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Latest news
Tuesday, June 03, 2008 - Dragonforce - New album details Dragonforce will release their new album, "Ultra Beatdown", on August 25 via Roadrunner Records.
The track listing for the album is as follows:
01. Heroes Of Our Time
02. The Fire Still Burns
03. Reasons To Live
04. Scars Of Yesterday
05. Heartbreak Armageddon
06. The Last Journey Home
07. Inside The Winter Storm
08. The Warrior Inside
Posted by: Steen
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008 - Alice Cooper album news Alice Cooper will release his new album, "Along Came A Spider", through SPV/Steamhammer on the following dates:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: July 25
Rest of Europe: July 28
North America: July 29

The CD was co-produced by Greg Hampton and Danny Saber in Los Angeles.
Alice recently told that his forthcoming LP is "a real 'Alice' album. Conceptually, it's going to be pretty interesting."

Cooper wouldn't reveal too many details, but said the album is based on a fictional serial killer named Spider, who wraps his victims in a silk web. "Every song is sort of a letter to the police," he explains. "They think they're investigating it from the outside, but he's actually woven them into the whole thing."

"Along Came A Spider" track listing (in alphabetical order): 

Catch Me
I Am The Spider
I Know Where You Live
(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side
Killed By Love
The One That Got Away
Vengeance Is Mine
Wake The Dead
Wrapped In Silk  Posted by: Steen
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Sunday, June 01, 2008 - Fabio Lione re-joins Vision Divine News from Vision Divine:

"We are very happy and proud to finally announce that Fabio Lione join Vision Divine Family again.

He's best natural choice for us, and first person we thought about it, even 'cause Fabio is a wonderful singer and a very special friend.

Fabio with Olaf created VD 10 years ago, he wrote wonderful melodies for first 3 band's albums (from the 1st "Vision Divine" up to the high acclaimed "Stream of Consciousness").
Just to be clear, Fabio is fully involved with the band, not as session man but as real part of the band, including recording sessions, live shows and tours.

We really like to apologize with you to taking such a longtime to let you know our choice, but we wanted to follow all this stuff properly without any gaps and taking time to plan band's future.

So, Fabio Lione, will be on stage with Vision Divine starting from june 20 and he's already working to our new album, which recordings are scheduled starting from Aug 11th We know that each time this band has a change of line up there many roumors about it and mostly people could think if its' right decision or something like that... But as always we will let facts talk, and our band life gets proof that we allways try to take best decision to grow up as artists and as persons.

And at last.. we really like to spend some words for you guys who supported us in this time, we're very striking about your emotions and your great friendship around the world.
We really like to dedicate our new album to you who continue to trust in Vision Divine.
Just for you to know, here you have a couple of interesting news regarding the new album:

1.The working title is "9 Degrees West of the Moon"
2. In the album there will be a cover of Judas Priest: Touch of Evil, from the album Painkiller.

Stay Divine and stay Tuned for more news to come!"

On a related note, Tomi Tolkki has released the following update:

"I will spend whole August in Italy producing the new Vision Divine album. That's gonna be really cool. I got invited by this Italian cover band to play three gigs since I am there. Those are gonna be kind of special gigs cause we are playing songs that has never been played live before from Hymn To Life, Strato and of course Revolution Renaissance. The places are very small, so if you wanna come and see/hear that, I suggest you buy your ticket soon." Posted by: Steen
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Sunday, June 01, 2008 - Anubis Gate album and live news Anubis Gate has issued the following update:

"This summer will indeed be far from inactive in the ANUBIS GATE camp! We will start recording the drums [for the new album] at Hansen Studios early July, and after the drums have been tracked, guitars, keyboards and bass will be recorded at Kim Olesen's studio. Jacob Hansen's vocals will be done at Hansen Studios, and Henrik Fevre's vocals and backing vocals will be done at his own studio. The mix will be done mid-August at Hansen Studios. Locomotive will release the album February 2009. All the songs have been written and lyrics are being completed as we write this.

"We feel very strong about the new songs, that very much are following the lines of 'Andromeda Unchained', although with a twist. There's a feeling that some of the newer songs will be heavier, leaning a bit towards the hard riffage from 'A Perfect Forever', as well as there are some new elements and surpising twists to 'the ANUBIS GATE sound.' Every one of us is anxious to get started!

"Stay tuned for a detailed studio report starting the 30th of June!"

"We're sorry to say that we are no longer attending ProgPower Scandinavia, as we left our longtime management, Intromental, and it was through them we got the slot. We're of course very sorry about that, but again, we understand that Intromental will not let us play since we're no longer part of the management roster.

"The general feeling in the band is that we will - after the release of the next album - be much more active looking for shows. So see you out there in 2009!"

Posted by: Steen
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Sunday, June 01, 2008 - Timo Tolkki Reports On The Future Of Stratovarius Timo Tolkki has issued the following update on Stratovarius:

"Just thought you might want to hear this and end the speculations.

Today I made an interview with a biggest Heavy Metal magazine Rock Hard in Germany with a long time journalist friend of the band, Mr Frank Albrecht.

I was wondering when he was talking about all the time 'now that Strato won't continue without you'. I told him that as far as I know they are and he said that no, because Jörg Michael sent him a statement a week ago that will be in the next issue of Rock Hard.

Jörg says among other things: 'We thought about continuing with the name Strato, but we came into a conclusion that it is Tolkki's band and therefore we are not going to do it'.

I believe this sets the record straight and is also the right decision. How you view this in the light of the recent statements of Jörg & co, is entirely up to you. I just thought that you would like to know how things are and the Germans can read it from the next issue of Rock Hard.

They will probably issue some kind of statement together with that.

Now let's get back to music!

Cheers, Timo." Posted by: Steen
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008 - Arjen Lucassen Back In The Studio Working On New Material Despite Ayreon's 01011001 being released only a few months ago, Arjen Lucassen has returnedf to the studio and is recording ideas for his next project. He has issued the following update:

"I'm very inspired and have already recorded three long instrumental songs - almost 30 minutes of material! The music I've recorded so far has some similarities to Ayreon, maybe a bit closer to Dream Sequencer than to Flight Of The Migrator. But there are enough differences even at this early stage to tell me that it won't be an Ayreon album. Contrary to Ayreon I'll try to work with just one singer this time. I have no idea yet who that will be (though there are plenty of options, including myself).

Nor do I know what the concept will be - or if there will even be a concept at all! I'm definitely not consciously trying to be different or re-invent the wheel with this one, but a definite style is gradually taking shape and it feels good!"


On another note, 4 videos from the 01011001 release party that took place in Utrecht on January 27th, 2008 can be seen be downloaded below. These are all in Quicktime format.

Release Party Overview
Charm Of The Seer
Day 6: Childhood
Posted by: Steen
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008 - Timo Tolkki And Revolution Renaissance Leave Frontiers Records Timo Tolkki has issued the following update in regards to his new project, Revolution Renaissance, parting ways with Frontiers Records:

"Yesterday I finally got confirmation that we are able to do this. They simply were not the right label for us. That became clear in the last few months. I would describe the experience with Frontiers Records with the word: "interesting".

I am currently negotiating with several interesting labels, but I haven't made any decision yet. There is a lot of interest and that feels good.

We were offered an extensive 20 date Latin American tour for this December.

I am also already (well it's been over 2 years since I wrote "New Era" songs) writing new songs and can't wait to go to studio and on the road with these energetic and positive guys I was blessed to find. We will keep you posted regularily about what is happening on our camp.

Many thanks from all the support you have shown in the las weeks. We will not forget that.

You can listen/download full version of the song 'Revolution Renaissance' with lyrics from the player."

Stay tuned for updates regarding the release of Revolution Renaissance's album New Era. Posted by: Steen
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Sunday, May 25, 2008 - New Sabaton Album Streaming In It's Entirety Sabaton have issued the following update:

"If you are curious about our new album and wants to listen to it before you run down to your local record store, we found the perfect way to help you!

We uploaded it here on MySpace and it will be online for one week from May 23rd!"
Posted by: Steen
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Sunday, May 25, 2008 - Neal Morse Live DVD details Neal Morse will release a new double DVD set entitled Sola Scriptura And Beyond via InsideOut on June 23rd. It will contain 2 full concerts from 2006 (Question Mark Tour) and 2007 (Sola Scriptura Tour) plus bonus material, totalling approximately six hours of footage. The tracklist is as follows:

Disc 1: 'The Creation', 'The Good Don't Last/Open Wide The Flood Gates', 'The Door', 'The Conflict/The Conclusion', 'Question Mark Medley', 'Testimedley', 'We All Need Some Light', 'Wind At My Back'.

Disc 2: Behind The Scenes, 'Bridge Across Forever' (acoustic), Question Mark Live at Columbia Park, Berlin 2006 (full concert). Posted by: Steen
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Sunday, May 25, 2008 - Dominici - Two Songs From New Album Available For Free Download Dominici are offering up two songs from their new album O3: A Trilogy - Part 3, for free download. Go here to check out and download the tracks 'March Into Hell' and 'Enemies Of God'.
Posted by: Steen
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Sunday, May 25, 2008 - Guitarist Michelle Meldrum of passes away On May 18, Michelle Meldrum, leader of the band Meldrum and former Phantom Blue guitarist, was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank in critical condition. She passed away late afternoon Wednesday, May 21, 2008 as a result of a cystic growth on her brain that had restricted oxygen and blood flow to her brain rendering her brain dead.

Meldrum had just completed writing and recording the bands soon to be released album with drummer Gene Hoglan, along with the new lineup Michele Madden (vocals) and Laura Christine (bass). The surviving band members plan to release the album later this year in tribute to their fallen band-mate.

Those who knew Michelle recognize that she lived every moment for the music, and was regarded as both an exceptional guitarist and a nurturer by her associates, friends, family and son.

Meldrum, 39 is survived by her parents and three year old son, Jake Thomas. Her family and band members appreciate all the support that has been shown over the past few days through this trying time. A memorial tribute benefit will be announced in the following weeks.

Michelle Meldrum was born on Sept 28, 1968 in Detroit, Michigan to a family of musicians and actors. At 13, Meldrum moved to Los Angeles, California and started her career in music by forming the thrash metal band WARGOD with drummer Gene Hoglan (DARK ANGEL, DEATH, and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD). When WARGOD disbanded Meldrum continued her search for a band and become both co-founder and lead guitarist in all girl metal/rock band PHANTOM BLUE. PHANTOM BLUE released their self-titled debut album on Shrapnel Records as well as Roadrunner Records, and eventually landed a deal with major label Geffen.

Once PHANTOM BLUE disbanded after a successful run at fame, Michelle Meldrum moved to Sweden and formed her current band MELDRUM. After many triumphant tours with such acts as MOTÖRHEAD and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, she reunited with Hoglan in 2006. Hoglan had appeared as a special guest on the MELDRUM album prior and played several events. Inspired to once again collaborate, Meldrum moved back to America where she and Hoglan began writing the aforementioned third MELDRUM album together.
Posted by: Steen
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - Falconer finishing new album Falconer has entered Andy LaRoque's Sonic Train Studio in Sweden to put the finishing touches and mixing of the new album Among beggars and thieves.
13 songs, including 2 bonus tracks for the first edition.

The video for the song Carnival of disgust has been recorded, edited and exceeded the expectations. The main parts of the video was shot at the medieval Vadstena castle on a windy and cold April day.
Posted by: Steen
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Monday, May 19, 2008 - Thy Majestie - New Song Streaming Online Thy Majestie have posted a new song from their fourth full length album, Dawn, due out through Dark Balance Records on September 1st. Click here to hear 'Day Of The Changes'. Posted by: Steen
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Monday, May 19, 2008 - Die announce new singer and issue studio update Vocalist of DIE, Simon Pedersen, has decided to leave the band to focus on his other band Fairytale Abuse and his family. Simon has been an integral part of DIE and our music as frontman since the birth of the band, and he will be missed by us and many others. We support Simon in this difficult decision (it's tough to reach 30) and we wish him and Fairytale Abuse all the best in the future.
The search for a new singer ended quickly when we found Søren, a young musician with a voice that we all believe will be a perfect match for DIE. Listen to an excerpt from the title track from "Rise of the Rotten"
here for an idea of what to expect. Here is a message from the guy himself:
Hey everyone out there!
My name is Søren Christensen. Now I live in Fredericia, I'm 21, and I hope I can live up to everyones expectations and keeping it DIE! I am very excited to be in the band! And anxious to get the killing started, in form of gigs!
So get ready! We will come and destroy your town!
Horns up!
See you all out there!
This makes the current lineup of DIE: Tajs Kolman, Jonas Møller, Rasmus Henriksen (Panzerchrist), Bent Bisballe Nyeng (ex-Panzerchrist) and Søren Christensen. The recording of our upcoming debut album, "Rise of the Rotten", proceeds as planned and as the mixing and mastering will happen at the Antfarm Studio (Tue Madsen), it will end up sounding as good at it possibly can. Søren will record the vocals and we are sure that the final product will kick some serious ass! We believe that his vocal style will benefit our music greatly and cannot wait to let the rest of the world hear and see what we are about.
Brutality is coming!
[]Posted by: Steen
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Friday, May 16, 2008 - Spock's Beard DVD trailer A trailer for the new Spock's Beard DVD called "LIVE" is available on YouTube or in Quicktime format.
Posted by: Steen
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Friday, May 16, 2008 - Sieges even to release live album News from Sieges Even:

Sieges Even will release the first live album in their career.

The CD will be entitled Playgrounds, containing ten songs from the albums A Sense Of Change, The Art Of Navigating By The Stars and Paramount.

Recorded during Part I of the Paramount tour 2007/08, Playgrounds will hit the stores by the end of July via Inside Out Music.

Release dates:

Germany/Austria/Switzerland (July 25th, 2008)
Europe (July 28th, 2008)
North America (July 29th, 2008)

Further details to follow. Posted by: Steen
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 - Revolution Renaissance - Timo Tolkki Announces Singer Timo Tolkki has issued the following update on Revolution Renaissance:

"I'm writing this from Hong Kong overlooking the amazing bay. It is a great pleasure to announce the new singer of REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE I have chosen from over 400 vocalists that sent me their MP3s. Thank you so much for sending all those...all together I have received over 1500 applications and I have listened through them all. I am sorry for those who were not chosen, but I can tell you that you should NEVER give up. Follow your heart and you will get there eventually. Don't think about money or success, think about your art, the money comes by itself, not the other way around.

So here is the man himself, with his own words:

Hi there, everyone!!

My name is Gus Monsanto. I am a 33-year old metal singer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I am really glad to announce I have been chosen amongst a bunch of talented beasts to front REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE. The band is going to be an amazing experience and the album New Era totally kicked my ass when Timo sent it to me.
I have been on a beautiful journey making music since I started playing the guitar age 10. Ups, downs, ins, outs & but this infatuation keeps coming back and you're more and more into it. There's a lot more about me in

In brief: the last four years of my life were spent fronting the metal band ADAGIO. We played all over the world, did the Dominate album and it was a great learning experience for me. Lately, I have also replaced Jeff Scott Soto, one of the best singers in business, in TAKARA. Two days after Adagio and I parted ways, I got this great message from Timo and the rest is history in the making.

Timo used to be surrounded by a great band that made history. I am aware of the responsibility. I am aware of the fans. Rest assured: we will kill. He's got all my respect, since he didn't take the easy way, which would be using the old bands name. Personally, I even had the mega pleasure of introducing Bruno Agra, one of my best friends and kick ass drummer extraordinaire to Timo and Revolution Renaissance, which makes it even more special.

Hope to see all of you really soon. Think about the words. Revolution. Renaissance. Look deep within their meanings.

Best, GUS

Tolkki continues:

In Gus I have found everything I look for a singer. He is a real world citizen and a soul-mate. We all feel this connection and that we did not arrive crossing each other's paths by accident. Gus has a very versatile voice, amazing range and no accent and he can sing in many different styles yet he has a very recognizable voice. His pictures are in Revolution Renaissance folder. Now the only remaining thing is to find the bass player who fits into this team that is multinational, but spirituality doesn't know any nationalities. It's been over two years since I wrote the songs for New Era and because the first album was kind of a special one, we want to make our first real album together soon, so we will enter the studio already in this August to record the new album. We are very excited and full of good and positive energy. We don't know when the album will come out, but probably already January 2009 followed by a massive world tour where we will of course play all the biggest Stratovarius hits and few less played as well and material from the two RR albums. We will also be doing a massive South American tour in December this year just to have some fun and present ourselves to the fans.
So here it is ladies and gentlemen: THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!!!!" Posted by: Steen
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 - The Gathering news News from The Gathering:

"Dear all, Sorry it has been a while since you've heard from us. We apologize for this. It actually means that we have been really busy with the band. During the last couple of months we created a lot of new ideas that lead to the first songs of our upcoming CD. Yes, we are working on a new album! Or actually, two new albums! Many of our new songs are very rock and guitar orientated and will end up on a heavy rock album for sure. The second album will be filled with more 'shoe gaze', dreamy tracks.

We can imagine if you are very curious about new vocalists. Currently, we are working with several. It feels very refreshing and interesting to work with different voices and it adds beautiful new colours to our music. Names will be presented as soon as our ideas become more concrete. As promised you will hear new material by the end of this year. The release of our new album is planned for Spring 2009.

On behalf of the band, Hans Rutten" Posted by: Steen
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 - Angel Dust album news Angel Dust have issued the following update:

"After all the name of the new album will not be 'VII', because in the last year there were so many releases from other bands with exactly the same title. The name of the new album is not certain yet. Carsten (Kaiser) has now started the vocal recording (nice that we are one step closer to the release). ANGEL DUST will also play on June 7th at the Century Media Yardsale. They will not play a complete set (they haven't had enough time for rehearsing) but they will play a few titles. TURISAS will also be there."

ANGEL DUST guitarist Bernd Aufermann (also of RUNNING WILD) previously stated about the material that is slated to appear on the follow-up to 2002's "Of Human Bondage", "I'm VERY satisfied with the way the guitar will approach in the music and the material is, in my opinion, the best we've ever written."

ANGEL DUST's forthcoming album will feature the following tracks:

01. Before My Fall
02. Shoot The Needle
03. Marching - Stampeding
04. Alien Man
05. One More Time
06. Street Of Iron Will
07. Consumed
08. Fear No Evil

ANGEL DUST 2008 is:

Dirk Assmuth (drums)
Bernd Aufermann (guitar)
Christian Pohlmann (bass)
Steven Banx (keyboard)
Carsten Kaiser (vocals) Posted by: Steen
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Monday, May 12, 2008 - New Chaoswave streaming online Chaoswave have uploaded the song "10 Years of Denial" from their upcoming album on their myspace page. The cd entitled "Dead Eye Dreaming" is the band's sophomore album after the succesful debut The White Noise Within, released in 2006 by DVS Records.

The album was mixed by King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque and contains 3 guest solos by none other than Steve Smyth (ex-Nevermore, ex-Testament. Chaoswave are right now searching for the right label to release the new cd.Posted by: Steen
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Monday, May 12, 2008 - Z'nuff Goes to the Movies / Reissues / New Donnie Interview / Ballads Revisited Latest news from Enuff Z'nuff:

"There Goes My Heart" is the featured song in the trailer for the new John C Reilly (Walk Hard / Gangs of New York / Talladega Nights / The Perfect Storm / Boogie Nights) and Seann William Scott (American Pie / Dude, Where's My Car? / Final Destination) comedy "The Promotion". Watch it here

Donnie says in a new interview that the new album is being mixed, he also talks about his new project LA Smogg, plans for a Live Z'nuff DVD and more - read it here

The first batch of reissues are out! They include the debut, Brothers, Strength, Animals, 1985, Tweaked, Peachfuzz and Live. Some come with bonus tracks and different artwork. Take at a look at the EZN store

Donnie has released the first in a series of "acoustic live in the studio" digital albums. This one is called "Raw Memories: The Tale of 12 Ballads" and is available on his  his site Posted by: Steen
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Monday, May 12, 2008 - Evergrey sign with Steamhammer / SPV Following intense and very constructive discussions, Steamhammer/SPV have announced their future collaboration with Swedish dark melodic metal act, Evergrey. The deal includes not only the group's brand-new studio album, Torn, which will arrive at the stores at the beginning of September, but also Evergrey's complete back catalogue. Evergrey mastermind Tom S. Englund is looking forward to a productive cooperation with Steamhammer, explaining: "After long and intense negotiations, we feel that we have arrived at optimum conditions for everybody involved. We are confident that Evergrey will continue to grow artistically under the terms of this contract, that SPV will enjoy our cooperation and - this is definitely the most important aspect - that our fans will thoroughly benefit from the new deal."

The first stage of this ambitious target will see the release of Evergrey's new studio album, Torn, at the beginning of September, featuring eleven compositions, described by Englund as a "modern mix of In Search Of Truth and Recreation Day". "The tracks are all guitar-oriented and very atmospheric. They have exactly the sound that our fans expect from us." According to Englund, the slightly more experimental direction of Evergrey's previous release, Monday Morning Apocalypse, has given way again to old strengths and virtues. "Two years ago we needed an album with a slightly different approach and an expensive producer, just to find out how that sort of thing works. It was the right album at the time, but now we have returned to our typical trademarks." This is one of the reasons why the tracks on Torn were self-produced by Englund together with drummer Jonas Ekdahl. In addition, the band has a new bassist, Fredrik Larsson having been replaced by former Stratovarius musician Jari Kainulainen.

Since the band arrived on the scene in 1998, Evergrey have brought out six studio albums and one live cut. All of them made the top 20 in their native Sweden and the last two made the top 10 (no. 6 and 3, respectively). On top of that, their DVD was number 1 for four weeks and nominated for a Grammy in Sweden. The band has toured around the globe several times, together with In Flames, Nevermore, Throwdown, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom and Iced Earth, among others. Along with Torn, their new contract with Steamhammer/SPV includes the band's complete back catalogue, so top-quality reissues featuring a selection of bonus tracks are likely in future. "There is so much additional material for each album that we could theoretically re-release it on an extra DVD. Whatever we manage to do - premium reissues are certainly a possibility."

Posted by: Steen

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Monday, May 12, 2008 - Timo Tolkki - "I Will Be Away For A While" Timo Tolkki has issued the following update:

"Just wanted to let you know, that I will be away for a while. I need to get away from this negative and hate filled atmosphere of the last days.

The statement of Jens and co. hurt me deeply with its aggressiveness and hate, not to mention the lies they wrote to make it look like totally my fault. I have been very down the last days, so I need some time alone.

I still cannot believe that it is not possible to go separate ways in a civilized way. My statement was in my opinion like this. From their statement, all I get is this enormous hate and bitterness towards me plus that they made it public even including figures there. Being accused of being greedy narcistic Faust by someone I talked on the phone in the last 6 months countless times laughing like before and making jokes, comes as a very heavy blow. I thought Jens was my friend.

Instead of staying what I considered a very sick band and getting all that money, I decided to start from scratch without anything, even members. And knowing I will have to pay lot of money too from the legal costs, but that was irrelevant at that point, because I gave the management and lawyer all the time I could and 60 days before the release of my new band, I had to come to public about Stratovarius.

So the greediness attack comes as a total surprise to me against the facts and also their lies.

Mainly about the timings. The idea for RR was born and the contract singned long after October 2007, when I broke Stratovarius.

Since it really seems that they will continue under the name Stratovarius, that I own and that I have contracts with each of them, I have to of course think what should I do?

As clearly as there can't be Strato without Kotipelto, as clearly there cannot be Stratovarius without me. That was my band totally since around '86, ten years before anyone of these guys joined the band. I think there is something else behind this and I dont believe that they really will continue under that name. That would make them look like they would just want to use the bands name to make money. Why not start from the clean table like me?

In any case, my first initial thought was to let them use the name, but now I have started to think that since all this hatred is projected to me and the obvious reasons to use the name would be just financial, why should I give it to them. Stratovarius was a band that I controlled in a very similar way than Tuomas of NIGHTWISH up until I got very sick in 2004. The things started to be taken away from my control and that lead actually to the demise of the band. Do you think Nightwish could exist without its soul? I suppose it could, but again what would be any other point, than capitalize the name?

With these thoughts I leave you now for some time and come back with a bit more clear head.

Thank you for your support and take care of yourselves.

Love, Timo."
Posted by: Steen
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Thursday, May 08, 2008 - Former Stratovarius Members: Timo Tolkki's Main Motivation Was Greed Former Stratovarius members Timo Kotipelto (vocals), Jens Johansson (keyboards), Lauri Porra (bass) and Jörg Michael (drums) have issued the following joint statement:

"Timo Tolkki published a statement on April 2 this year. The other members of STRATOVARIUS would now like to set the record straight. You can't argue with someone's perception of things, you can just explain how you see things differently.

"The confrontations, fights, incompetence, tensions, negativity, bitterness, hostility, disinterest, bad musicianship, and unfriendliness that Timo described were never there. He constructed this alternate reality around these simple and for him painful facts:

1) The band's momentum has been slowing since 2004.

2) The media chaos of 2004 made him lose a lot of trust and respect both within and outside the band.

3) STRATOVARIUS' label Sanctuary had severe financial problems from 2005 on. It forced us to start a legal process at the beginning of 2007.

"If you live your life through other people's eyes, declining sales or a perceived loss of power are matters of deep, stinging personal humiliation.

"Other sad facts remain. The legal fight left us without a way to make a new album, and financially strapped. Timo's main motivation for what he did was greed, not issues of friendship or art.

"In the summer of 2007, he presented the STRATOVARIUS/REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE demos we had all financed and recorded to Frontiers Records, and signed a recording agreement for a solo project. Unbelievably, he promised Frontiers that he alone could (and would) stop STRATOVARIUS from being active for the duration of the R.R. project, for marketing reasons. In exchange for this, Timo alone was paid 154,000 US dollars. He did this behind our backs, as we were deep in pursuit of Sanctuary legally with a large legal bill. He still hasn't had the guts to tell us what he did. We pieced it together from various press releases of his and scattered email correspondence.

"In October he sent us a mail saying he didn't want to continue, a quite impersonal way after having been in the same band for 12 years. He explained that he was tired of STRATOVARIUS, and would concentrate on things like his opera. We had known for some time he really hated playing live. He did not mention anything about his Frontiers deal, which placed the rest of us at great financial risk. He very clearly asked that we wouldn't contact him and try to talk him out of it, which we all respected. He would later make much of the fact that nobody tried to talk him out of it.

"This year, Sanctuary agreed to settle, but Timo's announcement and Timo's announcement alone ruined that, leaving us with a debt of 54,000 US dollars. The total loss is around 346,000 US dollars. There was no reason for the timing of his announcement other than some foolish belief it would make the promotion of Timo's project record a bit easier. What he did to the rest of us was stupid, selfish and more than disappointing to us since we all stood shoulder to shoulder with him financially in 2004.

"Then late January, surprisingly, he proposed us playing as hired guns on R.R. (turning it into a STRATOVARIUS record), and doing a tour with Jari on bass. Apparently he again had financial problems due to his failed opera project. He then quickly dismissed the idea himself.

"In short it's not so much a story of simmering discontent leading to a wise and respectable decision. It's definitely not a story of naiveté. It's the story of Faust, the story of madness, of a band's natural and slow decline, but in the end something mundane: the story of a supreme narcissist going broke and betraying friends of 12 years who helped save him a few years earlier.

"Hopefully this explains the situation a little bit. Sorry if it is long on business crap, and short on humor or music. This was a terrible, disaapointing blow to us.

"We would like to thank our fans who make it all worth it, and despite it all, we would like to thank Timo for the past, the nice music and the good moments.

"The rest of us want to make clear that we are doing great and that we will continue making music together, because we care about each other and we care about our fans. We have grand plans indeed, and we will have some very interesting news in the months ahead!"

Source: [] Posted by: Steen
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008 - Magic Circle Festival - Timetable and program online The timetable and program for this years Magic Circle Festival is now online at the official website.Posted by: Steen
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008 - I Remember Now: The 20th Anniversary Of Queensrÿche's Operation: Mindcrime To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Queensrÿche's Operation:Mindcrime album, will be running a multi-part retrospective detailing the album's creation titled, "I Remember Now: The 20th Anniversary of Operation:Mindcrime."

Compiled by noted Queensrÿche historian Christa Titus, the series will feature interviews with members involved in the album's creation, plus perspectives from two other relevant sources. With topics ranging from guitarist Michael Wilton's initial displeasure with the album's mix and singer Geoff Tate's assessment of how TV helped sell "Mindcrime," to bassist Eddie Jackson's take on dealing with new-found success and drummer Scott Rockenfield's intimate details of the band's rehearsal space, "I Remember Now: The 20th Anniversary of Operation: Mindcrime" is one of the first complete and comprehensive looks at one of rock's most intriguing concept albums and the players involved in it.

The first installment of Blistering's Queensrÿche's Mindcrime retrospective will be posted on Tuesday, May 6th and will feature guitarist Michael Wilton.
For more information go here.  Posted by: Steen
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