Lodge affiliation is not known:
      Roger Sherman, claimed to have been made a Mason prior to the American Revolution. A Masonic Apron said to be worn by him is in the collection at Yale University.
      Josiah Bartlett, one so named is listed as a charter member of King Solomon's Lodge, Charlestown, Massachusetts. Descendants, however, say he was not a member of the Craft. There is doubt that this Bartlett is the signer, and records of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts do not show his Lodge affiliation.
      Philip Livingston, often referred to as a Mason, but this is open to debate. Records of the Grand Lodge of New York do not disclose his name. Several members, named Livingston, are noted in the records of Holland Lodge No. 8, New York City, New York.
      Joseph Hewes. Records of Unanimity Lodge No. 7, Edenton, North Carolina, show his name as a visitor on St. John's Day, December, 1776.
      Robert Treat Paine, member of a Massachusetts Lodge. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts records do not show his affiliation He was said to be present at the celebration of St. John's Day, Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, in June, 1759.
      Thomas McKean, noted as a frequent visitor to Perseverance Lodge No. 2l, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The McKean genealogy has stated he was a Mason, although his name is not found on the records of the Grand Lodge of Delaware, which was not organized until the close of the American Revolution. A brother, Samuel McKean, was a member of the Fraternity.
      John Penn, known to have attended Lodges in North Carolina, but his Masonic affiliation is not known.
      Lyman Hall, claimed to have been a member of Solomons Lodge No. 1, Savannah, Georgia.
      William Ellery, claimed as a member of a Lodge in Boston, Massachusetts.
      Thomas Nelson, Jr., claimed to have visited Lodge No. 9, Yorktown, Virginia, after the Siege of that place was lifted in the Revolutionary War, accompanied by Lafayette and Washington.
      Absence of definite proof of the Masonic affiliation of the Signers named in the foregoing paragraphs, precludes the possibility of knowing. This is also the case with Thomas Jefferson; John Adams; Benjamin Rush, Robert Morris; John Witherspoon; George Wythe; Francis Lightfoot Lee; Richard Henry Lee, and others. Caesar Rodney, of Delaware fame, had a son Caesar Augustus Rodney - a member of the Craft. George Read, another Signer from Delaware, had a son - George M. Read - who was Grand Master of Pennsylvania. Samuel Huntington had a son who was Grand Master of Ohio.
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Foreign Leaders:

      Abbott, Sir John J.C. - Prime Minister of Canada 1891-92
      Miguel Aleman (Mexican President 1947-52)
      Allende, Salvador - Former President of Chile, Lodge Progresso No. 4, Valpariso
      Emilio Aguinaldo (Phillippine Patriot and General)
      Ataturk, Mustapha Kemal, Former President of Turkey 1923-1938
      Barclay, E-J. - President of Liberia in 1930 - 1941. Depute-Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Liberia in 1930
      Barrientos, Rene. - 1925-1969. President of Bolivie 1964
      Batista, Mariano. 1832-1907. - President of Bolivia in 1892.
      Benes, Eduard - President of Czechoslovakia 1935-1938. Lodge Ian Amos Komensky No. 1, Prague and Lodge Pravda Vitezi
      Bennett, Viscount R.B. - Prime Minister of Canada 1930-35
      Bertrand, Francisco - 1870-1926 President of Honduras.
      Sveinn Bjornsson (1st President of Iceland)
      Bolivar, Simon. 1783-1830 - Hero of the Independence of South American countries from Spain. Known as the George Washington of South America.
      Bonaparte, Napolean - Military Leader, Emperor of France (and his four brothers)
There is serious doubt about Napoleon Bonapart being a Mason among Masonic researchers. His four brothers memberships are well documented.
      Bonaparte, Joseph 1768-1844. - King of Naples
      Borden, Sir Robert L. - Prime Minister of Canada 1911-1920
      Botha, Pik - Former Foreign Minister of South Africa
      Bowell, Sir Mackenzie - Prime Minister of Canada 1894-96
      Brant, Joseph - Chief of the Mohawks 1742 - 1807
      King Charles XIII (King of Sweden 1748-1818)
      Churchill, Winston, Sir. 1874-1965. - Former Prime Minister Member of the Studholme Lodge 1591, of London.
      Diefenbaker, John G. - Prime Minister of Canada 1957-63
      Doumer, Paul - President of France
      Doumergue, Gaston - President of France
      Edward VIII - King of England who abdicated the throne in less than 1 year
      Edward VII - King of England
      Frederic II - King of Prussia
      Frederick the Great, King of Prussia 1740-86
      Francis I Holy Roman Emperor, 1745-65.
      Francis II Holy Roman Emperor, 1768-1806.
      Frederic VII - King of Denmark. 1806-1863.
      Garibaldi, Giuseppe. 1807-1882. - Deputy of Rome.
      George VI - King of England during W.W. II
      Georges II 1895-1952. - King of Greece
      Gustave V - King of Sweden 1907 - 1950.
      Gustavus VI Adolphus (King of Sweden 1792-1809)
      Joffre 1852-1931 - Marshall of France.
      Kamehemeha IV King of Hawaii (1854-63).
      Kemehemeha V King of Hawaii (1863-72).
      Lafayette, Marquis de - French Supporter of Amerian Freedom
      Leopold I - King of Belgium (1831-65)
      MacDonald, Sir John A. - Prime Minister of Canada 1867-73 and 1878-91
      Mitterand, Alexandre - President of France
      Peter the Great (Emperor of Russia 1689-1725)
      Tirpitz, Alfred Von 1849-1930 - German Naval officer responsible for submarine warfare
      William I (King of Prussia 1861- 88)
      William II (King of the Netherlands (1792-1849)
      William IV (King of England (1830-37)
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United States Supreme Court Justices:

      Baldwin, Henry
      Black, Hugo L.
      Blair, John Jr.,
      Blatchford, Samuel
      Burton, Harold H.
      Byrnes, James F.
      Catton, John
      Clark, Thomas C.
      Clarke, John H.
      Cushing, William
      Devanter, Willis Van
      Douglas, William O.
      Ellsworth, Oliver
      Field, Stephen J.
      Harlan, John M.
      Jackson, Robert H.
      Lamar, Joseph E.
      Marshall, Thurgood
      Marshall, John - Chief Justice 1801 - 1835
      Mathews, Stanley
      Minton, Sherman
      Moody, William H.
      Nelson, Samuel
      Paterson, William - Signer US Constitution
      Pitney, Mahlon
      Reed, Stanley F.
      Rutledge, Wiley B.
      Stewart, Potter
      Swayne, Noah H.
      Todd, Thomas
      Trimble, Robert
      Vinson, Frederick M. - Chief Justice 1946 - 1953
      Warren, Earl - Chief Justice 1953 - 197?, Governor of California, Grand Master of California
      Woodbury, Levi
      Woods, William B.
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United States Senators:

      Bryan, Richard
      Burns, Conrad
      Byrd, Robert
      Dirksen, Everett
      Douglas, Stephen
      Ervin Samual J. Jr, who headed "Watergate" Committee
      Glenn, John H. - First American to orbit the earth in a space craft. Member of Concord #688 Concord, Ohio.
      Grassley, Charles
      Hatfield, Mark
      Helms, Jesse
      Hollings, Ernest
      Johnston, Bennett Jr.
      Kemp, Jack - Secretary of HUD, New York; Fraternal Lodge No. 625 in Hamburg, NY, Quarterback for Buffalo Bills
      Lott, Trent
      Nunn, Sam
      Simpson, Alan
      Thomas, Craig
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United States Military Leaders:

      Aldrin, Edwin E. "Buzz" Astronaut; second man on the moon, Montclair Lodge No. 144 New Jersey.
      Allen, Ethan - General, Revolutionary War; Windsor, Vermont
      Arnold, Gen. Henry "Hap" - Commander of the Army Air Force during World War II
      Bradley, Omar N. - Five Star General of the Army, World War II, U.S.
      Byrd, Richard E. Admiral - Arctic & Anarctic explorer, 1st to fly over North Pole
      Cooper, Gordon "Gordo" - Astronaut
      Chenault, Claire L. - World War II General
      Clark, Mark - World War II General, European Theater
      Doolittle, James - General, famous World War II Air Force Pilot
      Farragut, Admiral David G. (First Admiral of the U.S. Navy)
      Grissom, Virgil (Gus) - Astronaut
      Irwin, Jim - Astronaut
      James, Daniel "Chappie" - General, U.S. Air Force
      Jones, John Paul - Founder and First Admiral of the U.S. Navy - St. Bernard Lodge No. 122 (now St. Cuthbert No. 41)
      King, Ernest J. - World War II Five Star Admiral, Comander of Pacific Theater
      Knox, Henry - Revolutionary War General
      LaMay, Curtis E. - Air Force General, Commander of Strategic Air Command
      MacArthur, Douglas - Five Star General, Allied Commander in the Pacific in World War II,
“Duty, Honor, Country” Speech
      Marshall, George C. - Five Star General, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff World War II, Post war Secretary of State and Architect of the Marshall Plan.
      McClellan, George B. - General, Union Army
      Murphy, Audie - Most decorated American Soldier of World War II
      Peary, Robert E. Admiral - First man to reach the North Pole (1909) - Kane Lodge No. 451, NY
      Perry, Matthew Calbraith - Commodore; responsible for opening relations with Japan; Holland Lodge No. 8, New York City
      Pershing, John Joseph "Blackjack" - General of the Armies, Commander of the American Expeditionary Force in World War I
      Pickett, George E. - Maj. Gen. (CSA), led "Pickett's Charge" at Gettysburg
      Pike, Zebulon - Military explorer who discovered Pike's Peak, which is named for him
      Rickenbacker, Eddie - Great American Air Force Ace
      Ridgeway, Matthew B. - US Military Leader, General who succeeded MacArthur in Korea
      Schirra, Wally - Astronaut
      Schwartzkopf, Norman - Former U.S. General, Desert Storm commander
      Stillwell, Joseph - World War II General
      Wainwright, Johnathon - World War II General, survived Battan Death March
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Pioneers who helped settle the United States:

      Astor, John Jacob - Fur trader and financier
      Austin, Stephen F. - Father of Texas, Louisiana Lodge No. 109, St. Genevieve, Missouri.
      Blair, John - Signer US Constitution
      Bougainville, Louis-Antoine - Navigator.1729-1811
      Bowie, James - Died at the Alamo
      Brearley, David - Signer US Constitution
      Burbank, Luther - Pioneering botanist
      Burnett, David G. - 1st President of the Republic of Texas
      Carson, Christopher "Kit" - Frontiersman, scout and explorer; Montezuma Lodge No. 109,
New Mexico.
      Clark, William - Explorer (Lewis and Clark)
      Clemens, Samuel L. - Mark Twain - writer
      Cody, William F. "Buffalo Bill" - Indian fighter, Wild West Show
      Colt, Samuel - Firearms inventor
      Crockett, David - American Frontiersman and Alamo fame
      Dayton, Jonathan - Signer US Constitution
      Dubois, W.E.B. - Educator/Author/Historian
      Ellery, William - One of nine Masonic signers of the Declaration of Independence
      Fitch, John - Inventor of the Steamboat
      Fuller, Alfred (Fuller Brush)
      Fulton, Robert - Inventor of 1st Submarine and Steam powered warship
      Gatling, Richard J. - Built the "Gatling Gun"
      Hall, Prince - Founded African Lodge in U.S. African Lodge is the Grandfather of Prince Hall Masonry.
      Henry, Patrick - Patriot
      Henson, Mathew - Explorer
      Henson, Josiah - Inspired the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
      Houston, Sam - 2nd and 4th President of the Republic of Texas
      Jones, Anson - 5th President of the Republic of Texas
      Key, Francis Scott - Wrote U.S. National Anthem
      Lewis, Meriwether - Explorer (Lewis and Clark)
      Lamar, Mirabeau B. - 3rd President of the Republic of Texas
      Lindbergh, Charles - Aviator. First solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean - member of Keystone Lodge No. 243, St. Louis, MO
      Marshall, James W. - Discovered Gold at Sutter's Mill California 1848
      McHenry, James - Signer of the U.S. Constitution - Spiritual Lodge No. 23, Maryland
      Revere, Paul - Famous Midnight Ride - Grand Master of Massachusetts
      Rush, Benjamin - one of nine Masonic signers of the Declaration of Independence.
      Stanford, Leland - California pioneer - Drove the golden spike linking the intercontinetal railroad and founded Stanford University
      Travis, Colonel William B. - died at Alamo
      Wright, Orville and Wilber - Inventors of Airplane
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Other Civic Leaders:

      Bradley, Thomas - Mayor of Las Angeles, CA
      Carnahan, Melvin - Governor of Missouri
      Clinton, DeWitt - Governor of New York
      Freeman, Orville - Former Governor of Minnesota and Secretary of Agriculture.
      Hawkins, Augustus F. - US Congressman from California
      Hoover, J. Edgar - Director of FBI
      La Guardia, Fiorella H. - La Guardia Airport, Mayor of New York 1930's and 40's
      New, Harry S. - Postmaster General who established Airmail
      Poinsett, Joel R. - U.S. Minister to Mexico who developed the Poinsettia
      Rangal, Charles B. - U.S. Congressman from New York
      Stassen, Harold - Statesman, signer of U.N. Charter
      Stokes, Louis - U.S. Congressman from Ohio
      Stokes, Carl B. - First Black elected Mayor, Cleveland, Ohio
      Thompson, Tommy - Governor of Wisconsin, Secretary of Health and Human Services 2001 -
      Young, Andrew - Former Mayor of Atlanta
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Medical Leaders:

      Desaguliers, Jean-Theophile - Physician. Inventor of the planetarium. 1683-1744.
      Jenner, Edward - Inventor - Vaccination
      Mayo, Drs. William and Charles - Founded the Mayo Clinic
      Menninger, Karl A. - Psychiatrist famous for treating mental illness
      Mesmer, Franz Anton 1734-1815 - practiced Mesmerism which led to Hypnotism
      Still, Andrew T. - American Physician who devised treatment of Osteopathy
      Wootton, Percy, MD - President American Medical Association (1997- )
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Sports Heroes:

      Alexander, Grover C.
      Ballard, Harold Owner Toronto Maple Leafs NHL team. Corinthian No. 481, Toronto, ON.
      Brown, Mordecai P.C.
      Chandler, Albert “Happy”
      Cobb, Tyrus R. “Ty” - Baseball Hall of Fame Player
      Combs, Earle Bryan - Baseball Hall of Fame
      Corchran, Gordon “Mickey”
      Dempsey, Jack - Heavyweight boxing champion
      Hornsby, Rogers - An original member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
      Hubbel, Carl - Baseball; Meeker Lodge No. 479, Oklahoma
      Johnson, John A 'Jack' - Heavyweight boxing title holder
      Mathewson, Christopher “Christy”
      Palmer, Arnold - Golf Pro
      Rickey, Branch - Baseball Legend, Signed Jackie Robinson (first black in major league).
      Robinson, Sugar Ray - World Champion Boxer
      Starr, Bart - Football Quarterback - Green Bay Packers.
      Wagner, Honus - Baseball batting legend
      Young, Cy - Famous baseball pitcher for whom the Cy Young Award is named
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Authors, Publishers and Poets:

      Abbott, Robert Sengstacke - Founder/publisher Chicago Defender
      Burns, Robert - National Poet of Scotland; St. David's Lodge No. 174, Tarbolton, Scotland.
      Chagall, Marc - Artist, painter.
      Collodi, Carlo - Author of Pinocchio
      Conan Doyle, Arthur - 1859-1930. Member of Phoenix Lodge 257, Portsmouth, in 1886. Author of Sherlock Holmes
      Dac, Pierre. 1895-1975 - Humorist
      Doyle, Sir Author Conan - Writer - Sherlock Holmes
      Fleming, Sir Alexander - USA. Invented penicillin. 1881-1955.
      Fortune, Timpothy Thomas - Journalist
      Gannett, Frank E. - Hobosco Lodge No. 716, Ithaca, NY - media empire
      Gibbon, Edward - Author of "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"
      Gray, Harold Lincoln - Creator of "Little Orphan Annie"
      Guest, Edgar A. - Poet; "The Lambskin Apron"
      Haley, Alex - Author
      Harvey, Paul - Radio personality
      Johnson, John H. - Publisher EBONY and Jet magazines
      Kipling, Rudyard - Author.  Nobel Prize in 1907.
      Lemon, Mark - Founder of Punch, humorous British magazine
      Pushkin, Aleksander - Russian Poet
      Salten, Felix - Creator of Bambi
      Scott, Sir Walter - Writer
      Service, Robert, Poet of the Klondike Gold Rush
      Swift, Johathan - Wrote Gulliver's Travels
      Tolstoi, Leo - Russian Author
      Voltaire, Franšois-Marie Arouet 1694-1778. - French writer and philosopher
      Wallace, Lewis - Wrote "Ben Hur"
      Wilde, Oscar. 1854-1900. - Writer
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Entertainment Industry:

      Accuff, Roy - Country Western Singer
      Armstrong, Louis - Jazz Musician.  Montgomery Lodge No. 18, PHA, New York.
      Arnold, Eddy - Country Western Singer
      Atkins, Chet - Musician, Guitar
      Autry, Gene - Singer — Actor - Western Heritage Museum, Catoosa Lodge No. 185, Catoosa, Oklahoma
      Bach, Jahann Christian - Composer
      Bassie, William "Count" - Orchestra leader/composer, Wisdom Lodge No. 102 PHA, Chicago and Shriner, New York.
      Beethoven, Ludwig Van. - 1770-1827. Composer
      Berlin, Irving - Composer/Entertainer
      Borgnine, Ernest - Actor
      Brown, Joe E.
      Burns, Bob
      Cantor, Eddie
      Caine, Michael - Actor
      Cervi, Gino 1901-1974. - Italian Actor, famous for his roles in films as "Don Camillo"
      Clark, Roy - Country western singer; Jenks Lodge No. 497, Oklahoma
      Coburn, Charles D.
      Cohan, George M. - Composer/Broadway star
      Cole, Nat 'King' - Great ballad singer
      Cody, William F. “Buffalo Bill”
      Costello, Lou - Comedian
      Crisp, Donald
      Crosby, Norm - Entertainer
      DeMille, Cecil B. - Epic Film Director
      Dix, Richard
      Eastwold, Scott - Musician,
      Ellington, Duke - Jazz composer, arranger and stylist
      Fairbanks, Douglas, Sr. - Silent film actor
      Fields, W.C. - Actor
      Gable, Clark - Actor
      Gibson, Hoot - Cowboy actor; Truth Lodge No. 628, Los Angeles, CA
      Gilbert, Sir William S. - Was the librettis for "Pirates of Penzance"
      Gilbert and Sullivan - Composers and playwrights
      Godfrey, Arthur - Actor
      Goethe, Johann Wolfgang 1749-1832.
      Griffith, David W.
      Grock - Swiss Circus Clown
      Hampton, Lionel - Orchestra Leader/Composer
      Handel, George Fredrick - Composer
      Handy, William C. - Composer "Father of the Blues"
      Hardy, Oliver - Actor - Comedian (Laurrel & Hardy)
      Hayden, Franz Josef F. 1732-1809 - Composer
      Hershfield, Harry - Radio entertainer
      Hersholt, Jean
      Houdini, Harry - Magician
      Ives, Burl - Entertainer
      Jolson, Al - Fame as the first 'talking picture' the Jazz Singer. St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York
      Jones, Charles “Buck”
      Keaton, Buster - Movies, Comedian
      Kellar, Harry
      Kern, Jerome - Composer
      Lincoln, Elmo - First actor to play Tarzan of the Apes (1918)
      Lizt, Franz. Composer
      Lloyd, Harold C. - Silent movie comedian
      Mayer, Louis B. - Film producer who merged to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
      Meichior, Lauritz
      Miller, Glenn - Musician, Band Leader
      Mix, Tom - U.S. Marshal turned actor. Stared in over 400 western films
      Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Child musical genius - composer Mozart's Magic Flute is the background music for this page       Powell, Dick
      Ringling Brothers - All 7 brothers and their father were Masons.
      Rogers, Roy - American cowboy and screen star, Hollywood Lodge No. 355, California
      Rogers, Will - Actor; Claremore Lodge No. 53, Oklahoma
      Sellers, Peter 1925-1980 - Actor, Chelsea Lodge # 3098.
      Sibelius, Jean 1865-1957 - Composer (Finland)
      Skelton, Richard B. “Red” - Comedian/Entertainer
      Smith, John Stafford - Wrote the music that became the US National Anthem.
      Sousa, John Philip - Composer - Led the U.S. Marine Band from 1880 - 1892
      Stratton, Charles "Tom Thumb" - Entertainer
      Thomas, Danny - Actor, Entertainer
      Thurston, Howard - Last of the great vauderville magicians.
      Tillis, Mel - Country Singer
      Warner, Jack - Warner Brothers Studio fame
      Wayne, John - Actor; Marion McDaniel Lodge No. 56, Tucson, AZ
      Wagner, Richard
      Whiteman, Paul - "King of Jazz"
      Wyler, William - Director of "Ben Hur"
      Wynn, Ed
      Zanuck, Darryl F. - Co-founder of 20th Century Productions in 1933
      Ziegfeld, Florenz - His Ziegfeld's Follies began in 1907
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Religious Leaders:

      Allen, Richard Founder/First Bishop AME Church
      Baker, James C. (Bishop, Methodist Church, organized first Wesley Foundation in U.S.)
      Baylor, Robert E. B. (Baptist clergyman, founder of Baylor University)
      Ballou, Hosea (Founder, Universalist Church)
      Booth, Rev. William - Founder of the Salvation Army
      Bradley, Preston (founder of the Peoples Church)
      Calvo, Father Francisco - Catholic Priest who started Freemasonry in Costa Rica 1865
      Evans, Hugh I. (National head of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.)
      Fisher, Geoffrey - Archbishop of Canterbury 1945 - 1961
      Frank, Eugene M. (Methodist Bishop)
      Jackson, Reverend Jesse - Minister and founder of the Rainbow Coalition
      Low, Titus (President of Methodist Council of Bishops)
      Newton, Joseph Fort - Christian Minister
      Peale, Norman Vincent - Minister and Founder of "Guidepost"
      Sanders, Bishop Carl J. - United Methodist Church
      Sexson, Mark - Minister and Founder: Intl. Order of Rainbow for Girls
      Wesberry, Dr. James P. - Former Exec. Dir./Editor Southern Baptist Publication Sunday
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Industrialists and Entrepreneurs:

      Balfour, Lloyd - Jewelry
      Bell, Lawrence - Bell Aircraft Corp
      Carson, Curtis L. - Entrepreneur
      Chrysler, Walter P. - Founded Chrysler Corporation
      Citroen, Andre - French Engineer and motor car manufacturer 1878-1935
      Dow, William H. - Dow Chemical Co.
      Drake, Edwin L - American Pioneer of the Oil industry
      Dunlop, John Boyd - Tire Manufacturer
      Faber, Eberhard - Head of the Eberhard Fabor Pencil Company
      Ford, Henry - Pioneer Automobile Manufacturer
      Forten, James - Abolitionist/Manufacturer
      Gillette, King C. - Gillette Razor Co.
      Hilton, Charles C. - is listed as a mason on many lists as founder of Hilton Hotels, but the hotel chain was founded by Conrad Hilton, who was a staunch Catholic who left most of his estate to support Catholic charities. It is doubtful if he was a Mason, to say the least.
      Hoe, Richard M. - Invented the rotory press, revolutinizing newspaper printing
      Hoover, Frank - Vacuum cleaner fame
      Lake, Simon - Built first submarine successfull in open sea.
      Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent 1743-1794 - Chemist
      Lipton, Sir Thomas - Famous Yachtsman, Founder Lipton Tea Company
      MacAdam, John - Invented "blacktop pavement"
      Maytag, Fredrick - Maytag appliances
      Mecherle, George Jacob - Founder, State Farm Insurance
      Mellon, Andrew - American industrialist, banker and philanthropist.
      Nash, Charles - Automotive industry
      Olds, Ransom E. - American automobile pioneer
      Penney, James C. - Retailer (J.C. Penney)
      Sanders, Harland "Colonel" - Founder Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants
      Sarnoff, David - Father of T.V. (RCA)
      Teets, John W. - Chairman and President of Dial Corporation
      Thomas, Dave - Founder of Wendy's Restaurant
      Watson, Thomas - Founder of IBM
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Other Famous Masons:

      Agha Khan. 1877-1957.
      Appleton, Sir Edward Victor - English physicist. Nobel prize 1947. Isaac Newton Lodge, No. 859, Cambridge.
      Arnold, Benedict - Major General and early American Revolution war hero. Changed allegiance and sided with British, being named a traitor ever since. Affiliated member of Hiram Lodge No. 1, New Haven, CT.
      Ashmole, Elias - Founder member of the Royal Society, first known English speculative Mason at Warrington, Lancashire, in 1646.
      Bartholdi, Frederic A. - Designed the Statue of Liberty
      Baylor, Robert E. B. - Founder Baylor University
Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder Boy Scouts movement in United States, Mariners Lodge No. 67, New York City.
      Bellamy, Rev. Francis - Authored U.S. Pledge of Allegiance
      Benitez, Conrado, 1889-1971. Philippines.
      Borglum, Gutzon and Lincoln, - Father and son who carved Mt. Rushmore
      Brundage, Avery - Olympic Committee
      Campbell, Sir Malcolm - Land speed record holder
      Casanova - Italian Adventurer, writer and entertainer
      Chagrin, Jean Francious - Designer of The Arc De Triomphe in Paris, France
      DuBois, W.E.B. - Educator/scholar
      Dunant, Jean Henri 1828-1910 - Founder of the Red Cross
      Evers, Medger Wiley - Civil Rights Leader
      Gompers, Samuel - Founder of American Federation of Labor (AFL of AFL-CIO)
      Gris, Juan - Spanish Artist - Synthetic Cubism
      Guillotin, Joseph Ignace - Inventor of the "Guillotin"
      Hedges, Cornelius - "Father" of Yellowstone National Park
      Hoban, James - Architect for the U.S. Captial
      Hooks, Benjamin L. - Former Executive Director, NAACP
      Houdon, Jean-antoine 1741-1828 - Sculptor
      Jones, Melvin - One of the founders of the Lions International
      Khan III, Aga - Statesman
      Lafontaine, Henri - Nobel Prize in 1913.
      Land, Frank S. - Founder Order of DeMolay
      Leazer, Gary - Investigated Freemasonry for Southern Baptist Convention and later joined Freemasonry
      Lewis, John L. - Long time leader of The United Mine Workers
      Livingston, Robert - Co-Negotiator for purchase of Louisiana Territory
      Madison, James - Hiram Lodge, Westmoreland County, Virginia
      Mays, Benjamin - Educator/former President Atlanta University
      Metcalfe, Ralph H. - Olympic Champion
      Michelson, Albert Abraham - Successfully measured the speed of light in 1882
      Montgolfier, Jacques and Joseph - Co-developers of the first practical hot-air balloon
      Morris, Dr. Robert - Poet and Founder of the Order of Eastern Star
      Naismith, James - Inventor of Basketball
      Otis, James - Famous for "Taxations without Representation is Tyranny"
      Papst, Charles F. - Coined the term "Athletes Foot"
      Pound, Roscoe - Former Dean Harvard Law School
      Pullman, George - Built first sleeping car on train.
      Randolph, A. Phillip - Founder - first president, International Brotherhood Sleeping Car Porters.
      Retief, Piet - Afrikaans leader and one of the founders of the South African nation.
      Rhodes, Cecil - Rhodes Scholarship
      Sax, Antoine Joseph - Invented the Saxophone (1846)
      Schoonover, George - Founder of "The Builder"
      William Mark Sexton (International Order of Rainbow for Girls)
      Schadow, Johann G. (Prussian Court Sculptor)
      Schweizer, J. Otto
      Thomas, Lowell - Brought Lawrence of Arabia to public notice. radio announcer/newsman
      Wadlow, Robert Pershing - Tallest human on record being almost 9 feet tall
      Washington, Booker T. - Educator/Founder Tuskegee Institute
      Webb, Matthew - First man to swim the English Channel (1875)
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      King George VI, 1895-1952
      Past Grand Master, United Grand Lodge of England.
      Past Grand Master Mason, Grand Lodge of Scotland.
      The late King's full name was Albert Frederick Arthur George of the house of Windsor (formerly Saxe-Coburg-Gotha). He studied in Trinity College at Cambridge and served in WWI. He was created Duke of York in 1920.
      A son of George V, he reigned from the time his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated in 1936, until his death in 1952.
      He was initiated in Naval Lodge No. 2612 in December 1919, the ceremony being conducted by Lord Ampthill. In 1922 he was appointed Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of England, and in 1924 was made Provincial Grand Master for Middlesex. He was invested and installed by his great uncle, H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught. He held the latter position until he ascended the throne in 1938.
      As king, he accepted the rank of Past Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, and was ceremonially installed at the Albert Hall in London before an audience of Masons from all parts of the world.
      In 1935 he accepted and was installed Grand Master Mason of Scotland, and affiliated with the Lodge of Glamis, No. 99, Scotland, where his father-in-law, the Earl of Strathmore, was a Past Master.
      He created the precedent of the English Sovereign's active participation in Masonic ceremonies, and personally conducted the installation of three Grand Masters (of the United Grand Lodge of England) - the Duke of Kent at Olympia in 1939, the Earl of Harewood in Freemason's Hall in 1943 and the Duke of Devonshire in Albert Hall in 1948. Only his last illness prevented his installing the Earl of Scarbrough in 1951.
      Toward the end of his reign, he stated that he had always regarded Masonry as one of the strongest influences of his life. He was a Royal Arch Mason and was a First Principal. He was a Past Grand Master of the Mark Lodge and former Ruler of the Mark Province of Middlesex (1931-37). He held the rank of Past Grand Master, and of Knight Commander of the Temple, was a 33rd Degree, and Grand Inspector General in the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Rose Croix.
      Said he of Masonry: "The world today does require spiritual and moral regeneration. I have no doubt, after many years as a member of our Order, that Freemasonry can play a most important part in this vital need"
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