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BLABBERMOUTH.NET - METALLICA Drummer On Producer RICK RUBIN: 'He's Forced Us To Rethink Big-Picture Stuff'

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Last Updated: December 15, 2007 11:29 PM

METALLICA Drummer On Producer RICK RUBIN: 'He's Forced Us To Rethink Big-Picture Stuff' - Feb. 13, 2007 METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich recently spoke to Rolling Stone magazine (web site) about the songwriting process for the group's new album, tentatively due later this year.

When asked the titles of the new songs his band is about to record for its next album, Ulrich said. "Right now, most of them are called cities, I kid you, not! Caspar, Fresno, Munich, Glasgow — that seemed the easiest way to identify them."

Ulrich, singer-guitarist James Hetfield, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Rob Trujillo began work on the follow up to 2003's "St. Anger" while on tour during the past year backstage before each show. "We did something we'd never done before: We carried a ProTools (recording) system with us," Ulrich said. "Twenty minutes before stage time, we would go into a room and play, to get the machinery moving. They were jams, riffs, fun and games. And they were recorded.

"That's where ninety-five percent of this record came from," Ulrich added. "The working titles are the geographical locations where they came up."

According to Ulrich, the group's new producer Rick Rubin (SLAYER, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, AUDIOSLAVE, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) says he wants to make the group sound "like the METALLICA that made them METALLICA without going backward" — and that he's doing it by challenging old habits.

"He's questioning what key we should play in," Ulrich told Rolling Stone. "We've played in E flat since the beginning of the '90s. Nobody questioned it. All of a sudden, Rick is going, 'Maybe the stuff has more energy and Hetfield's voice sounds better in E.' He's forced us to rethink big-picture stuff, something we haven't done in years."

Rubin also insisted that METALLICA rehearse and learn the material until, as Ulrich puts it, "we can play these songs in our sleep, standing on our heads. "With Bob [Rock, METALLICA's longtime producer], we'd go into the studio when we had some concrete ideas. But Rick wants us to take care of all the creative elements first. He wants us to capture these songs in a recording environment instead of creating them there."

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posted by : MiloYambag
2/13/2007 3:34:50 PM
This is gonna be great. Im wondering what Lord Violence Extroadiare has to say ;)

posted by : jeffgq
2/13/2007 3:35:19 PM
lets hope for good a return to the 80's sound..

COMMENT | Good luck Rick...
posted by : WAR-WREN
2/13/2007 3:35:50 PM
It sounds like you might actually get them to make a good record's to hoping...:-|

COMMENT | I like...
posted by : moses's beard
2/13/2007 3:36:44 PM
what Rick Ruben has done with everyone he has worked with over the years. so maybe,just maybe, he can make a winner out of this next Metallica album. but I will not be surprised if they still suck. maybe they will put something out that sounds like it should have come out after the Justice album because the black album still does not fit that time line!

COMMENT | cool
posted by : cirkis
2/13/2007 3:37:15 PM
That's exactly what a band like Metallica needs! A producer with honesty.

I'm really anxious to hear this record.

posted by : jeffgq
2/13/2007 3:39:04 PM
and by the way...bob rock blew ass as a producer.....cannot fucking wait to see what rubin gets out of them....

posted by : AnthonyLynch
2/13/2007 3:41:25 PM
You know, Rick Rubin hasn't really contributed anything to heavy metal in a long time. I think he would be good for like, maybe Willie Nelson, it's like he needs to continue that process of spreading himself out, you know, maybe like producing, oh, I don't know, someone like Santana, or, The Blind Boys of Alabama, or Los Lonely Boys, or maybe Roky ericson, or maybe he sould fly to New Zealand or Australia and record some of the indgigenous sounds there. Native America would be good. Do Rick Rubin a favor, buy him a plane ticket, get something new in his hands, something he hasn't been working with, and you know, call Bob Rock, and say, ok, where did we leave off with...?

COMMENT | hope
posted by : sprimusp
2/13/2007 3:42:29 PM
St. Anger was a really bad album, but I did like the Load/Reload stuff, so hopefully this will be good. Bob Rock was a dick anyway.

posted by :
2/13/2007 3:43:08 PM

posted by : Thrasher768
2/13/2007 3:49:29 PM
This sounds very promising, I can't wait!

COMMENT | this may be an unpopular opinion, but...
posted by : buttlips
2/13/2007 3:55:03 PM
I actually liked St. Anger. it wasn't their best album, but I thought it was better than Load & Re-Load. not only that, but I also loved And Justice For All. if they can make an album like that (with more prominent bass parts), I'd be very happy.

posted by : ironnuts22
2/13/2007 3:57:11 PM
I live in Casper! I bet that'll be the 1st single! lol

posted by : Plihtari
2/13/2007 3:58:21 PM

Metallica \.../ (><) \.../

COMMENT | Congrats to Rick Rubin on the Grammys
posted by : RebelRobot
2/13/2007 3:58:57 PM
He really cleaned up there, but I doubt he's got any sense of what's happening in heavy music today. It's been ages since he was on the cutting edge with Slayer, Public Enemy and Run-DMC. Actually that was about the time Metallica was cutting edge, so maybe they get on well. I'm not expecting anything groundbreaking from this collaboration, though.

COMMENT | I hope for the best
posted by : MODULATOR
2/13/2007 4:00:47 PM

COMMENT | Melbourne
posted by : toliveistodie
2/13/2007 4:01:15 PM
Wonder if that will be on there...

COMMENT | Rick Rubin
posted by : buttlips
2/13/2007 4:06:43 PM
to be honest, I can't say that I've ever disliked any Rubin produced album. I gotta admit, he always seems to do a great job getting whoever he's producing to sound really full and clear.

posted by : jeffgq
2/13/2007 4:12:39 PM
metal-mike...kind of like your life!

COMMENT | it's kind of weird
posted by : nic_d
2/13/2007 4:12:56 PM
i have always posted the comparisons between Sabbaths' studio output number wise and Metallica's...and with Heaven and Hell drawing huge interest this year, it wouldn't surprise me if Metallica pulled their own "Heaven and Hell/Mob Rules" type comeback just because the stars are lining up for them...

let just hope they break it up though before they do a Seventh Star or Forbidden LOL

so to recap:
Kill em All = Black Sabbath (debut that splits headz)
Ride The Lightning = Paranoid (tinkers with accessibility)
Master of Puppets = Master of Reality (popularity ensues)
Vol. 4 = And Justice for All (breakthrough and hype)
s/t = Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (really tinkers with accessibility)
Sabotage = Load (beginnings of crap)
Technical Ecstacy = Re-Load (crap leftovers)
Never Say Die = St. Anger (some good songs, a step in the right direction, but ultimately nowhere near as good as the first 4)

posted by : nic_d
2/13/2007 4:14:43 PM
yeah i reversed the comparisons (metallica = black sabbath to black sabbath = metallica) because the last 3 were yknow...crap...needed to differentiate that...

COMMENT | The Key Of Z Flat Sharp Minor Flat 5 Sus 4 Aug 9!
posted by : ghodofthunder
2/13/2007 4:19:07 PM
Or The Key Of E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That sounds about right!

COMMENT | First glimmer of sanity...
posted by : Streetknife
2/13/2007 4:32:11 PM
...I've read since they started this whole recording thing. Key of E... Hetfield sings better... Might be hope yet! How about a ghostwriter for the lyrics now?

COMMENT | sounds like a good process
posted by : ozzyslovechild
2/13/2007 4:33:55 PM

sounds like a good process

jam to warm up and make it your process to create something new before playing something not, then harvest.

just so long as there's no songs about feelings,, we could be looking at something worth hearing.


posted by : houde666
2/13/2007 4:38:24 PM
Push them to the limit Rick.

COMMENT | Rick's da man
posted by : hondo77
2/13/2007 4:39:37 PM
The new album isn't going to sound like any of their albums. If you've heard that new song they were playing on tour last summer, you know it's going to be a good album (for a change). Rick's going to make sure they don't get lazy.

As for Rick Rubin not being in touch with metal, he produced the last Slipknot album, fer chrissakes!

COMMENT | At last
posted by : numberonecommon
2/13/2007 4:40:53 PM
Maybe theres hope for a decent new Metallica cd.

COMMENT | re: nic_d
posted by : Lord Lee
2/13/2007 4:42:57 PM
Interesting comparison. Although Sabotage might very well be one of the best Sabbath-albums out there which isn't exactly the case when it comes to Load (of shit).

COMMENT | Metallica will forever suck
posted by : iniquity
2/13/2007 4:52:26 PM
Everything they've done after the Black album blew hard.

No matter how good a producer, a bad that sucks will continue to suck.

I agree with Rick, but can't expect the band to deliver, they lost their magic a long time ago, it's just a business now that the real passion is gone.

COMMENT | p0s3r666???
posted by : chronis1420
2/13/2007 4:54:00 PM

they need other people t tell them what to do, you guys suck harder than a hoover. )


Dude.... The guy is a producer. That's his job.

I'm actually looking forward to hearing this album. Mainly because Bob Rock is finally out of the picture. Yes we all know after the black album they went towards a hard rock sound rather than metal. But I honestly believe with Rick as producer and Rob actually recording his own bass tracks we might............might actually have a decent album from this band. Just hope it's better than the trash we've been given in the past 15 years.

COMMENT | agreed with above
posted by : Supernaut456
2/13/2007 4:55:23 PM
I want to punch in the face whoever started this idea that Sabotage is crap sabbath my book it has some of their best songs with ozzy, I think its a stupid rumor. Go LISTEN to the album. However, Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die are easily deducible as crap upon first listen.

posted by : MustainepWnsYouAll
2/13/2007 4:56:50 PM
3 years later anyone?

COMMENT | Can't wait
posted by : StaticXEngage
2/13/2007 5:00:25 PM
This should be a very interesting album.

COMMENT | is houde666^ any kin to RiotAct666
posted by :
2/13/2007 5:02:21 PM
just asking?

COMMENT | Mic check
posted by : Shredomatic
2/13/2007 5:05:19 PM
As long as he turns down the fucking snare I might give it a listen.

COMMENT | The Big Picture:
posted by : rando
2/13/2007 5:10:36 PM
Lead guitar is not optional.

COMMENT | Should of got Brendan O'Brien
posted by :
2/13/2007 5:11:00 PM

COMMENT | Metallica are a bunch of retards!
posted by : smellyass
2/13/2007 5:15:11 PM
I highly doubt that metallica could pull off another good record. I seriously tried really hard to like St. Anger but it's just incredible to hear someone record a snare drum sounding like that and leaving it to be pressed! Holy crap! Their brains don't work in cool ways anymore. They definitely have so much money that they can just be lazy now. True metal fans idolized them in the 80's and then they turned on them. They arn't the cool working class anymore, they are the rich snobs who look down us music listeners. Rubin did a great job on the new SLayer so there is some hope. The new SLayer kicks ass.

posted by : dave dillinger
2/13/2007 5:31:16 PM
oh Rick Rubin you rich jerkface.

COMMENT | Give 'Em A Chance
posted by : bigmetalcock3671
2/13/2007 5:51:24 PM
..arent they in pre-production..nobody has even listened to that stuff yet!!These guys are coming off a prett hard time,which I hope theyve realized..hasnt been a step in the right direction.Now,I hope they re-eval everything,like it seems they are doing,and make one hell of an album!!!!!!!

COMMENT | slaydeth
posted by : bigmetalcock3671
2/13/2007 5:53:53 PM
Man,Grow Up!!!!GO listen to some anthrax,vio-lence or death angel!!Thrash in its original sense is gone...take a step forward...put away your cassettes!!!!

COMMENT | Dear Mr. Rubin...
posted by : Das Schuetzenfest
2/13/2007 6:01:20 PM
...since you read the comments on Blabbermouth and obviously consider some of these opionions here - going back to the classic Metallica songwriting with an added new twist and going back to standard tuning(!) - you should also consider this album to be mixed by Andy Wallace. He is THE man behind the knobs and only if he is on board too, I'll get my hopes up, a very tiny little bit.

But the new Testament album will blow the "'tallica" effort out of the water anyway.

posted by : Torqued
2/13/2007 6:01:28 PM
The production on AJFA was fucking horrible.Hopefully they don't go that route

posted by : diatribe13
2/13/2007 6:02:39 PM
Fuck this shit!!!

What they NEED is Flemming Rasmussen back!!

Get down to the nitty gritty.

posted by : Skanna
2/13/2007 6:07:21 PM
Supernaut, you are totally wrong about technical ecstacy and never say die. I love both those albums. WTF with sabbath fans slagging those records?

posted by : Lanjoith
2/13/2007 6:10:07 PM
After seeing/hearing what Rick Rubin got out of Johhny Cash in his later years, I am very confident he can help Metallica re-discover their old sound.

COMMENT | I Hate Those guys
posted by : roadkillkangaroo
2/13/2007 6:35:02 PM
Here is my imprsion of James Hatfeild " I LOve MOnEy...Napster = EViL Yahhhh....Money.....YaHHH.....

COMMENT | You know...
posted by : ChrisASchrader
2/13/2007 6:36:58 PM
I'm failing to get myself worked up over this new Metallica album until I hear it,they said alot of shit before St.Anger that led up till the release of the album that led people to believe it was going to be the crushing album they're capable of and released a giant shitpile.

I'm one of the bunch of Metallica fans that actually liked Load and Reload and even Garage Inc. so I can't bitch them out for those albums but I think because St.Anger was such a bummer for even the loyalist of fans like me I'm using every last bit of caution before putting my money down on Metallica's products.

I don't expect the Metal that brought them to the dance anymore because quite frankly I don't believe that meets the standard of what Heavy Metal is today.

What I want is a full throttle,honest,hard working effort that this band is capable of.

They may shit everyone else here but I firmly believe this band is far more capable of releasing an album that knocks the fans and bashers on our asses than most are willing to admit.

posted by : michael_akercocke
2/13/2007 6:38:12 PM
Yeah, tune up by half a step, that'll fix Metallica - When I listened to St. Anger, all I could think was "if only this was tuned up half a step it wouldn't sound like a sack of spanners falling down a stairwell."


COMMENT | changing from E flat to E...
posted by : hatred
2/13/2007 6:43:23 PM
are you fucking kidding me??? Someone tell me this fucker is kidding. How in the fuck is changing from E flat to E going to change anything.

Fuck these guys in the neck! They haven't had a good album in 15 fucking years!

COMMENT | what they need is cliff burton back
posted by : jeffgq
2/13/2007 6:49:49 PM
i guess thats not happening...why God, why?

posted by : Trendkil
2/13/2007 7:18:08 PM
posted by : AnthonyLynch
2/13/2007 3:41:25 PM

You know, Rick Rubin hasn't really contributed anything to heavy metal in a long time. I think he would be good for like, maybe Willie Nelson, it's like he needs to continue that process of spreading himself out, you know, maybe like producing, oh, I don't know, someone like Santana, or, The Blind Boys of Alabama, or Los Lonely Boys, or maybe Roky ericson, or maybe he sould fly to New Zealand or Australia and record some of the indgigenous sounds there. Native America would be good. Do Rick Rubin a favor, buy him a plane ticket, get something new in his hands, something he hasn't been working with, and you know, call Bob Rock, and say, ok, where did we leave off with...?


Rick rubin exec produced slayers latest, slipknots latest..

Rick doesnt produce for genres. his role, that he does well, is he brings out the essence of the band, its greatest strengths, regardless of style or genre.

COMMENT | THis album will be good
posted by : calltometal
2/13/2007 7:20:28 PM
I can not wait to hear it

posted by : Skanna
2/13/2007 7:20:56 PM
The most relevant point made is this ..... James, it's not such a great idea to turn up to the studio with no songs written and then rely upon a bunch of half-assed jams to form the basis for your new cd.

Wrong with St Anger:
1. Boring riffs
2. Terrible production
3. No solos
4. Crap lyrics
5. Overlong songs and sloppy songwriting

Apart from the first two songs which were quite good.

COMMENT | gameboybmc
posted by : hatetofeel
2/13/2007 8:02:40 PM
amen to that.

posted by : trailblazer
2/13/2007 8:07:03 PM
The ones that bash Metallica here are 13 year old kids who have the pathetic need to bash everything.

COMMENT | Rick Rubin's production.
posted by : Orpheum
2/13/2007 8:11:06 PM
I was not impressed with the last slayer release he produced (i believe it was "God Hates us All). The audio quality was terrible and the snare drum had that god awful aluminum can sound to it. Only Andy Sneap or Scott Burns could even come close to making this band (metallica) sound "metal" again (that and getting someone like Tomas Haake or Gene Hoglan to do the drum tracks).

COMMENT | Where is the metal?
posted by : Markentoth
2/13/2007 8:30:20 PM
...And Justice For All was the last Metallica album with original content that was any good. St. Anger was just horrible. It was not metal. I gave my CD away. If Metallica cares about metal, they need to find their roots, because right now they are a pop rock band.

COMMENT | Questioning tunings......
posted by : armz00
2/13/2007 8:32:04 PM
Good job Rubin on chewing on some ass about their longstanding habits all musicians get into one time or another.

Its a great point to get across to broaden the creative process.

posted by : Puppetmaster187
2/13/2007 8:38:13 PM
Im even gonna post it again because i couldnt have said it better myself...

ha ha ha Blabbermouth just never changes. i swear its the same shit you guys bash the fuck out of metallica when your bands are making worse music than the turds coming out of your ass. what do you mean they haven't put out a good album in 15 years? the new shit on Garage inc? S&M;? (none of your shitty nu-metal bands have the balls to pull this off) Theres songs on the Loads that fucking rule.(fuel,King Nothing,Bleeding me) sure they are not thrash but so what? if you don't like them go and listen to their old shit. type Greatest metal band into Google and 9 times out of 10 guess who's name comes up, show some fucking respect you little ungrateful bastards. and you call them greedy money hungry people who look down on us fans? they fucking tour their ass off to please us and they pay money out of their own pockets for the fan club (they pay more than what they are profiting). Don't say they are greedy and money hungry they haven released a single greatest hits record because they are not like that. so before you bash Metallica for something give it a thought if you don't like their stuff don't talk shit to us fans that do like it. and turn around and call Metallica out for looking down on music fans. fuck most of you wont care for anything i just said but just think about it You want respect then you better give everybody else respect because bashing metallica for St anger/Napster/selling Out is just what stupid 12 year olds do. man if you have a good reason then fuck man explain it Its what these comments are for. just dont bash us fans or say stupid shit like "lar$$$,metallica are sellouts, Metallica $ucks" or any of that stupid 12 year old shit. I know some of you Metalheads out there are pissed that they changed but they fucking changed 15 years ago man. let it go Bash somebody who deserves it like those Lame pop rock bands. im done now rock on! \m/ (' ') \m/



COMMENT | I'm actually looking forward to this album
posted by : FECALMATTER
2/13/2007 8:44:25 PM
It could be a good one to listen to, plus Rick Rubin is producing. Look what he did with Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, the Beastie Boys, Slayer, RATM, Danzig, The Mars Volta, hell even that one Jay Z song he produced sounded pretty good (I forgot the title of it). Anyways, I'm down to listen, even if it's just because they are playing in E again, ahaha.

posted by : EL PENDEJO
2/13/2007 8:47:44 PM
If you polish a turd, it's still a turd.

COMMENT | Can't please Metalheads
posted by : Some_Person
2/13/2007 8:54:30 PM
If they put out another St Anger with better production values, the metalheads will say they suck!

If they put out a heavier, thrashier record, they will say 'sellout!', for trying to jump on the 'old thrash' bandwagon (that they helped start , BTW).

Metallica can't win with you assholes. Oh, wait...they did win. They stopped caring what you finicky doorknobs think.

posted by : Orpheum
2/13/2007 9:00:26 PM
will people stop saying that metallica helped create thrash. Exodus, Venom, and Motorhead were already playing thrash before metallica formed.

posted by : Some_Person
2/13/2007 9:09:03 PM
They helped start the thrash bandwagon that happened in the 80's. HELPED.

Please, PLEASE, learn to read before you type.

posted by : Orpheum
2/13/2007 9:10:01 PM
The genrea had been established three years before they even formed. As far as i'm concerned they didn't help anything.

posted by : killaman
2/13/2007 9:10:40 PM

COMMENT | nic_d
posted by : Dirty Pirate
2/13/2007 9:19:04 PM
If you think Sabotage sucked as a Sabbath album you don't know Sabbath. Need I remind you what's on it. Hole in the Sky, Symptom of the Universe, Megalomania, The Writ... Ozzy has never sounded as stong or well as he does on Sabotage.

posted by : Orpheum
2/13/2007 9:25:46 PM
Sabotage was a great album, and never really gets it's due. As for shit albums they did with ozzy, i think Never Say Die would take that honor

COMMENT | Lar's Drumming
posted by : lemmyk
2/13/2007 9:35:03 PM
The biggest problem I have had with older Metallica is that the producion is muddt and especially "hides" the drums. Rumours aside for loops or studio drummers having been utilized for Justice, Lars NEVER measured up drum wise. All other metal and thrash bands had production that brought out the drum work, except Metallica. After the Black Album, the drums became simple, perhaps for a reason. If Rubin is going to bring something out of this band, Lars has to stop peddling art and learn the drums. Face it, Metallica will never be the top 40 darling they were, so they might as well go out rocking out!!

posted by : bosoxyaz8
2/13/2007 9:38:50 PM
This is by far the most interesting time in a very long time in Metallica history. it almost seems like they`re about to be reborn.
i for one predict great things when all is said and done .

COMMENT | METALLICA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by : RiotAct666
2/13/2007 10:06:22 PM
Bring on the new album. It is gonna kick loads of a** when it comes out. You heard me!!!!!!!!!

COMMENT | Maybe the new album
posted by : carcrash
2/13/2007 10:10:42 PM
will be more metalcore influenced.

posted by : carcrash
2/13/2007 10:14:45 PM
More excited about Mansons new album then Metallicas

COMMENT | if the next album sounds like Old Metallica
posted by : blabber hater
2/13/2007 10:19:43 PM
I'll shit my pants.

COMMENT | The master of bass guitar
posted by : cliffburt
2/13/2007 10:31:13 PM
bring back the cliff era and see if the new guy can cut it.

posted by : wajahat_k
2/13/2007 10:35:52 PM
CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!!!! This is a new direction for metallica, rick rubin has not failed before. Look ever so forward to this

Np: Blind Guardian - Weird Dreams

COMMENT | I say...
posted by : mightyimpiety
2/13/2007 11:21:16 PM
Out with the trash and in with the THRASH!

posted by : Hubster
2/13/2007 11:25:07 PM
This band stopped being decent as soon as AJFA was released. Period. I don't even know why they bother going (aside from money), they're an insult to metal. Fuck you Metallica! You continue to bring shame on the metal world, quit damn you!

COMMENT | nope
posted by : smheadbanger
2/13/2007 11:44:14 PM
This album'll still suck. whoever is producing.

COMMENT | At the moment,
posted by : hurricane hugo
2/13/2007 11:45:56 PM
I'm listening to "Valhall Awaits Me", from the instant classic album "With Oden On Our Side" by Amon Amarth. I can actually remember when Metallica was this good.

Those days are over and done.


COMMENT | It is good they have a great producer....
posted by : Borat Sagdiyev
2/14/2007 12:28:23 AM
But that does not make a good album, to do that you have to write good songs. I have heard there "New Song" on Sirius and all I can say is that it does not look good.

posted by : Emannikcufesin
2/14/2007 12:50:10 AM
Rubin, you're our only hope. Save Metallica.

posted by : Skanna
2/14/2007 2:05:12 AM

You are wrong.

Metallica was great when they did their free demo 'No Life til Leather'. Then they sold out when they put out "Kill Em All' as a commercial product for people to buy.


COMMENT | It's been at least 18 years!!!
posted by : EL PENDEJO
2/14/2007 2:21:14 AM
That was the last time Metallica was good.

COMMENT | Well...
posted by : StratoBOB
2/14/2007 2:44:49 AM
Sounds cool . My hopes are rising for thise record after reading this kind of news.

posted by : sourceofselfdestruction
2/14/2007 2:53:28 AM
UNITED ABOMINATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMMENT | haha
posted by : Edenspring
2/14/2007 3:04:27 AM
Ulrich really has a good grasp of the music in played with his band. "We've played in E flat since the beginning of the '90s."
No you haven't. Almost the entire effing St. Anger album was tuned to C, helloooo? There's a *quite* obviously diferrent sound as a result. Good to hear they're not tuning down that much anymore though, it didn't fit Metallica very well.

COMMENT | Sounds Demanding
posted by : uh huh
2/14/2007 3:43:25 AM
Next thing you know he'll be asking you to NOT SUCK!

COMMENT | Now they'll sound like the Dixie Chicks
posted by : BlkDahlia
2/14/2007 10:33:11 AM
Lars kind of even looks like the short dumpy one...

posted by : sheev3
2/14/2007 3:46:42 PM

COMMENT | st anger part 2
posted by : Branikald_44
2/15/2007 1:49:39 PM
Thats what the new crap from metallica will be like. Actually it will be worse. rick rubin is wasting time and money with these sellouts. A producer cannot make a good record. THE BAND makes a good record. Look at Slayer!! Christ Illusion is fucking awesome and they didnt need rick rubin to produce it. metallica are so lame now that they have to use a producer as a crutch to try and save their music from complete failure. What a joke metallica is their new album will make a good beer coaster

COMMENT | Metallica live forever
posted by : outlaw_torn
2/20/2007 9:25:56 PM
For many ppl, 'tallica have not released an album worthy of their potential since the likes of "puppetz" or for some "the black album" or for some others (like me) "load", but its been so hard for them. Sure, they have everything, but lost so much ie. Cliff (RIP), Jason, crap loads of ignorant, so-called fans after the napster situation and James for like a year in the middle of recording. To me, Metallica are and will always be the greatest band that ever lived - of any genre. From what Lars is saying about returning to old song writing ways and returning to the key of E and the fact that they have fresh musical minds in Rob Truillo and Rick Rubin, I am extremely psyched about this album. If it turns out to be crap then so be it, but until that happens (IF it does) these guys deserve a break and if you are fans of any of their albums then like any decent, passionate fans you should show them loyalty no matter what they do. Thats what it is to be a fan. Metallica will always be loved, honoured and listened to with maximum headbanging and utter enjoyment by me. If anyone feels the same then let the ignorant "Metallica sell-out" and "Metallica suck" fanatics know.

COMMENT | All you people who keep baggin on Metallica.......
posted by : King_Nothing117
2/21/2007 7:23:16 PM
You are the sell-outs, you are the ones who suck, your the ones who blow, your the bastards, your the brain-dead pieces of shits, you guys blow ass, and your the idiots. May I also agree with outlaw_torn that "Metallica are and will always be the greatest band that ever lived..." and also "I am extremely psyched about this album. If it turns out to be crap then so be it..." In my own words I would have to say that you guys who keep talkin shit on Metallica need to get a life of your own but to do that you need to move out of your parents basement and find a girlfriend who doesn't hang out at the corner.


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