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Observation of Through-Hydrogen-Bond <SUP>2h</SUP>J<SUB>HC′</SUB> in a Perdeuterated Protein - NASA/ADS

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Observation of Through-Hydrogen-Bond 2hJHC′ in a Perdeuterated Protein


It is demonstrated that J connectivity between amide protons and hydrogen-bond-accepting carbonyl carbons can be observed in perdeuterated human ubiquitin. A selective pulse scheme is used to detect these small 2hJHC′ interactions in the presence of the much larger through-covalent-bond 2JHC′ and 3JHC′ couplings. The ratio of the observed through-H-bond correlation intensity and the 2JHC′ connectivity observed in a reference spectrum indicates 2hJHC′ values of ca. 0.4-0.6 Hz, which are only slightly smaller than the corresponding 3hJNC′ values. However, for technical reasons, 2hJHC′ couplings are more difficult to measure than 3hJNC′.

Journal of Magnetic Resonance
Pub Date:
October 1999
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