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Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya

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The Best Place To Buy Genuine Kimono.
* More than 10000 Valuable Items!
* Largest kimono stocks on the internet.
* Direct from Japan!
* Japanese Style Hearty Service! ( Customers' Voice of ebay )
* Many incredibly Detailed Photos & precise descriptions. Enchanting Tsuzure Bag Price Down! Recommended Items! These are most impressive hand woven fomal bags with kamon, family crest, and other traditional Japanese motifs. They are exceptionally chic -and will be an excellent Christmas gift. Please check the enchanting bags directly from Japan. (1)RARE Nozarashi Sashiko Shoubou Banten! Hand sashiko and incredible skull, fox and full moon motif picture inside! Must check!
(2)Haor Tie For Sale!
Silk Haori Ties Must be wonderful cell-phone straps! Sale Price!

(3)Charming Bolts! New Affiliate Shop Has Opened!
Mr. Takei specializes in Japanese used and old books. You can find valuable old books about kimono, embroidery, fukusa, ikebana, tea ceremony, budo and so on! Please check his site! ICHIROYA's Other Sites & Affiliate Sites GENUINE JAPANESE ITEMS

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Japanese Tea 'Ocha'
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Japanese T Shirt Shop

Tour J Artisan
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currency type rate help Conversations By Mr. John Marshall
John Marshall is one of our special customers.He is a professional katazome dyer lives in USA, and has rich knowledge about Japanese textiles. He is . also the authour of famous English Kimono Book. He makes these pages for free, only to entertain kimono lovers! You can find lots of useful information in his pages
The latest issue is about 'Garment Shapes'

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How To Wear Kimono DVD
We have decided to make 'How To Wear Kimono' DVD in English originally. It is not the existing DVD, which was only translated from Japanese to English. We planed carefully for freign people. You can learn every steps by movie and precise instructions. Not only easy and useful, but also Yuka will entertain you! >>Details

Enjoy Kimono Photo Album
Thank you very much for sharing your kimono life with us!

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How do I wear kimono?
How does a sizing work?
How do I wear uchikake?
How do I tie obi?
How do I clean kimono and obi?
What is the difference : men's kimono & women's kimono?
Are there any books about kimono ?

More About Obi
There are four kinds of Obis. "Maru Obi","Fukuro Obi",""Nagoya Obi" and "Hanahaba Obi". What are the differences?

Obi Display Hint
At one time, even the most magnificent obi in Japan had only one purpose: to tie a kimono. Today, however, people everywhere are discovering the almost unlimited decorative potential of the obi. With your own special obi, you can add the flair of your personality to just about anything in the home. They are elegant as table runners and wall hangings. They can be folded or tied in a variety of ways to create elegant displays on furniture, and they make breathtakingly beautiful drapes.The stunning designs and colors found in obi will brighten up any corner. Click here and see what our customers have done so far! Perhaps you too can become part of our photo album. We are always thrilled to receive email from you, and we love to see photos of your special obi creations. POLICIES
We ship our items from post office basically.
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Our items are old(used) or vintage, so they are basically unreturnable.The items are sent from Japan directly by using international postal service, so international shipping cost is charged- which is different from domestic shipping and it is considered as indivitual import. We answer any questions about your order if needed beforehand. If there is any flaw which are not shown in the listing, we will refund after checking. Please let us know within 14 days after the arrival of the parcel. We cannot accept any returning after 14 days from the delivery date. We cannot accept any returning without any contact to us.

We are trying to set the reasonable price on our site from the beginning. We offer discount only for these cases. We offer 10% discount to the customers who buy over $1000.00 at a time or when the customer's cumulative total becomes over $1500.00(the purchase from ebay auctions and the items from sale and bundle corner are not included)


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It's been a long time since we began wearing western clothes in our daily lives. But kimono, the Japanese traditional clothes are not something what we want to leave behind. Ichiroya is opened to offer you the authentic and charming old kimono on the net. Most of the kimono we offer here are one-of -a-kind from Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Kobe. Please take a look at the detailed pictures. We send the item directly from Japan to your place.

A lot of kimono have been kept carefully in the chest of each family for a long time. We take a gentle care of them and fix if needed and offer you with a reasonable price just as the price of the Japanese flea markets ! We offer kimono, haori(a short jacket), uchikake(a wedding coat) , furisode( flowing- sleeve fancy kimono) and cute children's kimono, too! We also offer a variety of obi(sash belt), haori ties and other accessories to go with kimono. We are constantly adding new items.
Some kimono are just art created by elaborate work of craftmanship. Some are handsewn by mothers to get enough warmth. Some have dynamic and stunning designs. Some have the design s so subtle. Some textiles are woven with the premium silk, and some are woven with left over silk thread. Some are worn by a bride in her wedding ceremony only once, but some are worn by ordinary hardworking mothers everyday. Some are heavily brocaded on exquisite silk, abd some has been untied , redyed and sewn again for the second or third time use. Some have designs using symbols of prosperity, longevity or children's health and growth. Some even have militaristic tone handpaintings in the lining!
The charms of kimono are timeless, and we think they are borderless, too. There were many rules to wear kimono as a garment. But taking them into our life now, there is no rule. With your artistic flair, they become alive again, as a garment or an interior decor to brighten up the corner of your home.

Our job is to wake up old kimono and introduce their charms and send them to new homes. If you meet your special kimono in our shop, we will be very happy to wake her (or him)up and tell her to get ready for travel. They will be happy to fly to any place in the world to be used again! Please come to see our old kimono and find your special one. Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya Asia-shoji Bldg.301, 1841-1 Nishi 1 chome, Wakamatsu cho Tondabayashi, Osaka 584-0025, Japan
e-mail: [email protected]