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Virginia Tech, with funding from the US National Science Foundation through grant IIS-0916733, is leading an international consortia to build a human and computing network to collect, archive, organize, and provide ready access for scholars, professionals, and the public interested in supporting ongoing recovery of communities that have faced a crisis or tragedy. In scope are school shootings and all other types of man-made or natural disasters. We welcome involvement of those with relevant content or who are interested in developing collections, as well as those seeking or promoting deeper understanding of CTR.

Collection: Northern Illinois University Shooting The Northern Illinois University Shooting Archive captures a wide variety of content related to the February 14, 2008 tragedy at NIU. It includes memorial and tribute sites, commercial and non-commercial media, and other relevant web-based materials. Developed and maintained by faculty and staff at Virginia Tech with the generous support of the Internet Archive, this collection is a counterpart to the April 16 Web Archive. TIMESTAMPS