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Review The Proposed Legislation
  The Elyse Marie Pahler Foundation
In Memory of Our Loving Daughter

P.O . Box 1831
(805) 546-4114 • FAX: (805) 594-0159 • WEBSITE:


A Field of Dreams

The family of Elyse Marie Pahler has created this Foundation in her memory for the protection and welfare of children. The Foundation wants to educate the public about the danger the satanic/death metal music poses to children and teens, and develop computer software that will assist law enforcement officials and parents to locate their missing children.

•   •   •

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA - On July 22, 1995, three teenage boys lured 15-year-old Elyse Marie Pahler from her home, taking her to a eucalyptus grove they had designated the Devil's alter. Once there, they drugged her, making her helpless against their assault. The three boys brutally killed her as a sacrifice to the Devil. They first strangled her with a belt and then took turns stabbing her with an antler-handled hunting knife. As Elyse lay dying on the ground, praying to God and calling for her mother, the boys violently tromped on her neck in attempting to silence her. They raped her and repeatedly performed sexual acts with her body following her death.

      The vicious assault and murder of Elyse were carried out according to instructions from lyrics written by the "Death Metal" band known as Slayer. These lyrics include directions of stalking, mutilation, dismemberment, rape, torture, cannibalism, necrophilia, and the killing of virgin females.

Father, I love you every
single day,
every single hour in every
single way.
When I ask you something,
you try to say OK.
You are a blessing in my life
and that's what I'm trying
to say.

P.S. If you want a hug, I
will gladly say you may!

– EIyse Marie Pahler
Written to her dad the Father's Day
before she disappeared.

      The [law]suit, which was "unsealed" by the court May 19, 2000, was filed by Elyse Pahler's parents, the Elyse Marie Pahler Foundation, and on behalf of the general public. It alleges that the band Slayer and related businesses market obscene and harmful products to teens to entice them to buy Slayer albums and related products. According to the suit, Slayer and related businesses advocate and glorify senselessly violent acts, inciting adolescents such as the three teenage boys to commit such crimes.

      In May of 2000 the Pahler family and their Foundation contracted with the legal team that included California Supreme Court Justice William P. Clark of Clark, Calie & Negranti and the law firms of Hutkin & Janssen, and Milberg Weiss Bernard Hynes & Lerach. Milberg Weiss has litigated numerous prominent precedent-setting cases such as the Lincoln Savings & Loan case, the NASDAQ Market-Makers Antitrust Litigation, the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Litigation and the suit against R.J. Renolds over its Joe Camel Campaign for marketing their product to minors.

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