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About the awards

How to apply

ORSAS in England

ORSAS in Northern Ireland

Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme

ORSAS was set up by the Secretary of State for Education and Science in 1979 to attract high-quality international students to the United Kingdom to undertake research. The Scheme is funded through the four UK higher education funding bodies (for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) receive an annual grant to fund ORSAS awards. The grant is allocated by formula and reviewed periodically with regard to postgraduate research student recruitment and related data. ORSAS award holders are selected internally by HEIs.

Prospective applicants should contact institutions directly for information on how to apply for an ORSAS award. Follow the links to learn more about ORSAS in England and Northern Ireland. Information on ORSAS in Scotland and Wales will be available in early autumn 2005.

Last updated 2 August 2005

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