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Last Updated: June 13, 2008 7:40 PM

SLAYER, TRIVIUM, MASTODON: 'The Unholy Alliance: Chapter III' UK Dates Added - June 11, 2008 SLAYER, TRIVIUM, MASTODON and an as-yet-undisclosed opening act will team up for "The Unholy Alliance: Chapter III" European tour in the fall. So far the following dates have been revealed:

Oct. 27 - Manchester, England - Manchester Arena
Oct. 28 - Birmingham, England - NEC
Oct. 30 - London, England - Hammersmith Apollo
Oct. 31 - London, England - Hammersmith Apollo
Nov. 02 - Cardiff, Wales - CIA 7000
Nov. 03 - Glasgow, Scotland - SECC Hall 3
Nov. 05 - Offenbach, Germany - Stadthalle
Nov. 06 - Köln, Germany - Palladium
Nov. 09 - Stuttgart, Germany - Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
Nov. 10 - Winterthur, Switzerland - Eishalle Deutweg
Nov. 11 - Paris, France - Le Zenith
Nov. 16 - Wein, Austria - Gasometer
Nov. 18 - München, Germany - Zenith
Nov. 19 - Berlin, Germany - Columbiahalle
Nov. 29 - Moscow, Russia - B1 Maximum *

* Rescheduled SLAYER headlining show (does not include TRIVIUM and MASTODON)

The UK portion of the tour is co-headlined by SLAYER and TRIVIUM, with SLAYER closing all shows. The mainland Europe portion is headlined by SLAYER, with TRIVIUM as "special guest."

UK tour poster:

Mainland Europe tour poster:

TRIVIUM frontman Matthew Heafy commented: "TRIVIUM is honored that SLAYER has invited us to tour with them on the 'Unholy Alliance Tour'. All of us in TRIVIUM are diehard SLAYER fans and we look up to them for their music and longevity. They are one of the true pillars of heavy metal and for us to share stages with them is both an honor and a privilege. We've also known the MASTODON guys for a few years and we're definitely looking forward to hanging with them as well." Guitarist Corey Beaulieu added, "I can't wait to get out on tour with SLAYER so we can watch them crush every night and then have the opportunity to share many drinks with them and MASTODON after the shows! I better get my liver in shape. It's going to be awesome!"

The SLAYER-headlined "Unholy Alliance Chapter II: Preaching To The Perverted" European tour took place in 2006. Other bands that took part in the trek were IN FLAMES, LAMB OF GOD, CHILDREN OF BODOM and THINE EYES BLEED.

SLAYER won a Grammy in the "Best Metal Performance" category in the pre-telecast ceremony at the 50th annual Grammy Awards, which was held on February 10 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. SLAYER was nominated for the track "The Final Six", from the band's 2007 limited-edition "Christ Illusion". The song, written by Araya and guitarist Jeff Hanneman and produced by Josh Abraham, is a chilling look at an hypothesized end of the world. The track made its debut last July as the "Single of the Week" on MySpace where it had accumulated more than 750,000 plays, an astounding number for a song that received no commercial airplay.

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posted by : The Judge
6/11/2008 11:29:07 AM
FUCKING SHIT SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by : Fichte08
6/11/2008 11:29:54 AM
It's so obvious that Slayer teams up with these mallcore bands for the money. Trivium SUCKS.

posted by : NUZRUB
6/11/2008 11:34:38 AM
Give me a break.

COMMENT | Fucking terrible support bands
posted by : Jtull
6/11/2008 11:36:21 AM
I could see them in Glasgow and probably will, but why not get say a decent thrash band (hint take Sodom out with you!) instead of pathetic false metal...they might as well add BFMV to the bill as well!

p.s. has anyone been to the UK leg of this before? How long do Slayer play? and how much did it cost?

posted by : Skow
6/11/2008 11:44:09 AM
come to finland, fuckers!

COMMENT | i really hope this hits the USA
posted by : realfkingMETALonly
6/11/2008 11:49:00 AM
trivium sucks....yet mastodon is quite amazing.....saw the original unholly alliance a little while back lamb of god was awful and mastodon sounded amazing..........slayer rules................

posted by : RiotAct666
6/11/2008 11:50:15 AM
Long live Slayeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

COMMENT | Can't wait for this to come to Cardiff
posted by : ChrisP
6/11/2008 12:14:22 PM
Unholy Alliance has never disappointed before and 2006 was no exception with Bodom and Lamb of God who rocked. Mastodon were given a painfully short support on the first tour and so I'm looking forward to this one!

Jtull, in response to your question, Slayer usually get at least 1.5 hours to thrash through their set. Usually costs around £27 a ticket...

posted by : FIBBZ
6/11/2008 12:19:52 PM
Do slayer insist on playing the NEC they only just half fill the venue seems daft when they can play somewhere a little smaller which will have a killer atmosphere

posted by : Bruno Hockalugie
6/11/2008 12:35:20 PM
First Marilyn Manson, now Trivium.

posted by : EVL666
6/11/2008 12:40:40 PM
trivium are fucking trash

btw, no spelling mistake here :)

posted by : Sontaron
6/11/2008 12:42:51 PM
I like Mastodon plenty and Trivium will at least give me some time for the bar.

Slayer played for less than hour and a half at Brixton on the first UA tour but they did have more support...the appalling Lamb of God and terrific In Flames. I missed most of Bodom as I was still in the pub and didn`t really care about seeing the openers.

posted by : PerfectMask
6/11/2008 12:46:02 PM
I'd love to see Slayer again as they're always Fuckin' awesome, although as previously stated, I wish they'd play a smaller venue. I went to the previous Alliance tour date in Manchester and Lamb Of God/In Flames/COB were all great so the ticket price was well worth it. IMO Trivium are a good band but Mastodon just don't do it for me, so I think I'll hold off buying a ticket until the full line-up is announced.

posted by : choko001
6/11/2008 12:53:45 PM
shit support but then i only went to the black crusade at the nec for a machine head, so great, trivium again lol, i cant escape this fucking band lol.

COMMENT | Slayer!!
posted by : Kaizer Sedso
6/11/2008 12:56:07 PM
Saw first Unholy Alliance, but Slipknot were on last during
that co-headliner (yeah, I know!). Closing band usually gets
about one hour fifteen mins, the band before, about an hour.
It can depend on support/the venue too.
Frankly I'd rather Slayer and, ummm, top of my head - Exodus
or Annihilator.2 good bands beats 1 good and 3 shitty bands!!

posted by : why who's asking?
6/11/2008 1:02:39 PM
I'm going to stick my head up and declare that I love Trivium, despite the retarded things they often say to the media.
But, on another note, my luck has run out a bit. Brixton is so much more convenient than Hammersmith and is only 500 capacity smaller. Hopefully Mastodon will have decent sound for this, only time I've seen them was Metallica last year and they played ok but the sound was terrible.

COMMENT | Slayer rules ...
posted by : Devil's Deja Vu
6/11/2008 1:06:19 PM
but they should tour with bands more in the vein of their music, lots & lots of GOOD trash or heavy bands out there, i mean...even Iced Earth would be cool to see with 'em, Overkill, Testament !!! Sodom, Kreator, i think they plan it this way so they can get their music to a more broad audience, wich is a good marketing move, but, at least with me, i would pay double the price to see some classic heavy bands touring with the SLAYER !!

COMMENT | Thraaaaaaaaaaashhhhhhhhh!!!!!
posted by : PerfectMask
6/11/2008 1:24:19 PM
Add Overkill and Testament to the line-up and i'm there dude!!
But unfortunately due to the size of the venue's chosen a newer 'trendier' band will be added to pull in the punters. Shame...

COMMENT | I wouldn't pay to see that
posted by : Lord Bundy
6/11/2008 1:51:36 PM
Trivium, worst band ever. Slayer hasn't done a great album since Divine Intervention.

COMMENT | Tour the Bay Area
posted by : Markentoth
6/11/2008 2:00:21 PM
I only care about Slayer.

Slayer - if you tour N. California, please play in the Bay Area and not just Sacramento.

posted by : DARKWEASEL
6/11/2008 2:07:29 PM
See you all at the bar while Trivium are on.

COMMENT | hmmm
posted by : Metal Gimp
6/11/2008 2:24:23 PM
Will probably be at the Cardiff gig! wish they had some good support tho, Mastodon are ok, I quite like a few of their songs, but not a big fan really. Now Trivium.... argh, saw them with Maiden, I shall definitely be making myself scarce when they're playing.

Hopefully they get a decent opening band? Maybe a UK Thrash band like Evile or Pitiful Reign. No scratch that, get Sabbat!!! And rename it; The Pagan Alliance + support.

posted by : pigchop
6/11/2008 2:39:43 PM
Not so good.

The poster should look like this:

You know I'm right.

posted by : FaceTheSlayer
6/11/2008 4:04:40 PM
Much better!

posted by : TheCraigus
6/11/2008 4:14:30 PM
I saw Slayer at the Birmingham NEC last time when they had LOG, COB and In Flames supporting along with Thine Eyes Bleed. Slayer player for a good 80 minutes and the floor was packed not many people had seating tickets.
... I'll be going again this year - Mastodon played with Tool when I last saw them in the UK. Trivium are a bit of light relief and I hope they get someone like Unearth. If they surprise me with something like Satyricon that would be awesome although I imagine for 4th on the bill a younger band would accept playing for 30 minutes. I'm booking my tickets right now!!!!

posted by : PsychoElectro
6/11/2008 4:53:53 PM
Well if the other tour doing the rounds at this time is Slipknot/Machine Head/Children Of Bodom/Dimmu Borgir (rumour) then I know which one I'm going to be spending my hard earned cash on - and it ain't going to be this Unholy Alliance (no disrespect to Slayer).

COMMENT | perfect tour for nu-slayer
posted by : EarthSkynSea
6/11/2008 5:22:09 PM
if they toured with a real thrash band, theyd get blown off stage.

COMMENT | I notice that the previous story
posted by : Hawkwinder
6/11/2008 6:12:53 PM
about the suicide of the BFMV fan doesn't have a section that allows you to post a comment.

I was just gonna say too bad, and yet ironic in that it seems that with the apparent anonymity of a computer something like this happenned. Cruel world we live in.

posted by : thisfleshatomb
6/11/2008 6:32:22 PM
I would love to see this tour! Trivium, their mediocre, new shit blows but I would like to see them live. Slayer is just fucking Slayer so that would be awesome and Mastodon is one of my new favourite bands out there!

COMMENT | but....
posted by : Cerebral Assassin
6/12/2008 3:09:28 AM

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