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The Twin Towers Alliance

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It is not too late for a World Trade Center that fully lives up to the name. We believe it actually has been too soon to make the World Trade Center all that it can and should be. And after taking two years to carefully consider all the angles and many components of the complex and sensitive issue, we have a comprehensive proposal to share.

We can only go as far as our dreams will take us. The call to "dream no small dreams" built the Trade Center and its Twin Towers were a blend of the practical and the sublime. They epitomized both worldly and spiritual striving and achievement. Diminished expectations have no place at Ground Zero, where we have seen how superhuman mere mortals can be.

The essence of New York is boundless and thrilling. The open-air roof deck of the original World Trade Center perfectly captured that wonder. Which is why, in the 1980s, the Port Authority ran ads that cautioned visitors: "And in the evening, please don't touch the stars!"

Until examining what we believe the World Trade Center could be, why would anyone insist on what it should be or shouldn't be?! We know the powerful forces that prevented the "Restoration Alternative" (as it was officially dubbed) from even being considered in the first place would be just as adamantly opposed today (more so, if that's possible.)

We aren't criticizing the current WTC – just the dishonest process that produced it. We appreciate the steadfast devotion that went into making the site we see today. But if it could be even greater tomorrow, why would anyone stand in the way?

We believe that future generations will see the Twin Towers as mythic, either because they once stood tall, were destroyed by blind hatred, and were then forsaken by a timid people -- or because they will be standing even taller, having been destroyed by blind hatred and then rescued by a heroic nation.


Before presenting our proposal for Phase Two of the World Trade Center, it is important to explain why we refer to the redevelopment of the WTC as "The Swindle At Ground Zero" and why it is so important to our country's future that everyone understands what really took place.

Using the term "swindle" to describe the rebuilding process is not hyperbole. The Merriam-Webster definition of the word is "to obtain money or property by fraud or deceit." That is an accurate description of what took place. There is a great deal of evidence in print through the years that substantiates that claim. Our objection is to the process -- not the results.

The purpose of this site is not to tarnish what has become synonymous with our loss and our remembrance. The purpose of this site is to look with "fresh eyes" on what took place and on what could become an even greater tribute.


"The real horror of that day lies not in its bigness, but in its smallness. In the small searing death of one person 6,000 times, and that one person was not a number. That person was our father or our mother or our son or our daughter or our grandpa or grandma or brother or sister or cousin or uncle or aunt or friend or lover, our neighbor, our co-worker, the woman who delivered our mail or the guy who put out our fires and arrested the bad guys in our town. And the death of each and every one of them alone would be worthy of such a gathering and such a grief."

— Rabbi Marc Gellman at the Yankee Stadium Prayeer Vigil on 9/23/01 (before the final death toll was known)

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