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The New Sanctuary Movement

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Building on a Powerful Tradition

In the early 1980's, thousands of Central American refugeespoured into the United States, fleeing life-threatening repression and extensive human rights violations by their governments.

At the time, federal immigration policy would have denied the majority political asylum simply because their governments were allies of the U.S. Many of these refugees had actively participated in the liberation theology movement and naturally sought protection from congregations.

Many Catholic, Protestant and Jewish congregations and temples responded positively -- offering these refugees social services and advocacy support as well as engaging actively in efforts to change federal immigration policy. These congregations, united under the banner of the Sanctuary Movement, also pledged that they would not reveal the identities of these refugees, even if they were arrested or jailed for doing so.

The Sanctuary Movement was ultimately successful both in changing national policy and in protecting tens of thousands of individuals and families, enabling them to start a new life in the U.S.

Now, over 25 years later, religious leaders across a broad spectrum of denominations from 10 states are coming together to begin a New Sanctuary Movement to accompany and protect immigrant families who are facing the violation of their human rights in the form of hatred, workplace discrimination and unjust deportation. We welcome religious leaders, congregations and faith-based organizations of all denominations to join us in this effort.

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The New Sanctuary Movement

Building on a Powerful Tradition

Why Now?

Changing the Terms of the Debate: Need and Opportunity

The Convening, Washington D.C.

Invitation to join - Overview, Goals and Structure

About the Coordinating Organizations

Prophetic Hospitality: Strategies for A New Movement