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1516 Copy of the Shroud Attributed to Albrecht Durer or Bernard van Orley

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Shroud of Turin and the Resurrection of Jesus

1516 Copy of the Shroud Attributed to Albrecht Durer or Bernard van Orley

This copy of the Shroud, ca 1516, is commonly attributed to Albrecht Durer and sometimes Bernard van Orley.

This copy is significant in that it shows the pattern of the so-called poker holes.

There were many painted copies of the shroud, and they are distinctively different in many ways from the actual Shroud of Turin.

  • They are painted

  • They sometimes confuse negative and positive images in their representations of the figures on the shroud

  • They are clearly marked at copies or documentation identifies them as such

  • The lack the essential 3D encoding of the shroud

  • They are not produced on herringbone twill linen with a variegated background

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