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RPGamer Editorials - Rebuttal to FF8 FAQ Part 2

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Rebuttal to FF8 FAQ Part 2

by Joshua Maciel

One week later, and plenty of e-mails received, I've realized the degree of my mistakes writing about the relationship between Squall and Laguna. However, I will remedy this situation by reversing everything I said by quoting people who e-mailed me. Laguna is Squall's father. And here are the reasons...

"First you might know that Moombas can recongnize people by licking their blood, this was mentioned in the game. In the prison the moomba lick Squall's hand and say "Laguna! Laguna!". Someone in the Shumi village explained that when Laguna was rescued "from the place were he jumped down a cliff" he was rescued by a moomba and later thaught that moomba how to speak. So it is the same moomba. So this mean Squall and Laguna have the same blood which is why the moomba said Laguna!"

"Also, in the Ragnarok Kiros said to Squall "You look at lot like your mother, lucky you don't look much like your father." or something like that. It is -clear- that they know his father and are talking about Laguna. Ellone ISN'T Laguna's daughter nor is she Raine's daughter. If you paid attention a bit you would know Raine adopted her and there are pictures of Ellone's real parents in the house next to Raine's which Laguna mentions. So Laguna got Raine pregnant right before going to war."

(Phil R-A who didn't give me permission to include his e-mail address sent me the first two.)

"Ellone tells Squall before she leaves with the White SeeD ship that she wanted to change the past because she wanted to change the fact that Raine, (while dying of post-partum complications, I suppose) cried out for Laguna to come back to see her newborn baby, but he never came. So Raine had a kid, and I'd wager Laguna was the father. Why would Elle tell Squall this, something she probably would not tell anyone else?"

(Annalisa Conserti gave me that gem of a quote)

"Ellone is NOT Raine's child. In the game, they mention that when Adel ordered Winhill to be attacked several times, in search of Ellone, for her abililites. They also say that Ellone has a mother and father, who were both killed in one of the attacks. Ellone is than taken in by Raine, who adopts her as her own child."

"Now this is somewhat more speculation, but Laguna has probaly been in the village for about a year or so, maybe less. This would more than enough time to knock up Raine, and they do seem to stick around each other while he's there (you don't ever hear about any other men...) Laguna could have knocked her up in this time when Ellone was 5, and Raine would give birth to this child while he was rescuing Ellone. Laguna wanted to see Raine's child badly...and Ellone made his wish possible by sending his child, Squall, back in time to see him, but also see how much Laguna loved her. Also, it is fact that Julia's child is Rinoa, and she desperately wanted Laguna... however, since Laguna's true love existed with Raine, Julia and Laguna's love could not flourish. However, their children (assuming Squall is Laguana's) was able to find that love that their parents never had. Kind of a freakish multi-generational love triangle if you ask me."

(Both of these were given by Michael Haley)

So, as we can see, I was very very very very wrong. I got much more than that as personal rebuttals, but these are the most solid, well-written, fact-based things I received. I want to thank everyone for the corrections, and say one more word before I go.

Some of the e-mails I received said something to the extent of "Now next time you play a game pay attention to what is said." I'd like to point out that I did pay attention -- albeit not as closely as some. I'd also like to point out that if these things were so obvious, there wouldn't have been such a debate about it, and I would have received only one-sided e-mails. The next time one of you thinks that I missed the point -- write your own editorial please, instead of telling me to pay closer attention. I enjoyed the game, I had fun, and even if I missed some points, I think I understood it enough.

Original Editorial: FAQ About the Plot of FFVIII Part II

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