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Charleston High School is located in rural east central Illinois and is home to 900 students and faculty. Students with various backgrounds from the CHS classes of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 were invited to take part in this archiving project to show the diversity of interests, talents and values within the school's community.

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Auto Ego
Ask Me About My Flux Capacitor
By RICHARD S. CHANG Mark Rabiner for The New York Times Lauren J. Reilly and her 1981 DeLorean DMC-12.

Funny things happen when you drive a DeLorean through Times Square.

Old Amalfi, New Mouse

The road on the Amalfi coast and the Fiat 500 have improved considerably in 50 years. Italian driving has not.

BMW Turns to the Web for Its 1-Series

The campaign is indicative of efforts by mainstream marketers to alter their media mixes as consumers change their media habits.

Possible Nazi Theme of Grand Prix Boss’s Orgy Draws Calls to Quit

A London tabloid’s claim that Max Mosley was involved in a sex orgy with Nazi undertones has prompted calls for his resignation. He has refused and is suing the tabloid.

Small Cars Seek Appeal Beyond the Cute Factor

Automakers seem to be taking a greater interest in building smaller cars that are more than afterthoughts.

Drive Carts, Not Cars

In Peachtree City, Ga., whether they golf or not, people go for carts.

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Inside Automobiles

Audio Slide Show

Slide Show

Slide Show

Auto Ego: 1981 DeLorean
A World of Small Cars
Flash in the Pan at the New York Auto Show
2008 Honda Civic Si sedan
Practicality in a Spicy Sauce

A sportier, quicker version of Honda’s practical compact four-door.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione coupe
Alfa Romeo to Return With Power and Style

After a 13-year absence, the Italian manufacturer will return to the American market with its most expensive model ever.

Automobiles Headlines New Looks for Small Cars Escalade From ‘The Sopranos’ Sold at Auction Not a Mercury or Saturn, but It Goes Way Off Road Auto Sales Are Down Again, but G.M. and Toyota Are Optimistic 2008 Scion xD and xB: Cars So Hip That It Hurts Not All Odometers Are Created Equal Are You a Good Driver? Here’s How to Find Out Insurer Puts Pets in the Policy Making It Safer to Back Up A Chevy With an Engine From China Wall Township Journal: A Speedway’s Last Lap on Memory Lane 2008 Jeep Liberty: Evolved and Going Nowhere Ford Reaches Deal to Sell Land Rover and Jaguar A Show in Search of a Silver Lining Advertising: Do-It-Yourself Logos for Proud Scion Owners After 53 Years of Beauty Sleep, the B.A.T. Is Back 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid: Nice Hybrid, if You Can Get It Driving a Bargain in New York Thinking Outside the Cube Correction: It’s Car Time in New York Dismal Year Is Forecast for Car Sales Ford Displays a Wreck to Score Safety Points 2008 Mazda MX-5 Miata: Miata Talk: Mazda Puts a Lid on It Importing a Decongestant for Midtown Streets ‘Catastrophic’ Failure Leads to Seat Recall

Times Topics: Automobiles

Automobile Design

Style, form and function.

Automobile Racing

Motorsports on four wheels.

Drivers Education

Teaching skills and techniques.

Green Technology

Hybrids and alternative fuels.

Motorcycles and Scooters

Two-wheeled motor news.

Safety Features and Defects

Innovations, recalls and more.

Auto Ego

The engine is underpowered, the pedals are sticky and strangers approach constantly, but it's still a great ride.

Interactive Feature
An Overview of New York

As the New York International Auto Show opened, two Times contributors explained what's most significant this year.

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Automobiles Editor

James G. Cobb, automobiles editor of The Times, answered questions from readers.

Safety Information

New Car Search

Reviews, Dealer Price Quotes & Research

Used Car Search

Listings & Reviews

Find a Dealer

Find a Dealer from our Local Marketplace.

Listings of automotive museums in the United States and Canada.


  1. Auto Ego: Ask Me About My Flux Capacitor
  2. Old Amalfi, New Mouse
  3. Design: Small Cars Seek Appeal Beyond the Cute Factor
  4. Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione coupe: Alfa Romeo to Return With Power and Style
  5. Motoring: Not All Odometers Are Created Equal
  6. Around the Block | 2008 Honda Civic Si sedan: Practicality in a Spicy Sauce
  7. Design: After 53 Years of Beauty Sleep, the B.A.T. Is Back
  8. Design: My, Your Car Looks So Delicious
  9. Behind the Wheel | 2008 Scion xD and xB: Cars So Hip That It Hurts
  10. New York Auto Show: A Show in Search of a Silver Lining
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  1. In Deaths of 5 Children, a Friendship Born of Forgiveness
  2. BMW Turns to the Web for Its 1-Series
  3. Ask Me About My Flux Capacitor
  4. Auto Sales Are Down Again, but G.M. and Toyota Are Optimistic
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