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Laws of the Game 2006

success fail Aug SEP Oct 13 2006 2007 2008 63 captures 13 Sep 2007 - 12 Dec 2018 About this capture COLLECTED BY Organization: National Library of Australia Crawls Crawls performed by Internet Archive on behalf of the National Library of Australia. This data is currently not publicly accessible. Collection: nla_2007 this data is currently not publicly accessible. TIMESTAMPS Law 16 – The Goal Kick A goal kick is a method of restarting play.

A goal may be scored directly from a goal kick, but only against the opposing team.

A goal kick is awarded when:

  • the whole of the ball, having last touched a player of the attacking team, passes over the goal line, either on the ground or in the air, and a goal is not scored in accordance with Law 10 .

  • The ball is kicked from any point within the goal area by a player of the defending team.

  • Opponents remain outside the penalty area until the ball is in play.

  • The kicker does not play the ball a second time until it has touched another player.

  • The ball is in play when it is kicked directly beyond the penalty area.
Infringements/Sanctions If the ball is not kicked directly into play beyond the penalty area:
  • the kick is retaken.
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