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success fail Nov OCT Feb 01 2005 2007 2009 19 captures 26 Nov 2005 - 23 Sep 2017 About this capture COLLECTED BY Collection: Corporation Websites Collection

This collection contains an extracted web archive corpus of 0.8+ million corporate websites (from an original list of ~0.98 websites) extracted from the web archive, covering the period 1996 to early 2017. This corpus was originally created as a collaboration between the Internet Archive and a group at Dartmouth University, but it may be useful to other researchers.

Updated or more detailed information may exist at:

Corpus Statistics

  • approximately 840,000 domains
  • more than 500,000,000 unique URLs
  • more than 1,600 WARC files and 26,000 ARC files
  • more than 3.25 TB compressed

Identifiers and Related Publications

TODO: link to future publications TODO: DataCite DOI

How to Download

This large corpus is split into several hundred distinct "items" on

We recommend using the internetarchive python utility (aka, "ia") for bulk downloads. See also:

WARC and ARC downloads can be verified using the unified manifest files at:

Additional manifest and derived information (including CDX files) exist at:


TODO: document how this dataset was generated


September 30, 2007

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1917: First Barnes & Noble
Bookstore Opens in Manhattan

In 1873, Charles M. Barnes founded a book-printing establishment in Wheaton, Illinois. In 1917, his son, William, traveled to New York City by train and, partnering with G. Clifford Noble, opened the first Barnes & Noble retail store at 31 West 15th Street in Manhattan. In 1932, Barnes & Noble opened what became the company’s flagship store at 105 Fifth Avenue, at the corner of 18th Street. In addition to general interest books, Barnes & Noble sold textbooks and scholarly books. In 1971, Leonard Riggio, who had worked at Barnes & Noble while attending New York University, bought the company. He discounted books, advertised on television, offered seating and public rest rooms, and in 1991 pioneered the "superstore concept." In 1997, the company launched an online bookstore. Today, Barnes & Noble is the world’s largest bookseller, operating 839 bookstores in 50 states. A Barnes & Noble on Sixth Avenue is shown here.

–Cynthia Blair

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