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Dave Kaup for The New York Times SHARING An Army retreat for couples near Fort Leavenworth, Kan.
After War, Love Can Be a Battlefield

The Army hosts a retreat to help soldiers heal emotional scars and work out problems with spouses.

Duck and Cover: It’s the New Survivalism

Faced with a confluence of diverse threats, people who do not consider themselves extremists are starting to discuss doomsday measures once associated with the social fringes.

This Is Not a Sidewalk Bag

The gala opening of the Takashi Murakami retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum was not complete without attractive waiters, billionaires and a sideshow.

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On the Runway

Cathy Horyn says that Gianfranco Ferre will announce the appointment of Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, of the label 6267, as its new designers.

The Moment

The Moment is a daily blog that spans the T Magazine universe of fashion, design, food and travel.

T Magazine

Travel Spring 2008

It's all about . . . trophy trips, California kitchens, the must-haves, China's sleeping giants, Amy Sacco, boomtown Belfast, the new traveling circus and Vancouver.

Go to T Magazine » Christian Hansen for The New York Times MANHATTAN, MARCH 10 The couple at their wedding in the Alvin Ailey theater under a mosaic of Judith Jamison. Vows
Francesca Harper and Eric Cohen

Francesca Harper and Eric Cohen seemed an improbable match when they met in 2000 at a New Year’s Eve party in SoHo, but time showed otherwise.

SLIDE SHOW: The Registry | Wealth of Options for the Gardener

Gifts for the couple with green thumbs.

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Harold Connolly Jr. and Thomas Wilhelm

Harold C. Connolly Jr. and Thomas E. Wilhelm were joined in a civil union on Saturday at the Stage Left restaurant in New Brunswick, N.J. Judge Francine A. Schott of Essex County Superior Court in Newark officiated.

Denyse Harrison and Vladimir Galiothe

Denyse LeAnne Harrison and Vladimir Jean Fritzner Galiothe were married on Saturday afternoon at the Plymouth Congregational Church in Miami.

Youn Su Pyon and Edward Chao

Youn Su Pyon was married on Saturday to Edward Ming Chao at the Westwood Hills Christian Church in Los Angeles.

Alexa Davidson and Marc Suskin

The couple were married on Sunday at the Yale Club of New York City.

Eric Striffler for The New York Times Madeline Gins and Arakawa say that their house in East Hampton, N.Y., opposes death.
A House Not for Mere Mortals

Architects Arakawa and Madeline Gins have essentially made it their mission to outlaw aging and its consequences.

House Proud
The Would-Be Revivalist

When Mark Robbins became dean of the Syracuse University School of Architecture, he resolved to help revive the city’s struggling downtown.

In the Garden
Proof That Spring Can Keep a Promise

For more than a century, thousands of early-blooming bulbs have brought color to the du Pont estate, near Wilmington, Del.

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Personal Shopper | Cleverly Disguised, Awake or Asleep

New convertible beds combine contemporary style with, aah, comfort.

Room to Improve

Q. Where can I find a good restorer for an original Eames lounge chair and ottoman?

Beware: Ferocious Plants

Q. Why don’t your descriptions of plants always include possible dangers to children and pets?

Homeowner Resources

Topic pages on insurance, pest control, rent regulation, and more.

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times The Minimalist
You Use It Every Day. But Can You Make It Cook?

Your microwave oven can be put to use in more ways than just reheating coffee or softening ice cream.

Pampering, and Beer in Pitchers

Mia Dona, whose food is robust, often rustic and sometimes proudly unsubtle, is a matter-of-fact restaurant suited to a budget-conscious time.

The Taste of Cool in a Pinot Noir

While the California weather recently has been conducive to ripe, rich pinot noirs, the 2005 vintage in Northern California was an exception.

The Phantom of the Menu: Chatham Cod

Environmentalists and fishermen are working to make codfish once again a year-round presence off Cape Cod, using river herring as a lure.

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Wines of The Times: Pinot Noirs From the Russian River Valley

California pinot noirs that are approachable and well made — but not inspiring.

Seeing the Light

Translucent, transparent, reflective or illuminated from within, this season’s furniture is all aglow.

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T Magazine
The Moment

The Moment is a daily blog that spans the T Magazine universe of fashion, design, food and travel.

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Machines for Living
By Nicolai Ouroussoff

For the Spanish architect Enric Ruiz-Geli, there is poetry in technology. Nicolai Ourousoff does a close reading.

Zoe and Lenny Kravitz | Actor and Designer/Musician

Some rock stars like to destroy hotel rooms, but Lenny Kravitz opts to design them instead.

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  4. After War, Love Can Be a Battlefield
  5. A House Not for Mere Mortals
  6. Modern Love: When the Chutney’s Gone
  7. House Proud: The Would-Be Revivalist
  8. The Curious Cook: On Food and Zapping
  9. Vows: Francesca Harper and Eric Cohen
  10. Steamed Chocolate Pudding
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