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Nine Inch Nails Ready Apocalyptic Year Zero TV Show

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Nine Inch Nails Ready Apocalyptic Year Zero TV Show

Heather Adler

Published: Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Industrial dark lord Trent Reznor has written a TV show to go along with his apocalyptic new Nine Inch Nails concept record, Year Zero, which re-imagines the world 15 years from now as a corrupt, crumbling and corroded place on the brink of political, spiritual and ecological collapse.

"We've got a producer on board and have met with writers," Reznor tells the U.K. Sun. "We're about to pitch it to the network, so we're a couple of weeks away from meeting all of the main people, and we'll see what happens."

Reznor has described Year Zero as being an album about "a world where greed and power continue to run their likely course," and he shows listeners this version of 2022 through the eyes of would-be citizens of the future, who he casts in songs. But the concept has gone far beyond just the record.

Months before Year Zero's release, Reznor started leaving bleak clues about his vision of the future on a number of disturbing websites, which are filled with information about his world of 2022. Highlighted letters on NIN T-shirts lead fans to, a website filled with information on the drug "Parepin," which, in Reznor's world, was added to the water supply under the pretense of protecting the population from a bio-terror attack, when really its effects are harmful and deranging. Hidden e-mail addresses in the site allowed fans to contact its creators, but the automated response left them to believe the creator had been forced to change their opinion. A complex online web of similarly disturbing sites about everything from "the U.S. Bureau of Morality" to secret message boards discussing the end of the world, soon came to light.

The digital rabbit hole goes deep, blanketing dozens of websites that reveal a complex plot around an entirely different realm of existence that Reznor dreamed up as our future. USB keys containing audio files have also been cropping up at NIN concerts, revealing more about the conspiracy. Around the time of the album's release, more of Reznor's art-resistance started leaking into the real world with groups of fans being sent to meet and go on missions or spread the message via grassroots projects.

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