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A bold stance that challenges received wisdom is a difficult endeavor for the best of writers. DePergola sets out on an exciting pathway to write an imaginative and original analysis of the relation between memory, emotion, identity, and ethical decision making. In this breathtaking view of over fifty years of memory research, the reader not only evidences brinkmanship on the cutting edge of neuroscience, but also a tour de force on moral normativity. ...

Gerard Magill, Vernon F. Gallagher Chair & Professor of Healthcare Ethics, Duquesne University

The Ideas, Identity and Art of Daniel Spoerri offers Anglophone readers fresh insights into the genesis of Spoerri's important work and illuminates fascinating intellectual exchanges between artists, curators, and other key figures in the European art world from the late 1950s to the present. Cempellin navigates sources in many languages on the multilingual artist, drawing on little-known archival materials and interviews to present key thematic elements in Spoerri's oeuvre. Through reference to projects such as Spoerri's Fluxus works, Eat Art, and Sentimental Museums, the artist's striking inventiveness and intellectual rigor come vividly to the fore.

Jill Carrick, Carleton University, Canada

...Even though the study of art and of design are theoretical, Dr. Avital has come closer than anyone to approaching them as if they were empirical. His clear and rigorous parsing of the issues in The Confusion Between Art and Design dares disagreement and will do much toward concluding the argument.

Prof. Mel Byars, Design Historian, author of The Design Encyclopedia

This is a refreshing account of research in all its entanglements – the research embedded in the contemporary neo-liberal university, in the careers of the connected academics, in the ‘life’, thoughts and reflections of the frontline researcher, and in the moments of connection between the researcher and the interviewees – here allowed to speak through extensive unmediated interview quotes.

Dr Kezia Barker, Birkbeck, University of London

...a splendid achievement for the cause of interdisciplinarity.

Norma Thompson, Yale University

This work is theoretically sophisticated and empirically rich and will appeal to scholars in Science and Technology Studies and Organizational Studies and all those interested in work practices and design.

Trevor Pinch, Goldwin Smith Professor of Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University

A valuable synthesis of literature on the sources of economic growth and, simultaneously, a challenge for more research on the relationship between technological change, economic growth and social transformations.

Diego Comin, Department of Economics, Dartmouth College

An important study that enhances our understanding of early Indian polity

Edwin Bryant, Professor of Hinduism Rutgers, State University of New Jersey.

A profoundly researched, well-written and accessible study. Unlike other works of art history, it is addressed to a broader public with interests in the art market and also artists, gallerists and other ‘players’ in the art business.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Vogt, Universität der Künste, College of Fine Arts, Berlin interesting and well-written account of a puzzling aspect of art history

Peter G. Underwood, Emeritus Professor, University of Cape Town

An impressive achievement. A book that all beginners to the topic should read, use and consult.

Prof. Fabio Canova, Pierre Werner Chair of Monetary Union, European University Institute

...a very interesting, innovative and thought provoking book, striving to break new ground in the field of economic geography, with a focus on evolutionary approaches to understanding spatial diversity in economic outcomes

Prof. Bernard Fingleton, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge

...meticulous and balanced development of evidence on the causes and consequences of growth.

Laurence M. Ball, Department of Economics, John Hopkins University and National Bureau of Economic Research.

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