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This page helps to create an automated web page scraper, to generate and update Mix'n'match catalogs.
The goal is to create a list of URLs, iterate through them, and scrape the respective pages to generate Mix'n'match entries.
[See example]


Add a scraper to an existing catalog (give ID), or create a new catalog (leave ID empty).
Note: only the original catalog creator can save to an existing catalog, but everyone can add a new one.
Note: if you enter the property first and then click another field, some information will be filled in automatically.


A URL can be constructed from a static part, and one or more variables, here called levels. Each level can be a defined list of keys (e.g., letters), a range (numeric from-to, plus step size), or follow (get URLs listed on a page and follow them). The last level with be run through, before the level above it (next lower level) ticks ahead, and the higher level resets.
So, if the first level is keys A-Z, and the second is range 1-100 (step size 1), URLs will use A/1, A/2,... A/100, B/1, B/2,... Z/100.

Level {{level_id+1}}
{{l.mode}} Set keys to: A-Z | a-z {{getURLestimate()}} At least one level is required


Now use the level values to construct the URLs to be scraped, then define block/entry-level regular expressions to get the data


Use $1, $2,... for the parts of RegEx entry, and $L1, $L2,... for the current values of the levels


Testing and saving

{{can_save_message}} Test is running... The scraper for this catalog was successfully saved, run can take minutes/hours (days in rare cases).
Test results
URL used {{test_results.last_url}} HTML of page Scraped entries {{test_results.results.length}} entries found on page IDNameDescriptionType{{}} {{}} {{}} {{r.desc}} {{r.type}} ERROR: {{test_results.status}}

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