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Handbook of Applied Cryptography

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Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. van Oorschot and Scott A. Vanstone

CRC Press
ISBN: 0-8493-8523-7
October 1996, 816 pages

Fifth Printing (August 2001)

The Handbook was reprinted (5th printing) in August 2001. The publisher made all the various minor changes and updates we submitted. You can identify the 5th printing of the book by looking for "5 6 7 8 9 0" at the bottom of the page that includes the ISBN number.

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Sample Chapters FREE!!

CRC Press has generously given us permission to make all chapters available for free download.
Please read this copyright notice before downloading any of the chapters.
  • Chapter 1 - Overview of Cryptography ps pdf
  • Chapter 2 - Mathematics Background ps pdf
  • Chapter 3 - Number-Theoretic Reference Problems ps pdf
  • Chapter 4 - Public-Key Parameters ps pdf
  • Chapter 5 - Pseudorandom Bits and Sequences ps pdf
  • Chapter 6 - Stream Ciphers ps pdf
  • Chapter 7 - Block Ciphers ps pdf
  • Chapter 8 - Public-Key Encryption ps pdf
  • Chapter 9 - Hash Functions and Data Integrity ps pdf
  • Chapter 10 - Identification and Entity Authentication ps pdf
  • Chapter 11 - Digital Signatures ps pdf
  • Chapter 12 - Key Establishment Protocols ps pdf
  • Chapter 13 - Key Management Techniques ps pdf
  • Chapter 14 - Efficient Implementation ps pdf
  • Chapter 15 - Patents and Standards ps pdf
  • Appendix - Bibliography of Papers from Selected Cryptographic Forums ps pdf
  • References ps pdf
  • Index ps pdf

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